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Santa Fe Restaurants Guide

Santa Fe Restaurants Guide

Top Santa Fe Restaurants

Santa Fe restaurants are among some of the best in the southwestern part of the USA. For tourists who want to visit the best restaurants in Santa Fe then this article is for you. Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of the top destinations in the southwestern United States. This is a city that embraces its natural environment, a city whose beautiful architecture is combined with a high desert landscape. A city that at the same time is one of the largest art and culinary capitals of America.


Sazón on Shelby Street

Santa Fe Restaurants Guide - Sazon Belongs to Chef Fernando Olea Famous For Their Mexican Mole

Sazon is one of the top Santa Fe restaurants offering great Mexican food. This restaurant belongs to Chef Fernando Olea that combines traditional method of cooking with great ingredients to make great food here. The specialty here is their Mexican mole which is a combination of over thirty ingredients including ground spices, nuts, chocolate as well as chile. The average prices start from $15; however, there is a chef special menu with the name Degustación costing around $150. You can find Sazon restaurant at 221 Shelby St.


The Shed Restaurant near New Mexico Museum of Art

Santa Fe Restaurants Guide - The Shed Restaurant Has Been in Operation Since 1953

The Shed Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Santa Fe for offering great red chile enchiladas. This restaurant has been in operation since 1953, and you can find it on Palace Avenue. They offer great lunch, and dinner desserts, as well as a good selection of kid’s menu here. The food here is relatively cheap and the taste of almost all their dish is exceptional. Also, they have a good selection of Margaritas and Tequilas here. This eatery is close to the New Mexico Museum of Art.


The Pantry on Cerrillos Road

Santa Fe Restaurants Guide - The Pantry Has Been Serving Comfort Food Since 1948

The Pantry is another one of Santa Fe restaurants that offers great quality Mexican cuisine. This place has been serving customers comfort food since 1948. In fact, it is a family-run business that serves best some of the chile as well as ingredients in the city. Head to Cerrillos Rd to find The Pantry there.


Izanami Restaurant near Ten Thousand Waves

Best Restaurants in Santa Fe - Izanami Restaurant is An Upscale Japanese Restaurant

Izanami Restaurant is an upscale Japanese restaurant and one of the few Asian Santa Fe restaurants that you can visit at Ten Thousand Waves Way. They source their seafood daily and it only lasts for the same day. The place has a great Zen garden nearby and you can expect exquisite sushi here. As for the drinks, they have coffee as well as cold sake and tea that comes straight from Shizuoka Japan. You can find this restaurant at Ten Thousand Waves Hotel.


La Choza Restaurant near Railyard Park

Best Restaurants in Santa Fe - La Choza Restaurant is One of The Best Mexican Restaurants in Santa Fe

La Choza Restaurant is one of the best Mexican Santa Fe restaurants. They serve great red and green chile which makes this place a local favorite. The location of La Choza Restaurant is at Alarid St, near Railyard Park, with a great patio dining for its customers. They serve lunch, dinner and have a great Margarita bar which makes here a suitable summer day.


Clafoutis at Cordova Road

Best Restaurants in Santa Fe - Clafoutis is A Good French Bakery Offering Nice French Pastries

Clafoutis is a good French bakery that offers great breakfast deals as well as some nice French pastries with great-tasting coffee. This institution is a family-run business and you can see members of the family helping with the operation of this restaurant. You can visit them at 333 W Cordova Road if you want to have a great healthy breakfast or supper.


Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen for Mexican Food

USA Travel Tips - Maria's New Mexican Kitchen Offers Traditional Food Like Fajitas and Tamales

Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen is another one of the great Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe that offers traditional food like Fajitas and Tamales. This business started in 1050 and has been through many ownerships through the years but the food quality remains just as good. Their famous dish here is their Enchilada plate which is very filling and has great flavors. In fact, all their food is delicious and not overly expensive at all. The location of this restaurant is Cordova Rd.

If you are traveling through the USA for good Mexican food, check out the best cheap places to eat in San Jose. These eateries offer great quality and filling dishes that can cost very cheap. San Jose also has a large community of Mexicans that know how to make authentic food using local ingredients.


The Ranch House at Cristo’s Road

USA Travel Tips - The Ranch House Serves Great BBQ And Grill at 2571 Cristo's Road

The Ranch House is one of Santa Fe Restaurants that actually serves great BBQs and grills in this town. The business started its operation in 2005 from a small restaurant and grow bigger in 2011 to be at its current building at 2571 Cristo’s Road. This place has an Open-air Patio at the back and offers great happy hour prices like 1$ beer and $5 cocktails.


Piccolino at Agua Fria Street

USA Travel Tips - Piccolino is A family Run Institution For Good Italian Food

Piccolino is one of the best restaurants in Santa Fe for Italian food. This is a family-run institution and it separates itself from the rest by having checkered tablecloths. The food here is great and their specialty is homemade meatballs and great fresh pastas. Head to Agua Fria St to find this restaurant for some delicious Italian food.


Best Restaurants in Santa Fe for Vegetarians

Now, let us introduce some of the best restaurants in Santa Fe for those who are on a vegetarian diet and want to try some nice vegan food as well with lots of flavors. They have gluten-free, vegan, and paleo options at very reasonable prices.


Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen in Pacheco Park Area

Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen in Pacheco Park Area - Best Restaurants in Santa Fe

One of the most famous Santa Fe Restaurants for vegetarian food is Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen, in the Pacheco Park area. This restaurant is run by caring and passionate individuals who have worked in the food industry for a long time. All their food is sourced from sustainable locations and they pride themselves in making great food for the community..


ROOT 66 Vegan Cafe at Lena Street

ROOT 66 Vegan Cafe at Lena Street for Biscochitos, Sandwiches and Salads

ROOT 66 cafe is another one of the best restaurants in Santa Fe for those who love to eat quality vegetarian food with delicious taste while not paying a lot. Also, they are famous for their plant-based Vegan Biscochitos, sandwiches, and salads.


Apothecary Restaurant near New Mexico Museum of Art

Apothecary Restaurant Located Very Close to New Mexico Museum of Art

Apothecary Restaurant is truly one of the best restaurants in Santa Fe for vegetarian food as well as vegan ones, located inside the Oxygen and Healing Bar near the New Mexico Museum of Art. They also have fully glue-free and Paleo food items that use sustainably sourced ingredients.

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