Rome’s Best Attractions

Rome's Best Attractions

Beautiful Visiting Places in Rome

If you intend to travel to Italy, then you should really try seeing Rome’s best attractions. There are many visiting places in Rome that will captivate you with their beauty. Also, there are beautiful areas around the city that can be interesting for anyone to visit. Therefore, have allocated a few days to enjoy this city and the surrounding area thoroughly.


Ostia Antica Close to River Tiber

Rome Best Attractions - Ostia Antica Offers Ancient Houses Rich in Marble Decorations

Ostia was at the port of Rome and at the edge of the River Tiber, but today it is above sea level due to sedimentation. It is just 45 minutes away from Rome’s subway system. This is one of visiting places in Rome that is renowned for its ancient houses that are still well preserved. You can explore these buildings closely through pathways. There are also houses which are rich in marble decorations.


Assisi with a Beautiful Wilderness

Rome Best Attractions - Assisi is A Lovely Hill Town Just Two Hours by Train From Rome

Assisi is just two hours by train from Rome. This lovely hill town takes you through the wilderness, and you can explore many religious sites. Also, Assisi has one of the most unique visiting places in Rome, which is the St. Francis Church, the eternal tomb of the Italian saint. Many of the street’s pavements lead to this beautiful church, where you can admire the exterior architecture, the exquisite interior ceiling, and the walls decorated with stunning murals. Around the church, you can find medieval houses and various shops. Other sights include the Piazza del Comune (downtown with an old clock tower) and the Church of Santa Maria.


Orvieto to See Church of San Giovenale

What To Do in Italy - Orvieto is in The Umbria Area And Has Large Volcanic Rocks Called "Tuff"

When in the Umbria area, you may want to visit the city of Orvieto with the large volcanic rocks called “Tuff”. The cathedral, known as the Duomo, is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Italy and has stunning mosaics. Also, exploring underground tunnels in the city makes it one of the most valuable visiting places in Rome. The old church of San Giovenale is worth a visit as well.


Hadrian’s Villa in The Town of Tivoli

What To Do in Italy - Hadrian's Villa Was Built By The Hardian Emperor in Town of Tivoli

Hadrian’s Villa is only an hour’s drive from Rome and is in the small town of Tivoli. Most tourists prefer a one-day trip to the area rather than a few days. For those who love history, Hardian’s Villa contains an ancient complex built by the Hardian Emperor during the second century. As you walk the sidewalks, you can see museums, libraries, and baths here, making Hadrian’s Villa one of Rome’s best attractions.


Villa d’Este with a Renaissance Style

Italy Travel Tips - Villa d'Este is Close to Hadrian's Villa And Has Many Gardens For Tourists to Visit

If visiting places in Rome for their natural beauty is your hobby, then this villa is one of the best for you. This villa is close to Hadrian’s Villa and has beautiful features. Most visitors like to visit the gardens in the area.

What makes these historic gardens so special is the Renaissance style, with its unique combination of watercolors and artistic capabilities in a beautiful landscape. If you want to enjoy the beautiful gardens, you can find restaurants and boutiques around the street too.


Capri near Gulf of Naples

Top Visiting Places in Rome - Capri is A Lovely Area With Many Restaurants

A day trip from Rome to the beautiful island of Capri may not show all of its aspects well, but this short trip is also very valuable. You first have to travel from Rome to Naples by train and then enjoy boating along the Gulf of Naples, and from there, you can reach the main port of Capri.

In this lovely area, you will be able to explore various shops and many restaurants while watching the people passing by. Colorful boats also enter and leave the area constantly. Capri has some great attractions, but one of the things you shouldn’t miss is the Blue Grotto (a cave that reflects blue and emerald water well). You can access the cave using a small boat.


Positano & Amalfi Beach to Enjoy Mediterranean Sea

Top Visiting Places in Rome - Positano Spiaggia is Near A Beautiful Village With Colorful Houses

If you are looking for one of the most famous visiting places in Rome to relax, this beach will be among the best. Positano is a beautiful village with colorful and quiet houses located by the beach. To reach this beautiful area, you can travel by train from Rome to Salerno and then travel to Positano by boat.

When you are on the beautiful beaches of Fornillo, you can enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean sun. Also, you can explore the adjoining mountains to see beautiful landscapes as well as waterfalls of rare plant and animal species. Do not miss the visit to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta with its beautiful architecture.

Pompeii to See Ruins of History

Top Visiting Places in Rome - Pompeii Has The Remnants of Old shops And Houses

No visit to Rome without a glance at Pompeii would be perfect. It might not be Rome’s best attractions; however, it will not lessen its historical value. The fastest way to visit Italy’s favorite attractions is to take the train to Naples. Using tour guides or voice guides, you can stroll down the streets of the city and learn from the ruins of history.

What you will see on this trip are the remnants of old shops, eateries, houses, cultural centers, religious centers, political centers, and baths. You can also see the bodies of people who have been buried under volcanic activity. The National Museum of Archeology of Pompeii contains an amazing collection of artifacts obtained from the site of Pompeii.

To be able to enjoy Italy even further, you can also explore other tourist attractions in Italy and its many mesmerizing monuments.

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