Best Things to Do in Hammamet

Best Things to Do in Hammamet

List of Things to Do in Hammamet

There are many unique things to do in Hammamet, both in the daytime and at night, and we will introduce them to eager travelers. Hammamet is a fantastic place in the heart of a mountain on the Cape Bon Peninsula. This city is one of the main tourist spots in Tunisia. Its beautiful sandy beaches next to the well-preserved Medina (old city) are the main attractions of Hammamet. The city itself is a tangible introduction to North African culture and traditions.



Visiting Dar Sebastien – International Cultural Center of Hammamet

Visiting Dar Sebastien is one of the Activities to do for Understanding the Artistic Nature of Tunisia 

One of the first things to do in Hammamet is visit the Dar Sebastien cultural center. In the southern hotel area of Hammamet (across from the Continental Hotel), the cultural center is located in the luxurious Del Villa Sebastian. If you visited Villa Sebastian and are interested in history, continue along the beach until you reach the Pupput excavation site. Before, there was a Roman settlement with the same name in this place. The remaining ruins of this settlement are scattered. A visit to this place will appeal only to the most ardent history buffs.


Take a Dip in Carthageland Hammamet Water Park

Things to Do in Hammamet During The Daytime is to Take a Dip in Carthageland Hammamet Water Park 

Carthageland Hammamet Water Park was established in 2003 in the Yasmine Hammamet. Visiting this large tourist complex is one of the best things to do in Hammamet. Also, Carthageland Hammamet Water Park is a large entertainment complex with different sections and is suitable for different ages.

If you are interested in using water slides, the Aqua Park section of this complex will be the right place for you with many slides and water games. This section includes two sections for children and adults, and children use their own special section with slides suitable for them and with a lower slope. Another popular section in this complex is the zoo section in the Carthage complex. There are various animals available in this zoo. In general, this is a good area for those who want to relax and watch some animals.



Walk in the Medina Neighborhood

 Medina Neighborhood is The Place for The Culture of The City and Buying Souvenirs

The old public baths, enclosed by original 15th-century walls and winding alleys, contain a treasure trove of preserved traditional Tunisian architecture in the Medina area. Some of the alleys of the old texture are covered, which makes the summer heat of Medina neighborhood turn into shade and coolness, and exploring this neighborhood is a pleasant break away from the scorching heat of the sun. In this neighborhood, you will have a good opportunity to buy local goods, including embroidered fabrics, pottery, leather goods and carpets available in several shops in Medina.


Explore the Nabeul Area in Cap Bon

 Things to Do in Hammamet at Night is Exploring the Nabeul Area in Cap Bon

Nabeul is the largest city on the Cap Bon Peninsula. There is a long sandy beach on the outskirts of this city that completely surrounds Hammamet Bay. Nabeul is surrounded by fertile cultivated farmland, making the city’s market a vibrant market of fresh produce and local games, and a favorite spot for photographers. Also, Nabeul is considered the center of handicrafts and buyers can buy beautiful local pottery and mats from shops in this city. Another one of the unique things to do in Hammamet is explore the Archaeological Museum of Nabeul. This is a great opportunity to learn about the history of the Cap Bon Peninsula. The items belonging to these collections are the result of local excavations.


Get Familiar with the Kasbah Fortress

Kasbah Fortress is a Great Spot for Taking Pictures of The Sea and Pirate Ships 

Hammamet’s Kasbah fortress, which dates back to the 13th century and it is totally worth visiting. An interesting museum has been set up inside this fort, which describes the history of the looting of Hammamet by colored pirates and the subsequent occupation by the Spanish. Climb the castle ramparts to enjoy the magnificent view of the Medina neighborhood and its beautiful fishing port.


Take a Sunbathe on Hammamet Beach

 Make Sure to Take a Sunbathe on Hammamet Beach with its Stunning Beauty

For beach lovers, one of the most enjoyable things to do in Hammamet is resting along the local beach. Hammamet Beach is quite charming and enchanting and worth a visit. A better phrase than “white sands and crystal waters” cannot be found to describe this beach. Fortunately, this beach has other amenities that make your experience more attractive. Visitors can ride camels or horses as well, for a small fee. This area also has one of the most beautiful and spectacular views that you can enjoy from the waters of Tunisia.

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