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10 Best Shopping Malls in Dubai

10 Best Shopping Malls in Dubai

A list of Top 10 Shopping Malls in Dubai

Tourists generally want to explore Dubai malls for shopping mainly. Therefore, here is a list of 10 best shopping malls in Dubai where you can buy many goods from. Dubai is home to almost a hundred shopping malls. Therefore, this city can undoubtedly be a shopping heaven. These shopping malls offer retail stores, indoor theme parks as well as some cultural attractions.


1. Mall of the Emirates at Sheikh Zayed Rd

A list of Top 10 Shopping Malls in Dubai - Mall of the Emirates is The First Shopping Resort

One of the most well-known shopping malls in Dubai is Mall of the Emirates. This building is the world’s first shopping resort that accommodates 2.4 million square feet of space. This mall is in Al Barsha. Also, you can find around 630 brands in this multi-level shopping mall.

This place includes department stores, fashion boutiques, sports and home furnishing stores, as well as the largest Carrefour in Dubai. Further, the Mall of the Emirates houses has a 14-screen cinema, an indoor ski resort, and a snow park. Also, the Mall of the Emirates accommodates a 500-seat capacity Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre (DUCTAC) as well as over 90 international dining shops & cafés.



2. Dubai Mall Located near Burj Khalifa

Best Shopping Malls in Dubai - Dubai Mall Has Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world. It is also one of the best shopping malls in Dubai. You can find this mall Downtown this city, located near Burj Khalifa. Also, this place is the most visited shopping mall in the globe. It has more than 1300 outlets, 2 department stores, as well as 200 food and beverage stores. Moreover, this mall also has a 22-screen cinema, an ice skating rink, as well as Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. The aquarium is home to thousands of sea world animals with a fantastic 270-degree walk-through tunnel.


3. Festival City Mall on Crescent Dr

Best Shopping Malls in Dubai - Festival City Mall Houses The Only IKEA in The City

Festival City Mall is another one of Dubai malls that is also great for shopping for clothes. This mall has more than 500 outlets and stores. It houses the only IKEA in this city, a Zara store, Robinsons department, and many food outlets. Visitors can indulge in several added attractions in Festival City Mall, including an abra ride on the Canal and an 18-screen 7-star cinema experience.
One of the key entertainment that Festival City Mall offers is the combination of dancing fountains and immersive imagery that features pillars of fire and dramatic soundwaves. The show fuses science, technology, and art and has earned two Guinness World Records. This shopping mall is on Crescent Dr road.


4. Dubai Outlet Mall a Cheaper Outlet

Best Shopping Malls in Dubai - Outlet Mall Dubai is Located Al-Ain Road Accessible By Bus

Outlet Mall is one of the most suitable shopping malls in Dubai if you are looking for a place to do cheap shopping. Furthermore, the Outlet Mall shopping center will definitely be a great choice for people on a lower budget. This Outlet Mall shopping center is on Al-Ain Road; you can go by taxi or bus.


5. Ibn Battuta Mall Located in Jebel Ali Village

Dubai Mall - Ibn Battuta Mall is Home To A Wide Number of Fashion And Has A Big Cinema

Ibn Battuta Mall has a shopping, dining, and entertainment feel. In fact, Ibn Battuta Mall is one of those elaborate Dubai malls that is home to a wide number of fashion, lifestyle, and sporting shops, as well as Debenhams, Geant, Marks & Spencer, and Decathlon. You can also enjoy many available food and drink shops. It is good to know that Ibn Battuta Mall also has a 21-screen cinema. The location of this shopping mall is in Jebel Ali Village.


6. City Centre Deira with a Carrefour Hypermarket

City Centre Deira Has More Than 300 Retail Outlets And Restaurants

City Centre Deira was the first large-scale mixed-use shopping mall in Dubai. This mall has more than 300 retail outlets and services, as well as many restaurants and a Carrefour Hypermarket. Also, City Centre Deira’s entertainment sections include a 20-screen cinema with 3000 seats.


7. Wafi Mall near Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station

Wafi Mall Represents Egyptian Pharaohs And Has 350 Retail Outlets - Dubai Malls

Wafi Mall is a unique architectural design that was inspired by Egyptian and Turkish architecture. This Wafi Mall represents Egyptian Pharaohs, with an amazing stained glass interior, one-of-a-kind mosaics, carvings, and many statues. Furthermore, Wafi Mall has over 350 retail outlets and more than 30 food and beverage stores. This place is very close to Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station.


8. City Centre Mirdif on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd

Dubai Malls - City Centre Mirdif is Located at Emirates Road and Tripoli Street

City Centre Mirdif is one of the largest Dubai malls that is at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd. This mall has more than 430 stores, unique entertainment sights, and many food and beverage outlets. Also, City Centre Mirdif houses Carrefour, Emax, Playnation, Centrepoint and Debenhams. Moreover, you can find a spa, haircut outlets, and a fitness center here.


9. The Outlet Village located on Jebel Ali Road

Outlet Village is Located on Jebel Ali Road Near Sheikh Zayed Road Selling Luxurious Brands

Outlet Village Mall can be considered the place of the latest fashions and the most luxurious goods. This unique shopping center offers famous international brands in a distinctive and dazzling environment. Moreover, Outlet Village Mall is on Jebel Ali Road, adjacent to the parks and residences of Sheikh Zayed Road, a short distance from the center of the city and Abu Dhabi. In fact, Outlet Village mall is an ideal shopping destination that offers you the golden opportunity to buy high-quality goods.


10. Dubai Marina Mall

Marina Mall is Home to Many Classy Fashion Brands and Supermarkets

Located in the upscale waterfront community of Marina, Marina Mall offers visitors a casual shopping experience. It is home to many classy fashion brands as well as a supermarket. There are various restaurants and eateries in Marina Mall. Facilities and services here include toilets, baby changing rooms, service desks, and wheelchair access points. Currently, the opening hours of Marina Mall are from 10 am to 10 pm.

After visiting These shopping malls in Dubai, if you feel hungry and do not want to try eating 10 cheap eats in Dubai. These foods will fill your stomach for a longer shopping spree. They are also fast to prepare and easy to come by.


What is Great About Dubai Malls?

Most Dubai malls are located along the sea and have easy access to public transport stations. In fact, there are taxis available right outside of these malls that can take you to your accommodation. Over the years, with the introduction of public buses and the expansion of metro lines, visiting these shopping has become even easier. As a result, newer shopping malls in this city have been opened, like Outlet Mall, The Mall Zabeel, and Hills Mall. Most of these outlets offer great seasonal discounts and have lots of great food courts and are well-airconditioned so that you can escape the heat and enjoy some amazing shopping time.

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