Top 10 Attractions of Ancient Egypt

Top 10 attractions of Ancient Egypt

Best Ancient Egypt Attractions

Egypt with a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations, and there lie many attractions of Ancient Egypt which every tourist needs to see and explore at least once in a lifetime. This area is considered to be the oldest attractive place to visit in the world. The temples and pyramids that inspire Egypt illustrate the imagination of travelers to this land.

Although most people come to visit antiquities; however, Egypt natural attractions attract many tourists as well. The Red Sea coast is known for its coral reefs and beach resorts. Tourists have fled the country ever since the revolution in 2011, with the advent of counter-revolutionary trends. This has also caused more Egypt tourist attractions to be free of congestion and can be easily visited.

Other than these historical sites, there are other tourist attractions in Egypt that you can visit. Others include more modern and some of the world-famous spots in the world. Make sure to allocate enough time to see them all since you might not get the chance to do so again.


1. Hurghada Located near the Red Sea Coast

Hurghada is A Small Fishing Village Located by The Red Sea Best Known for Diving

Hurghada is a small fishing village located by the Red Sea with sandy beaches that was a busy hub in ancient Egypt. Today, this beach resort cannot be known for its past. It is because it is becoming one of the great tourist spots. In fact, it has become a major tourist attraction where tourists come here annually. It has more than 100 hotels, most of which are located just off the coast. Hurghada is especially popular for diving.


2. Alexandria on the Mediterranean Coast

Top 10 Attractions of Ancient Egypt - Alexandria is Located on The Mediterranean Coast

Alexandria is located on the Mediterranean coast, and it is considered to be Egypt’s central commercial and transportation hub. The site was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC and was regarded as the world’s crossroads in ancient Egypt. Many of Alexandria’s most famous historical sites, such as the library with more than 500,000 books, were destroyed by devastating earthquakes in the fourteenth century. Today, the historical glory of the city has faded a bit, but still, for the sake of the existence of its cultural attractions and rich history, this place is worth a visit.


3. Dahab Located North of Sharm el-Sheikh

Dahab is Located 85 Kilometers North of Sharm el-Sheikh - Top 10 Attractions of Ancient Egypt

Dahab is located 85 kilometers north of Sharm el-Sheikh, in the Gulf of Aqaba, and south of the desert of the Sinai Peninsula. The place was initially considered a secluded area in ancient Egypt. However, in the year 1980, it became a cheap hub for tourists and travelers. The combination of the Red Sea and the Sinai Desert has made Dahab an ideal place for surfing, diving, and rock climbing.


4. Siwa Oasis Known for its Salt Lake

Siwa Oasis fresh Has Water Springs And Palm Trees and Known for its Salt Lake

Siwa Oasis is located near the western border of Egypt and, up to the 19th century, was culturally isolated from the rest of the country. Today, Siwa Oasis is one of the popular tourist destinations in this area. Most tourists travel to enjoy the city’s freshwater springs, and salt lakes, strolling along palm trees and visiting the monuments made of flowers.


5. Sharm el-Sheikh a Popular Resort in Sinai Peninsula

Sharm el-Sheikh a Popular Resort in Sinai Peninsula Famous for Various Holiday Activities

Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular seaside resort in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. The area is famous for its various holiday activities. This area is the best spot in the world for diving as well. You can plan different tours based on camel, jeep, or bicycle trips here. Some of the most popular activities in Sharm el-Sheikh include diving, traveling to Mount Sinai, and visiting the monastery of St. Catherine.


6. Dahshur Desert on the West Bank of the Nile

Africa Travel Tips - Dahshur is A Cemetery Located on The West Bank of The Nile

Dahshur is a cemetery located on the west bank of the Nile and about 40 kilometers south of Cairo. Compared to Giza and the Saqqara Necropolis, this is a quiet place where you can see some great pyramids in there. The number of visitors to the area is very small. The arches at Dahshur include bent pyramids and red pyramids built during the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu.


7. Aswan Located North of Lake Nasser

Aswan is The Southernmost City Located to The North of Lake Nasser - Africa Travel Tips

Aswan is the southernmost city of Egypt and is located to the north of Lake Nasser. Although the monuments in this area are limited compared to Luxor, Aswan is a base for sightseeing the temples of Philae, Kabasha, and the Temple of the Sun of King Ramses II in Abu Simbel of ancient Egypt. This temple is also the best starting point for sightseeing in the area to find other temples, like the temples of Edfu & Kom Ombo, between Aswan and Luxor.


8. Cairo City Near Pyramids of Giza

Cairo is Situated Near The Opening of The Nile Delta With Rich History - Africa Travel Tips

Cairo is situated near the opening of the Nile Delta, and it has a rich and profound history. This city is built near the ancient capital of Memphis and is the best place to start a cruise trip on the Nile and visit the Pyramids of Giza. At the renowned Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, visitors can see a close-up of the Tutankhamun sarcophagus as well as some mummies and other artifacts from Egypt’s ancient past.


9. Luxor with Unique Ancient Temples

Luxor is Best Place to See Temples Such As Karnak and Luxor - Top 10 Attractions of Ancient Egypt

A thousand years after the construction of the Great Pyramids, a new kingdom emerged in Egypt. Then, the power was transferred from the ancient Egypt capital of Memphis to Thebes in the south. Luxor is the best place to visit in Egypt for unique temples such as Karnak and Luxor. Also, this area has an ancient royal tomb of the Valley of the Kings and the Queen, which is a spectacular desert and river scenery for many tourists.


10. Giza Necropolis the Place to See the Pyramids

Top 10 Attractions of Ancient Egypt - Giza Necropolis Cemetery is Located in The Vicinity of Southwest of Cairo

Giza Necropolis is located in the vicinity of southwest Cairo, and it is probably one of the most famous sites of ancient Egypt. The pyramids, along with the Sphinx sculpture at the base of the Giza Plateau, display a symbolic image of Egypt. The pyramids were built over three generations by Khufu, Khafre as well as Menkaure. Alongside these large and massive monuments, there are a number of small structures as well. They are famous as the Queen’s Pyramids temples.

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