China is a country full of commodities and shopping malls and it takes a long time to fully explore them. Shanghai City is been called the shopping heaven, so it must be having interesting shopping centers. In this post 10 of the best shopping centers are introduced here.

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1. Shanghai IFC Mall

Full name of this mall is international finance center. Shanghai IFC has 6 floors, parking and restrooms are very clean and all the space of this shopping center is adapted for people with disabilities. Other than main food court, you can also buy snacks and enjoy Chinese flavors.

This place has a quiet and beautiful environment and is also luxurious in appearance and easy to shop around, often decorating the IFC environment.

In terms of the goods in this mall we have to say that luxury goods and international brands are offered here, so if you are looking for quality and branded goods this is your center. This mall is open from 10am to 10pm.


2. Plaza 66

Plaza 66 is the name is one of Shanghai’s premier and largest shopping malls. The Plaza 66 is actually a commercial office complex with two skyscrapers in addition to the shopping center. This Plaza has 66 floors and the tallest building in the area is Puxi China.

Many of the world-famous fashion brands are present at this mall, which is why they consider Plaza 66 to be the flagship of Shanghai shopping malls, with frequent timings, fashion shows are held here and you can buy clothing from world-renowned tailors from this center. The plazza is open from 10am to 10pm.


3. Jiu Guang Department Store

Jiu Guang Department Store is one of Shanghai’s premier international shopping centers where major and global brands of goods including Burberry, Tiffany, Agnes’B, Bally, Celine and other brands have their place in it.

We suggest you don’t miss the snack bar and supermarket found downstairs of this store. One of the main thing about this place is that the top of the store is within easy reach, and you can use Metro Line 2 and Metro 7 to reach Jiu Guang.


4. The Times Square

The Times Square, in terms of architecture and engineering, has a European-style of build to it. It was built by world-renowned architecture and designers from Panama. It is simple and elegant; but in terms of ranking, it is more common than other Shanghai shopping malls and you won’t find very luxurious merchandise in it.

The center has 7 floors and each floor has more than 100 stores and a total of 2 level parking spaces.

Getting to this mall is not a difficult task. You have to take Metro Line 9 and get to Shanghai Road Station. and reach to this mall from exit number 1.


5. Super Brand Mall

Super Brand Mall is huge and has thousands of stores on 13 separate floors where whatever you want you may find here. The Super Brand Mall houses 70 different restaurants and coffee shops.

This store is one of the oldest and at the same time one of the best shopping malls in Shanghai so it attracts millions of visitors daily and we suggest you not to miss this mall if you are traveling to Shanghai.

This commercial complex is full of amusement as well as entertainment sections and famous throughout Shanghai. Therefore, it’s not too difficult to get there; just take Metro Lie 2 and get off in Lujiazui station.


6. Grand Gatewey

Grand Gateway Shopping Center features a main building and two skyscrapers on both sides. This shopping mall is one of Shanghai’s most visited centers and it is very spectacular at night when its lights are on.

This shopping mall is overseen by six brands and each of which has hundreds of different stores. Grand Gateway has a similar supermarket in its basement that attracts many visitors.

The store is mostly used by Chinese residents and has cheaper prices than other Shanghai shopping malls. To get to the Grand Gateway you have to use the Metro line 9 and get to to the Xujiahui station and get off from exit Exit 19.


7. Mei Long Zhen Iestan

Mei Long Zhen Iestan Shopping Center is the second largest branch chain of Isetan stores in Shanghai. All of the goods in this mall are of high quality and its one of those centers where you can find the best you can expect from China.

To reach Mei Long Zhen Iestan Shopping Center you have to use Metro Line 2 at Nanjing Station and get off here. It’s good to know that this mall belongs to Japan.


8. Citic

Citic Shopping Center is a very large, spacious and luminous shopping site. In this mall you can find brand stores like Esprit and Alfred Dunhill. There are amenities and goods including bags, shoes, audio and video equipment as well as clothing are provided on the upper floors, and the ground floor of this shopping mall has ATMs and banks.

This mall and the Westgate Mall shopping mall both have a single roof and some confuse the two shopping malls with the other. To get to this beautiful shopping mall you have to use the Metro Line 2 and get off at Nanjing Station.


9. Westgate Mal

Westgate Mall is a huge mall that has always been part of the Citic mall because of its shared ceiling with that mall, but Westgate is a separate mall with its focus on bags, shoes and women’s clothing.

In this complex, there are cinema theaters as well as restaurants. There are 10 floors in this mall as well as 1 underground floor.


10. Hong Kong Plaza Shanghai

Hong Kong Plaza Business Complex is in fact consists of several different buildings and each building has different uses, such as hotels and businesses.

But the Hong Kong Plaza Shopping Center in Shanghai has a very clean and beautiful environment, and the products are available at both regular and expensive prices and of varying quality. To get here, just take the Metro Line 1 and get off at South Huang Pi Road Station.