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Best Cheap Restaurants in Kuşadası



Best Cheap Restaurants in Kuşadası

Best Cheap Restaurants in Kuşadası

Kusadasi food is among the finest in Turkey, therefore not very cheap at times. Here are some the best cheap restaurants in Kusadasi that offer great food at low cost. Kusadasi is a city that offers many great cuisines both local and international. Due to its touristic features, it has many restaurants that might be selling a bit at higher prices. therefore, here is a list of a few restaurants that won’t break your wallet.



Komşu Cafe & Restaurant

Best Cheap Restaurants in Kusadasi - Komşu Cafe & Restaurant Has Fantastic Food

Komşu Cafe & Restaurant is one one best restaurants in Kusadasi that offers some hearty yet cheap food. This restaurants is a gem in the city which is perfectly situated along the town beach front. The food value of money is extremely good here. The food tastes fantastic and their staff are professional and polite.


Zümrüt Pide Salonu

Best Cheap Restaurants in Kusadasi - Zümrüt Pide Salonu Sells Pide And Turkish Coffee

Zümrüt Pide Salonu provides tourists and travelers with some cheap Kusadasi food like pide. This is a cafe that serves very good Turkish food with that comes with salad, apple tea, Turkish coffee as well as tea. The portion is good for the price you pay for the food. Also, the staff are really friendly and attentive.


Bizde Ye Restoran

Best Cheap Restaurants in Kusadasi - Bizde Ye Restoran is Located in The center of The City

This restaurants is where locals go. They serve many varieties of Turkish dishes at a really good price point. Also, the Owner speaks English very well. This restaurant is located in the center of the city and is easy to find.


Ali Baba Kebab Center

Turkey Travel Tips - Ali Baba Kebab Center Use Charcoal Grill To Prepare Food

Ali Baba Kebab Center is another one of restaurants in Kusadasi that offers delicious Kusadasi food like kebaps and meat dishes. You will feel like part of the family when you visit this restaurant since they are very friendly and caring. The food tastes delicious and you can ask the cook how to prepare your meal. Most of the food you order is made on their charcoal grill.

Since you are saving some money on food, it is good to spend some of them in 7 best bars in Kusadasi so that you can enjoy some quality nightlife here. These bars mostly cater to locals however you can still get by in them as tourists. They offer some good quality Turkish cocktails and beverages.

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