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Top Cafes in Richmond VA

Top Cafes in Richmond Virginia

Best Coffee Shop and Cafes in Richmond VA

Over the years, more and more cafes in Richmond, Virginia, have been appearing to provide great coffee in Richmond. These coffee houses in this city are places to hang around and enjoy talking with like-minded individuals. The city of Richmond is the capital of the state of Virginia and has a young populous with many universities, making it a more affordable place for coffee lovers. If you like the amazing weather, then you should check out things to do in Virginia Beach, another great city in this amazing state.


Lift Coffee Shop & Cafe on Broad Street

Lift Coffee Shop & Cafe Found at Art District West o Broad Street - Best Coffee Shop and Cafes in Richmond VA

Located in the center of the Art District, at 218 West Broad Street, you can find one of Richmond’s best cafes for breakfast sandwiches and great lattes. Besides lattes, you can get bagels, paninis, pastries, mimosas, and smoothies. What makes them great is that they offer ice lattes and smoothies in 20 Oz jars with very affordable price tags. So, you have a lot to drink with your sandwiches and desserts in Lift Coffee. The atmosphere here is very calm, and there is an outdoor patio seating area if you like some fresh air.


Lamplighter Coffee Roasters located in Addison Street

Lamplighter Coffee Roasters is Located in Addison Street Selling Breakfast Burrito

Another one of the great cafes in Richmond, VA, is Lamplighter Coffee Roasters. You can order pastries, espresso, chai tea latte, matcha latte, cold brew, and some Thai coffee. Also, the food menu has items like bagels, breakfast burritos, and ham and cheese sandwiches. Similar to the Lift Coffee shop, there is a patio outside with picnic tables that come with umbrellas to protect you from rain and sunlight. The atmosphere here is very vibrant and energetic, with the staff showing lots of care and enthusiasm. The lamplighter location is 116 South of Addison Street.


The Lab by Alchemy Coffee Located in VCUArts Depot

Best Coffee Shop and Cafes in Richmond VA - The Lab by Alchemy Coffee Found in VCUArts Depot

The story of Alchemy Coffee started in 2012 in a humble mobile trailer selling espresso coffee in Richmond. After a few years of work in this trailer, this concept grew itself and found a new home in a restored building that belongs to the Arts Department of Virginia Commonwealth University. The Alchemy Coffee menu includes drip and pour-over coffee, espresso, cold press, chai, cocoa, and iced tea. Since this coffee shop is part of a university campus, it is considered as one of the cheapest cafes in Richmond to get yourself some large coffee cups. Also, the baristas here are always attentive and nice, and their desserts are fresh and sourced daily from local bakeries.


Black Hand Coffee Co on Patterson Avenue

Black Hand Coffee Co is Located on Patterson Avenue - Best Coffee in Richmond

Black Hand Coffee is another one of the great cafes in Richmond that offers the highest quality coffee to its customers. They get their coffee beans from farms all over the world and roast them in-house. You can get some nice bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and delicious drinks. The drinks menu in Black Hand includes cold brews, lattes, chai tea, and espresso shots. The atmosphere here feels laid-back, and their prices are very reasonable. You can visit Black Hand Coffee shop at 3101 Patterson Avenue.


Roastology on Cary Street

Roastology on Cary Street Operating From 7am to 4pm on Weekdays

If you want to have some proper coffee in Richmond at home, then Roastology café is for you. This shop has all you need for making coffee at home, like grinders, filters, and Chemex glasses. And also, they have a lot of different beans sourced from all corners of the world, which they pack and deliver to you on a monthly basis. There is an outdoor seating area where you can bring your pet there. The location of Roastology is at 270 West of Cary Street, and operation hours are from 7 am to 4 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


Blanchards Coffee at Morris and Broad Streets

Best Coffee in Richmond - Blanchards Coffee at Morris and Broad Streets

Similar to Roastolgy, Blanchards Coffee is where you get amazing arrays of coffee beans to bring home and make your own delicious coffee in Richmond. They are operating from three cafes in Richmond on Forest Hill, Morris Street, and Broad Streets. If you want to sit outside and enjoy the view, then you need to head to the branch on Morris Street, where there is a patio as well as a park next to it.


Finding Quality Coffee in Richmond

If you are traveling from outside to this city, then to find quality coffee in Richmond, you need to find your way to West Broad Street and the City Center area. It is because these are areas where main people gather, and many college and university students travel about. Also, the Downtown area, near the James River, is where you should go if you want the mesmerizing view but slightly pricier coffee. Overall, the coffee scene here is vibrant and has a happy vibe, which is not a bad thing in itself.

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