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Best Cafes in New York City

Best Cafes in New York City

List of the Most Famous Cafes in New York City

There are around four thousand cafes in New York City selling all kinds of simple and specialty coffee available in almost all corners of this city. Coffee is definitely part of the everyday life of New Yorkers and, regardless of their background, locals love to sip on some regular coffee or lattes and have a bite of local bagels, croissants, or any other delicious baked goods. That is why there are many bakeries in New York that offer fresh croissants and all kinds of bread in all major neighborhoods of this city.

New York is a city where many immigrants arrived and brought some of their traditions from their homeland to this city. People operating cafes in New York City might be Jewish, Greek, Polish, Italian, Chinese, or French but, they provide delicious food and pastry to local New Yorkers who themselves might be immigrants from somewhere else. But with all their differences, they are New Yorkers and their love of pastry and coffee is what triumphs.


What type of coffee is the most popular in New York?

The most commonly available coffee in NYC is regular coffee with a difference that it comes with both milk and sugar which is different than black coffee in other cities. Also, cafes in New York City sell large number of milky lattes too.


Kona Coffee Roasters near Grand Central Station in NYC Midtown

Kona Coffee Roasters is Located near Grand Central Station in NYC Midtown and is one of Suitable NYC Cafes for Work with Laptops

Kona Coffee is a well-known coffee brand from the Island of Hawaii which arrived in New York in 2017 under Kona Coffee Roasters and quickly became one of the top cafes in New York City. The branches of Kona Coffee Roasters are located in East Village, Chelsea, and Midtown.

The Midtown branch offers the best coffee in NYC midtown because of its premium quality coffee, pastries, and calming atmosphere. The coffee menu here is simple with over a dozen options; the most famous are Hawaiian coconut and almond lattes. The midtown shop is located at 100 Park Avenue, very close to Grand Central Station, and it is also a fabulous place to do some laptop work since there are power outlets available under each table.


Coffee Project New York in Chelsea, Manhattan

Coffee Project New York located in Chelsea Manhattan NYC - NYC Specialty Coffee

Coffee lovers can get quality coffee in many places in New York but, for the best coffee in Chelsea NYC, the Coffee Project is the shop to visit. This is a relatively new franchise coffee shop that started in 2015 in the East Village neighborhood but because of their dedication, quality service, and attention to customer’s satisfaction, they expanded and opened branches throughout NYC. The Chelsea branch is one of the best cafes in Manhattan because it is neat, the design is minimalist and, the WiFi is stable. Because this is a premium location, their prices are slightly higher than average.


The Library Café by Amy’s Bread in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library

The Library Café by Amy’s Bread in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library is one of Cafes in New York City for Work and Study with a Beautiful View of Fifth Avenue

NYC is a city where many workers have residency and is the hub for many workers, both in offices and remote. As a result, many want to do their work while having a cup of coffee in a relaxing environment in most cafes in New York City. And for that matter, one of the best coffee shops in NYC to work in is The Library Café by Amy’s Bread which is located in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library in the Midtown South district. Patrons can enjoy the quietness of this cafe on the inside as well as having the best coffee in NYC with a view of the magnificent Fifth Avenue.


The Brooklyn Cat Cafe in the Brooklyn Heights

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe Located in the Brooklyn Heights - Cafes in NYC for Cat Lovers

There are several cat cafes in New York City for those who love these furry creatures and want to either play with them or just want to feel their presence while chatting. Most of these cat cafes have strict food rules and there is only food available for you to feed cats not for you to eat or drink due to obvious nuisances.

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe is one the most friendly of such cafes with very well-behaved shelter cats and super friendly staff. You can play with cats here for half an hour for about $12. There are merchandise for you to purchase, like shirts and mugs and, if you really like a specific cat, you can apply for adoption. You can find Brooklyn Cat Cafe in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood at 76 Montague Street. They are open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from noon to 7 p.m.


Maman Cafe NYC in Soho

Maman Cafe NYC Located in the Soho Neighborhood Where Celebrities go - Famous Cafes in New York City

One of the most aesthetic and cute cafes in New York City is Maman Cafe which has a beautifully designed interior with a mixture of white and light blue that creates a soothing environment to dine and have coffee and food. This cafe was founded by French immigrants with the sole purpose of creating homemade French food, pastry, and gourmet coffee to bring a piece of their home to New York City. They have multiple branches across New York and other states but you can get some of the best coffee in NYC Soho branch as this shop is just perfect and they are known for their famous chocolate chip cookies too.


Morning Start Cafe on 2nd Avenue

Morning Start Cafe Located on 2nd Avenue is an All day Cafe in NYC run by Greek Immigrants

If you want to have a cup of coffee, full American breakfast, and quality Greek gyro you can have it in the Morning Star Cafe. This shop is one of the famous cafes in New York City that has been operated by a Greek immigrant family since 1998 and is open all day and night.

The menu at Morning Star Cafe has tons of options but the breakfast deals like eggs benedicts and bacon and eggs are the most famous ones here. This cafe’s motto is amazing food at great value and this is evident when you look at the menu, their happy customers and the fact that they have stayed in business until now. You can reach this cafe via 51st Street subway station at 949 Second Avenue.


Bibble & Sip Cafe for Asian Flavors near Times Square

Asian Style Coffee in NYC - The Bibble & Sip Cafe Offers Asian Flavors and is located near Times Square

Bibble & Sip is one of the cafes in the Times Square neighborhood, on 51st Street, very close to the 50th St Subway Station, that focuses on bringing famous Asian latte art and pastries to NYC. The owner, Gary Chan, has decided to bring his knowledge of baking and create an innovative bakery and latte with the primary influence of Asian pastry as well as some French art of making light baked goods. This shop has some of the best specialty coffee New York has to offer, including top-quality match green tea, syrups, and tea. Be sure to order their legendary creampuff filled with matcha or Earl Gray tea-infused creams.

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