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The Most Beautiful Islands in Panama

The most beautiful islands in Panama

Best Islands in Panama

Panama is a country that connects South America with Central America. Therefore, you will see many beautiful islands in Panama. It is an incredible and unique tourist destination with historical and geographical attractions. Most people know Panama for its famous canal that connects the Caribbean to the Pacific Ocean.

However, this is only a small part of the charm and eye-catching beauty of the area. In the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, there are numerous tropical islands in Panama that make this region a beautiful sight with spectacular beaches and amazing wildlife. When you want to travel to this country, make sure you add these incredible islands to the list of places to visit.


Taboga Island Known as The Island of Flowers

The Most Beautiful Islands in Panama - Taboga Island is Accessible From Panama City by Boat

Taboga Island is accessible from Panama City by boat. This island is known as the Island of Flowers. This area was originally a refuge for Indians. In the sixteenth century, the region was ruled by the Spanish and later occupied by various countries such as England, France, and the United States. There are three main reasons to visit this island.

The beautiful beaches, historic sites, and churches of the island are the main reasons for traveling to this area. Playa Restinga is the island’s most popular beach, and it provides its visitors with a sandy beach and blue water. You can also visit the second old church of the Western Hemisphere, which will be open to the public. Also, you will be able to reach the highest part of the island in this area.


Carenero Island with Beautiful Surroundings

The Most Beautiful Islands in Panama - Carenero Island is Located Near The Big Island of Isla Colón

On the Caribbean coast, you can visit Carenero Island, which is one of the most beautiful islands in Panama. This beautiful, small, and thin island is located near the big island of Isla Colón. You can walk the entire island in less than an hour. Also, this island is considered one of the top tourist areas in Panama. Although there are many accommodation options on the island, you can rent a boat for a day and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Gulf of Chiriquí Perfect for Hiking

The Most Beautiful Islands in Panama - Gulf of Chiriquí Has Chiriquí Islands

In the south of the Gulf of Chiriquí, there are a lot of islands that locals call as Chiriquí islands. Most of these islands are uninhabited. However, people have recently come to the islands to live there. These islands in Panama have coral reefs surrounding them. This provides a unique opportunity for water activities such as diving. The island of Boca Chica island is covered with rainforests, and this makes the area perfect for hiking. If you want to see a group of monkeys, you should head to the islands of Boca Brava and Isla Palenque.


Bastimentos Island in Bocas del Toro

Bastimentos Island is One Quiet Tourist Destination - The Most Beautiful Islands in Panama

Another island in Bocas del Toro is Bastimentos Island, which is one quiet tourist destination with beautiful and memorable scenes. One of the things that makes people travel to this area is access to the beautiful beaches on the island. Wizard Beach is one of the remote islands in Panama that is good for isolation from crowded places. Red frog beach is the busiest beach on the island, and people can stop in for snacks and drinks.


Contadora Island on The Pearl Islands Archipelago

Travel Guide South America - Contadora Island is A Filming Location Appearing in Movies

Most people should know this island because it is a filming location appearing in numerous television movies. Moreover, it is a beautiful coastal beach in Panama that also hosts ships sinking in the sand, giving it an extraordinary beauty. Whale watching is one of the great options on the island, and most visitors will see different fishes coming to the area. This island is on the Pearl Islands archipelago.


Coiba Island in Province of Veraguas

Travel Guide South America - Coiba Island is Located in The Province of Veraguas

The largest island in Central America is Coiba Island which you can find in southern Panama and the province of Veraguas. The entire island and the surrounding islands have been combined in such a way that they now form the Coiba National Park. Today, the island is famous as the best islands in Panama for its coral reefs and submarine life.


Colón Island in Bocas del Toro

Travel Guide South America - Colón Island Offers Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden

In the Bocas del Toro area, there is an island famous as Colón Island. The main destination in this area is Bocas Town, which can be reached by foot. It hosts beachfront restaurants and various souvenir shops. If you prefer to enjoy the island’s natural beauty, head to the Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden or hike along the beautiful Playa Estrella. You can see dolphins where they are living near this area if you have enough time you can take a boat tour and enjoy the beauty. In the area, you can take a tour to see dolphins, fishing, and diving.


San Blas Islands a Beautiful Archipelago

San Blas Islands is Made up of Over 300 Islands - The Most Beautiful Islands in Panama

To the east of the Panama Canal, you can find an island known as San Blas. This beautiful archipelago is made up of over 300 islands. However, only five islands are inhabitable. The island’s first inhabitants may have been the Kuna people. This makes the island people’s language different from other parts of Panama. When you visit this area, you can admire the colorful local costumes and the beautiful and eye-catching beaches. Using tours is the best way to explore undeveloped areas in the area.

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