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Top 5 Cheap Food in Seoul



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Seoul is becoming a tourist friendly city that offers many great food options to both locals and visitors. Here are a few cheap options that you can try while visiting this great city.



Paris Baguette Gangnam Station

Top 5 Cheap Food in Seoul

This bread shop is very easy to find with affordable prices. There are a lot of bread types to choose here such as chocolates, muffins as well as snacks.


Isaac Toast Myeongdong

Top 5 Cheap Food in Seoul

If you want some quick good quality snack, then this place is for you. Since it’s a hot food, it’s good for cold day in Seoul.


Sunine Bindaetteok

Top 5 Cheap Food in Seoul

This place offers great mung bean pancakes that comes with soy sauce as well as slices of fresh onion. The food here is relatively cheap and it only costs $4 for a loaded pancake.


Casablanca Sandwicherie

Top 5 Cheap Food in Seoul

Here you can get great Sandwiches at an affordable price. Many sandwiches come with Cilantro. Therefore, take note if you do not like it or are allergic to it.


Everest Curry World Restaurant

Top 5 Cheap Food in Seoul

This restaurant offers the best Indian food in dongdeamun area of Seoul. They have many options like Chicken tandoori, Naan as well as curry rice. The location is accessible and the service is also acceptable.

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