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Top 8 Bars in Istanbul for Tourists



Top 8 Bars in Istanbul for Tourists

Top 8 Bars in Istanbul for Tourists

Tourists want to experience having a drink in a rooftop bar Istanbul way. Therefore, here are top 8 bars in Istanbul for tourists that you can have a memorable experience in them in your trip. In a city with a nightlife as lively and colorful as in Istanbul, you can guarantee to find many stylish, simple and welcoming pubs to have a drink in. Whether you want to have a wild night out or just a drink with friends, there is a bar for you in here. Here we introduce 10 of the best for your pleasure.



1. Snog Roof Bar

Rooftop Bar Istanbul - Snog Roof Bar

Snog Roof Bar is a nice rooftop bar Istanbul has that is also gives you one of the best views of the city. It is very close to the Galata Tower in Istanbul. As all the these rooftop bars their prices goes up as the view gets nicer. Therefore, you can visit this bar at the end of your travel to give you the last good memory of Istanbul trip.



2. Smyrna Cihangir

Best Bars in Istanbul - Smyrna Cihangir is A Lovely Place And Has Nice Furniture Inside

Cafe Smyrna is a former antique shop that has a laid-back and old-fashioned feel to it. Tables outside are shaded from the street by awnings. This bar is a disarray of standing lamps & furniture. It is favorite place for writers and the neighbourhood’s foreign journalists as well as expats. The outdoor tables provide a lovely place to enjoy a drink in the evening.



3. Sultan Pub & Cafe

Best Bars in Istanbul - Sultan Pub & Cafe is Located in The Neighbourhood of Sultanahmet

Even though there are many hotel bars in the old city, it’s very hard to find a nice drink there. However, for those eager not to leave the neighbourhood of Sultanahmet, there are a few choices. The Sultan Pub is one of the best bars in Istanbul. This place lurid, American-style bar with 3 floors. This bar serves alcoholic drinks and hamburgers near the Aya Sofya. The outer pavement seating is always nice but the roof terrace has the best views over the street.



4. Just Bar

Best Bars in Istanbul - Just Bar is Very Welcoming And is Good For Shisha Lovers

Two words come to mind when remembering “Just Bar” are friendly and fun. You can be sure of a welcoming and lively environment in this social place full of friendly people looking to meet others. This is an amazing place for a enjoyable chat or to have a few drinks to get the clubbing started. And for shisha lovers, they offer nice ones here too.



5. 360 Istanbul

Rooftop Bar Istanbul - 360 Istanbul Gives You A Nice View Of The City Below

360 is a rooftop bar Istanbul offers its visitors and tourists. It can cover all the views over Istanbul, as the name tells, glamorous 360 is worth a visit for that reason alone. Instead of booking for dinner, come here early, convince the waiters to give you a desirable window seat, and sip your drink real slow. Then, go the street below and find a cheaper food to eat.



6. Baylo Bistro & Bar

Best Bars in Istanbul - Baylo Bistro & Bar is A Favorite Joint Among Locals

Baylo is also one of best bars in Istanbul. This joint is a favorite among locals, so that you will find its diners will also become your friends very soon. It is one of the limited neighborhood venues in Turkey where its regulars always pay this bar a visit once they can.



7. Litera Bar

Rooftop Bar Istanbul - Litera Bar is A Place That You Can See Bosphorus At Your Feet

Climbing to Litera which is a nice rooftop bar Istanbul visitors can enjoy having a drink inside. This bar is on the 5th floor of the Goethe Institute, shows the old city, the Asian side and the Bosphorus at your feet – glass walls and high tables with stools ensure that everything is seen. Also, such views are all really rare and well worth visiting. The institute below this place, meanwhile, offers one of the most diverse cultural programs in Istanbul, from classical music to theater as well as photography.




8. Büyük Londra Oteli Teras

Best Bars in Istanbul - Büyük Londra Oteli Teras is Located in An Hotel Located in Beyoğlu

Built in 1881, the Büyük Londra is an extremely nostalgic note of Beyoğlu’s past. It clearly intends to show the neighborhood’s bohemian peak, but the unfashionable setting and talking parrot in the bar take you back to a more recent time. This place is really a unique one and is one best bars in Istanbul. The rooftop bar is slightly less old-fashioned and watches over the Golden Horn.


As a traveler, make sure to review 6 useful tips when traveling to Turkey. These tips are essential for every visitor to this country to make your trip more memorable and hassle free in general.

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