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Best Souvenirs from Panama

Best Souvenirs from Panama

Famous Souvenirs from Panama

Panama as a whole is very cultural and you can quickly get a lot of good souvenirs from Panama that are easy to carry, relatively inexpensive, made out of high-quality material and very beautiful to look at. When you visit each region of the country, traditional artifacts and hand-made items are available for purchase. Still, the most famous and easily accessible Panama souvenirs are, in fact, molas and Panama or Ecuadorian hats. While looking in the regional areas for souvenirs, remember to check out the beautiful islands in Panama. These places offer some of the most beautiful views and some of the nicest beaches in North America.


Chacara Bag Woven from Fibers

Chacara Bag Wowen by Guaymí women from Natural Local Plants - Best Souvenirs from Panama

The Chacara bags are made by the indigenous people of Panama, the Guaymí women, made with woven fibers extracted from the local plants. These elaborated bags are all made by hand, without using any needles. The local women of this region use their feet to make consistent loops to form the body of the bag. The longer the yarn of fiber, the more challenging to make the bag needs a more experience maker.

The Chacara Bag is really one of the most notable souvenirs from Panama as they take around two weeks to make and each of them is unique and special. This bag-making art has been passed down from generation to generation and is fast becoming one of the famous products from Panama.


Genuine Ivory Color Panama Hat

Famous Panama Souvenirs - Panama Hat MAde from Ivory Color Straw of Toquilla palm

Another of the most popular souvenirs from Panama among tourists is a Panama hat, which can be used as a travel accessory and a keepsake. Since hat vendors are almost everywhere in the nation, their quality and cost vary from location to location. The reason that genuine Panama hats are costly is that they are hand-made. They take several hours to make and use thin ivory color straws sourced from the locally grown Toquilla palm. These hats are very much found in Ecuador too. The primary hubs for hat makers are Coclé, Acuero, and the Ngöbe area. Visit one of these locations to see how authentic Panamanian hats are created if you wish to find one.


Mola Clothes and Carpets

Mola Clothes and Carpets were Traditionally Worn by Guna Women

You may find these artworks in most of the nation’s markets because they are well-known worldwide. A mola is a square of cloth that has been hand-embroidered with geometric patterns, animals, or other common indigenous motifs. The word mola means blouse, which Guna women traditionally wore. Their use as carpets, tapestries, cushion covers, and other items, as well as their vibrant patterns, are critical factors in their success.

Molas are unquestionably one of the most emblematic famous among Panama souvenirs. The level of detail and variation in its drawings vary from location to location. Still, the Kuna Yala region is where you’ll discover the best molas.


Leather Items and Crafts

Panama Leather are Famous for Quality and There are BAg and Export Items You can Buyt There

Leather is another material artisans use to create purses, belts, shoes, and other accessories. The majority of these handicrafts are produced in Panama City, making them potential ideal souvenirs to purchase when visiting the country. The most common skin used is bovine, though more recently, snake and lizard skin has been added. Many of the souvenir shops in Panama sell traditional sling bags in leather, too. Still, there are many options that you can buy. You need to look further and try many more shops to find the exact thing you are looking for.


Carved Figurines and Painted Bowls

Carved Figurines from Soapstone and Pained Bowls and Plates are Some of the Famous Products from Panama

They carve magnificent animal statuettes out of a soft rock, soapstone, which will make the ideal souvenirs from Panama. Visit Quince to learn more about the town’s beautiful residents and to get a close-up look at the artisans’ creations made from this unusual stone. There are various painted bowls and plates to buy from these souvenir shops too.

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