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Best Markets in Sao Paulo

Top Street Markets in Sao Paulo

Top Street Markets in Sao Paulo

With some of the best local markets in Sao Paulo, this city is a popular metropolis among tourists to get to know different food cultures and ethnicities. Everything can be found in these street markets. If there is one thing São Paulo is good at, it is its old markets. Every neighborhood in this metropolis has at least one weekly street market where locals sell fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, and spices. From traditional farmers’ markets with various products to antique markets for the perfect souvenir, São Paulo has something to offer for every taste.


Sao Paulo Municipal Market for Daily Needs

Sao Paulo Municipal Market best for Daily Needs Like Fruits and Vegetables - Best Markets in Sao Paulo

The Municipal Market of São Paulo, known as the Grand Market, should be on your list of visits among all markets in Sao Paulo. This market is located in the old center of the city and attracts a lot of people every day. On the ground floor of the market, there are hundreds of stalls selling fruits, vegetables, spices, and meat, while one floor above, there are several pleasant restaurants. Hocca Bar is the most popular part of this market, where the famous mortadella sandwiches are served. Fried cod fish is another popular dish available in this cafe.


Praça Benedito Calixto for Second-hand Items

Praça Benedito Calixto is The place to Go for Second-hand Items

A little further from Pineiros Municipal Market is the beautiful Benedito Calixto Square. Every Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm, one of the most enchanting art and antique markets in Sao Paulo takes place in this square. Vendors sell everything from vintage records and clothing to antiques and children’s toys. Live music and food are part of this market, making it a pleasant place to spend a sunny Sunday.


Liberdade Market Centered Around Japanese Community

Liberdade Market Centered Around Japanese Community and Japanese Food in Brazil

São Paulo has the largest Japanese community outside the country, and nowhere is more Japanese than in the central neighborhood of Liberdade. This Japanese neighborhood is truly one of those unique areas in Sao Paulo. The streets of this neighborhood have the atmosphere of East Asia, especially throughout the year, with signs in Japanese. However, Liberdade celebrates its heritage on weekends through a market of arts, crafts, and cultural products. The stalls in this market sell traditional Japanese decorations, ornaments, and clothes from the early hours of the morning to 7 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Additionally, many stalls sell Asian street food.


Feira Kantuta (Feira Boliviana) for Buying Bolivian Products

Feira Kantuta Also Known as Feira Boliviana For Buying Bolivian Products

While the Bolivian community living in São Paulo is one of the largest groups of immigrants in this metropolis, it is often overlooked, and their culture is not as well-received as the Italians and Japanese. In the north of the Canindé neighborhood, where many Bolivian families live, a market is held every week in the Kantuta square, which is a good way to experience the Bolivian people and culture in São Paulo. This market is held every Sunday from 11 am to 7 in the evening. Sometimes, you can also watch a traditional Bolivian dance in this market as well.


Mercado Municipal de Pinheiros for Brazilian Produce

Best Markets in Sao Paulo - Mercado Municipal de Pinheiros

Pinheiros Municipal Market, located in the neighborhood of the same name in the western part of São Paulo, is an ideal option for those looking to buy rare and excellent products and food from all over Brazil. This is one of the most well-known markets in Sao Paulo and has been located in the same place since 1971 and has undergone extensive renovation recently. Famous Brazilian chefs have come to this market and opened their restaurants.

Other than these markets, there are other interesting Sao Paulo attractions that you might come across when traveling across the city for some shopping. These are famous places that are definitely worth seeing and taking photos of. You can find some info on them together with their location, which makes their access easier for you.

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