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Top Coffee Shops in Dallas

Top Coffee Shops in Dallas

Best Coffee Shops in Dallas Texas

This article introduces some of the best cafes & coffee shops in Dallas for genuine coffee enthusiasts. As for Dallas, this city is located in northeastern Texas. Dallas is both the name of “County” and the name of a city in the city of “Dallas County.” Dallas is the 9th biggest city in the country and the third largest in Texas. Therefore, many newcomers are arriving here every year, pioneering something new about coffee culture.


Houndstooth Coffee Located at Henderson

Houndstooth Coffee is Located in Henderson - Top Coffee Shops in Dallas

Houndstooth Coffee is one of the handful of coffee shops in Dallas that also offers coffee and cocktails. The main location is at Henderson, but you can find them at Walnut Hill as well. They offer some of the finest coffee and beer in town here. Make sure to give them a visit if you can.


White Rock Coffee at Lake Highlands

Top Coffee Shops in Dallas - White Rock Coffee Uses Fairtrade Coffee Sources

White Rock Coffee is on the list of top cafes in Dallas and the USA. Besides using Fairtrade coffee sources, they also roast their own coffee in-house. It is good to know that you can buy these roasted coffee beans from them as well. The main store of White Rock is at Lake Highlands; however, you can find them at Lakewood as well as Preston too.


Cafe Brazil Best for its Breakfast Menu

Best Cafes in Dallas - Cafe Brazil Has Locations in University Park, Deep Ellum, Richardson

Cafe Brazil currently has three cafes in Dallas. These branches are found in great locations like University Park, Deep Ellum, Richardson, Carrollton, and Denton. Besides very cheap coffee choices, they also offer many different food options. These are places to hang out and enjoy a nice coffee with your delicious breakfast.


Union Found Next to The Turtle Creek Park

USA Travel Tips - Union is Found Next to The Turtle Creek Park

You can find Union café next to Turtle Creek Park. It is one of the best coffee shops in Dallas for very creamy coffees and delicious pastries. Their coffee is both affordable and very nice in terms of flavor and aroma. Also, they offer one gallon of cold brew drink if you need to consume a large amount of coffee during your projects.


Garden Cafe on Junius Street

Best Cafes in Dallas - Garden Cafe is Located in Junius Street With A Beautiful Patio

Garden Cafe is one of the nicest cafes in Dallas, which has a beautiful patio with lush greenery nearby. The availability of the garden here allows the owners to use fresh herbs and ingredients right from here and in an organic manner. Also, besides tasty coffee drinks and delicious pasties, they also offer Southern-style brunch here. Head to Junius Street to enjoy some great coffee in Garden Café.


Fiction Coffee on The Corner of Ross Avenue and Hall Street

Fiction Coffee is on The Corner of Ross Avenue - USA Travel Tips

Fiction Coffee is one of the most welcoming coffee shops in Dallas, where anyone can mingle here. You can do your work, plan your meetings and also learn about coffee. This is the place you go to feel comfortable not being around pretentious people and drink your coffee in peace. Also, their selection of pastries and home-roast coffee will add to your amazing experience here. They operate from three locations; Deep Ellum and One Victory Park, as well as their flagship store on the corner of Ross Avenue and Hall Street. All their drinks are cheap, costing you less than $6.



Cute Cafes in Dallas

There is no shortage of quality coffee shops in Dallas, but for the ones looking to dine in one of the cute cafes in Dallas, there are a few that are worth your time, which are mentioned below. These are places where you can enjoy good coffee and feel the warm ambiance there. Also, mostly the younger generation visits these cafes.


Funny Library Coffee Shop located at Virgin Hotels

Funny Library Coffee Shop is Located at Virgin Hotels - Cute Cafes in Dallas

Perhaps one of the most cute cafes in Dallas is Funny Library Coffee Shop. This is because Funny Library café is part of Virgin Hotels Dallas, located at 1445 Turtle Creek Boulevard. The interior is defiantly picturesque, and the good thing is you can work on your projects using your laptop as this is a communal workplace too. The coffee prices are slightly higher, but their desserts are one of a kind here.


La La Land Kind Cafe on Bell Avenue

La La Land Kind Cafe Found on Bell Avenue as Well as Other Locations Across Texas

La La Land Kind Cafe is started as a place to help youth find employment and help them progress in life. Due to many complications, the business changed its approach and started offering these youths to be baristas and customer service personnel as interns. This is one of those cafes in Dallas, located at 5626 Bell Avenue, that has put kindness in its core value while providing a very beautiful setting and great quality coffee. They also have other beautiful branches in Texas, which are worth a trip.


Sip Stir Coffee House at Mondrian West Village Apartments

Sip Stir Coffee House is Located in Uptown Dallas, Highland Village and Westlake Town

Sip Stir Coffee House is one of the family-run coffee shops in Dallas, run by a lovely couple. The concept of this business started as a place for individuals to escape the hyper online presence and gather in a cozy environment to socialize and enjoy some quality coffee. The menu at Sip Stir Coffee House includes many types of coffee, tea, toasts fresh baked goods, and homemade and delicious vegetarian eats. There are three locations which Sip Stir Coffee House operates from, which are located in Uptown Dallas, Highland Village, and Westlake Town. The Dallas branch is at Mondrian West Village apartments.

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