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Top Restaurants in Muizenberg



Top Restaurants in Muizenberg

Best Restaurants in Muizenberg

Muizenberg is an upscale beach used by wealthy and the upper class of Cape Town, South Africa, and restaurants in Muizenberg are representative of that. The beach here is also famous with a few wonderful colorful wooden bathing houses. These houses showcase the colorful aspect of this seaside town and bring joy here too.


Casa Labia near False Bay Coastline

Top Restaurants in Muizenberg - Casa Labia is A Posh and Luxurious Restaurant

Casa Labia is one of more posh and luxurious restaurants in Muizenberg. The building here used to belong to Natale Labia royalty. After that, the ownership changed hands and now it is operated by Ideas Cartel company. This is a boutique hotel a with a magnificent restaurant offering great food, desserts and unique entrees. Most of the cuisine here is inspired by Italian dishes and yo can expect excellency in flavors while dining here. The magnificent view of False Bay coastline makes this restaurant a must-go place for those seeking to enjoy a fine dining experience in South Africa.


Lagerchinos Restaurant near Surfers Corner

South Africa Travel Tips - Lagerchinos Restaurant is A Nice Beer Garden Eatery

Lagerchinos Restaurant is a nice beer garden eatery which is suitable for family gatherings and enjoying some good food. You can Lagerchinos Restaurant near the Muizenberg Library & Beach. They do not offer anything fancy, and you can expect to see pizzas, burgers and some snacks on the menu here. Their prices are very reasonable, however, the only downside here is that their pizza is sometimes are let downs. Rest of the food here is consistently delicious.


Bombay Chilli an Indian Restaurant

Top Restaurants in Muizenberg - Bombay Chilli is Located on The Main Road

Bombay Chilli is a nice Indian restaurant which you can find at Beach Road. Their setting here is very soothing and it is very clean. The food here is authentic enough that makes you want to come back and local enough that is a positive point. There is another branch on the Main Road that offers quality food with very reasonable prices. Their dishes are mostly filling and the best is t order bread with your food to complete the experience.


Empire Cafe for Good Mediterranean Cuisine

Empire Cafe is Located on York Road - Top Restaurants in Muizenberg

Empire Cafe is one of few famous restaurants in Muizenberg that are very close to Muizenberg Beach which you can find on York Road. This café other than selling coffee provides fantastic pork belly roasts, soups, chicken, pastas and many more. They are cooking everything fresh an their prices are very reasonable for the quality of food you are getting. Also, make sure to order coffee and pastries after your meal to really enjoy this restaurant/café.


Tiger’s Milk Muizenberg close to the Beach

Tiger's Milk Muizenberg is on Sidmouth Road - Top Restaurants in Muizenberg

Tiger’s Milk Muizenberg is one of restaurants in Muizenberg which is part of multiple franchises across the country. The Tiger’s Milk Muizenberg menu breakfast deals, various burgers, briskets,  pizzas, seafood, shakes and delicious desserts. Another good point regarding this restaurant is the availability of vegan, vegetarian and spicy option on most of their food offerings.

Moreover, if you arrive along with your children here, they also have a specific menu which caters to the taste of young ones. Head to Sidmouth Road, near the beach, for some of the best comfort food in town. The feel has some sort of old Americana with modern twist here.

Another one of sea towns in South Africa is Hermanus. You can check out the restaurants in Hermanus for some quality seafood and nice scenery. They are slightly pricier but worth the trip. many of these places offer great quality seafood as well as other nice international dishes that are suited for foreign tourists. Most of these restaurant have English menus, making t easier for travelers to enjoy quality food and nice weather in this beautiful town.

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