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Delicious Restaurants in Cold Lake

Delicious Restaurants in Cold Lake

Best Restaurants in Cold Lake

As one of the most relaxed cities in northeastern Alberta, you can find restaurants in Cold Lake offering great food for those who get here by road or by boat through the lake. This city has a relaxing and laid-back vibe, and you can even feel it in the restaurants here.


Mamacita’s located on 10 Street

Delicious Restaurants in Cold Lake - Mamacita's is Offering Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Mamacita’s is one of the top restaurants in Cold Lake, offering authentic Mexican cuisine. Some of the meals you get here include mole sauce, burritos, fajitas, and desserts like tres leches cakes. The interior has beautiful décor, the service is quick, and you will have soothing Mexica music playing in the background. The location of Mamacita’s is at 10 Street, very close to the Cold Lake Marina.


Buster’s Pizza & Donair near Canadian Tire Department Store

Buster's Pizza & Donair is Located Inside Canadian Tire Department Store - Delicious Restaurants in Cold Lake

Located inside Canadian Tire Department Store is Buster’s Pizza & Donair, selling delicious pizzas. They opened in 2001, and since then, they expanded to many cities in Canada. They use made-fresh dough and fresh ingredients for their pizzas, donairs, chicken wings, pasta, and chicken tenders. Their meals are reasonably priced, and their portions are big enough to fill you up. “Stop at Transit Centre- Tri-City Mall” station if you use a public bus to get here.


Picante Cafe for Healthy Food And Good Ambience

Delicious Restaurants in Cold Lake - Picante Cafe Has A Casual And Laid-Back Ambience

Picante Cafe is another one of the healthy restaurants in Cold Lake, which has a casual and laid-back ambiance very close to Picante Cafe. It is where you get to enjoy an amazing view of the Cold Lake. The food here is a fusion of different cuisines. Some of the top dishes include curried beef, fish stew, roasted lamb shank, spaghetti, soups, and a few selections of cakes. Their prices are above average; however, the food experience is very pleasing with their spectacular flavors.


Pizza House & Sub on 47 Avenue

Pizza House & Sub is Located on 43 Avenue With Great Prices - Canada Travel Tips

Pizza House & Sub sells pizzas, salads, chicken wings, subs, donairs, burgers, and pasta. Their prices are great, and pizzas here have a generous amount of toppings. Also, it is good to know that Pizzas House provides vegetarian and halal pizzas. The Pizza House & Sub is on 43 Avenue, very close to Walmart Superstore. You can get here by using public buses, and to do so, you need to stop at the “50 Street-Hwy 28 & 43 Avenue” bus stop and walk towards 47 Avenue.


Clark’s located near the Marina

Clark's is Very Close to Picante Cafe on 7th Avenue - What To Do in Canada

Clark’s is very close to Picante Cafe on 7th Avenue. This restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and very delicious gourmet dishes. Make sure to try their famous fish & chips, roast beef, and even pirogies. The prices here are very fair, and the food makes you come back all the time. The location of Clark’s is at 701 Lakeshore Dr, which has a fantastic view of the marina where you can see many yachts are docked there. The closest bus stop is at “8 Avenue-Hwy 28 & 12 Street” buses 1 and 2 stop there.


Wok Box – Cold Lake located on 50 Street

Wok Box is :ocated on 50 Street Opened in 2004 Offering Asian Food in A Box

In 2004, Wok Box opened its first store and, after a few years, opened other stores in 60 locations in Alberta and other states. It shows the success of Wok Box, and as a result, the branch in Cold Lake is one of the best restaurants in Cold Lake for having Asian food in a box. Also, you can dine in and enjoy many delicious foods made with the highest quality ingredients. Also, they have vegetarian or gluten-friendly options, and this store is very close to Pizza House & Sub restaurant. Wok Box – Cold Lake is currently located at 4511 50 St, accessible by public bus numbers 1 and 2.

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