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All About San Antonio Flea Markets



All About San Antonio Flea Markets

San Antonio is a city in the center of Texas and San Antonio flea markets offer a wide range of merchandise that are relatively inexpensive attract many locals to them. This city was once a border settlement in the Wild West, then grew into a city full of modern conveniences. Because it is one of the main shopping destinations in the country, San Antonio offers luxury boutiques, several shopping centers and the largest Mexican market in the United States. The city of San Antonio is also famous for its scenic River Walk, which makes it easy to get around downtown. Also ,it is the location for many of the city’s annual festivals and events, featuring food, drink, live music, and more.


Flea Mart

All About San Antonio Flea Markets - Flea Mart is on 50 Acres Land

Flea Mart is located in an area of 50 acres that offers its visitors massive Parking area and a pleasant Shopping experience. They have a lot of vendors with all types of merchandise. This is a good place for all members of the family with live music shows for adults and a Merry-Go-Round for the kids. They are located on Texas State Highway 16 and operate most of the year every Saturdays and Sundays.


Bandera Flea Market

What To Do in USA - Bandera Flea Market is Located on Bandera Rd

Located on Bandera Rd, Bandera Flea Market is another one of indoor San Antonio Flea Markets that mostly sells second-hand items as well as clothing, food and a lot more. This is a humble place that s more suitable seeking household items, and maybe some specific items.


Traders Village San Antonio

All About San Antonio Flea Markets - Traders Village San Antonio

Traders Village San Antonio is a place for shoppers to buy, eat good food and enjoy some day out with family. There are over 1,000 vendors, selling whatever your hear desires here. They opened their doors in 2011 on an 100 acres land. It is actually the largest weekend flea market in west Texas. Some of the things here include comics & cards, garage sale bargains, tools, electronics, jewelry, furniture as well as clothing.


Eisenhauer Marketplace

Eisenhauer Marketplace Has Been Operating Since 1979 - What To Do in USA

Since year 1979, Eisenhauer Market has been providing shoppers the very best antique items at the most suitable prices you can find in the area. They are dedicated to quality, friendly service making them one of the top San Antonio flea markets.

The vendors here offer a wide range of items from unique collectibles and jewelry to phone accessories and furniture. Also, they offer services such as jewelry and computer repair for all the customers. As for the food, there are lots of stores selling budget friendly snacks in there too.


The Mission Market Open Air Market

The Mission Market Open Air Market Has New And Antique - All About San Antonio Flea Markets

The Mission Market is actually one of the best open-air San Antonio Flea Markets you can visit in this city. They are only open only three days in a week including Wednesdays, Saturdays as well as Sundays. The good thing is they open early in the morning till late evening. They offer over 2000 vendors here available here selling numerous products both new and antique to your liking.

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