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Top 7 Attractions in Berlin



Top 7 Attractions in Berlin

Through time, Berlin has seen war, division as well as destruction. However it manages to reinvent itself all the time. For all this city been through, Berlin itself is a mark in history. Here are some the best places to visit to better understanding this city.


East Side Gallery

Top 7 Attractions in Berlin

Berlin Wall once separated West from East. A small section of the wall has become an major art gallery. You can look at memorials, the wall itself as well as the old border watchtowers here.



Top 7 Attractions in Berlin

This unique dome structure is fully from glass & steel. It is home to the German Parliament. The rooftop terrace as well as dome of the this building are open to the public.


Brandenburg Gate

Top 7 Attractions in Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate is another sign of German reunification. Also, it is truly the Berlin’s signature attraction. Hotel Adlon the Academy of the Arts also resides here.


Museum Island

Top 7 Attractions in Berlin

Over the river Spree, there are 5 famous museums available. Name of these museums are Altes, Bode, Pergamon, Neus as well as Alte National Gallery. This island is a UNESCO World Heritage site since its renovation after World War II.


Berlin Wall Memorial

Top 7 Attractions in Berlin

To learn the history of the Berlin Wall, supplement the East Side Gallery with a trip to Berlin Wall Memorial, the last piece of the preserved, real Berlin Wall. See the original border fortifications, a viewing tower, the infamous ‘death strip’, and read much more information.


TV Tower

Top 7 Attractions in Berlin

TV Tower, Fernsehturm, is the tallest structure in the city. Throu many years, it was a symbol for East German socialism. However, today, the tower is a landmark of unified Berlin. Here tourists can enjoy panoramic views of Berlin.


Mauer Park

Top 7 Attractions in Berlin

You can find Mauer Park near the Berlin Wall Memorial. This park offers combines many food stalls with a lot of live music playing. The food court & flea market between Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding brings about 40 thousands visitors every Sunday.

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