Top 5 Cheap Food in Seoul

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Places for Cheap Food in Seoul

If you want to eat at a Seoul restaurant and do not want to spend a lot, then you should check out the top 5 cheap food in Seoul offering budget yet delicious nutrition to tourists and travelers. Seoul is becoming a tourist-friendly city that offers many great food options to both locals and visitors. Many of the city center areas offer more expensive options, but for cheaper meals, it is advised to go either to local shopping mall food courts, nearby train stations, or in or around local outdoor markets, where street foods are located. South Korea is very good in terms of budget food in general, and Seoul has many options for any pallet.


Paris Baguette Gangnam Station

Seoul Restaurant - Paris Baguette Gangnam Station Offers Good French Food Like Sandwiches

Paris Baguette is a French Seoul restaurant which is located at Gangnam Station. This bread shop is very easy to find at affordable prices. There are a lot of good food to choose from here such as sandwiches, muffins as well as snacks. This shop sells good quality cheap food in Seoul for tourists on a budget and people in a rush.

Update: This place has been closed.


Isaac Toast & Coffee Myeongdong Cathedral

Seoul Restaurant - Isaac Toast & Coffee Myeongdong Cathedral Sells Toasts And Coffee

If you want a quick quality snack, then Isaac Toast & Coffee Myeongdong Cathedral is for you. Since it’s a hot food, it’s good for a cold day in Seoul. In fact, this is a type of on-the-go Seoul restaurant where you can order your toast and coffee and have it ready very fast. This restaurant is suitable for tourists who want to grab a cheap and quick bite and go sightseeing. Access to this place is easy as it is located adjacent to the cathedral, which is also accessible via Myeongdong metro station.


Sunhui-ne Bindaetteok near Jongno 5(o)ga Mtro Station

Top 5 Cheap Food in Seoul - Sunine Bindaetteok is Located in Jongno-gu Area

Sunhui-ne Bindaetteok is near a local market selling all kinds of cheap food in Seoul, like fried Korean pancakes. This place offers great mung bean pancakes that come with soy sauce as well as slices of fresh onion. The food here is relatively cheap, and it only costs $4 for a loaded pancake. If you want to visit Sunine Bindaetteok and the local market nearby, head over to the Jongno-gu area at number 138-9, which you can get when you get off at the nearby Jongno 5(o)ga subway station.


Casablanca Sandwicherie Moroccan Restaurant in Yongsan-gu

Top 5 Cheap Food in Seoul - Casablanca Sandwicherie is Located in Yongsan-gu Neighborhood.

Here, you can get great Sandwiches at an affordable price. Many sandwiches come with Cilantro, and one of the most favorite menu items among locals is the chicken sandwich. Also, try their shakshouka and omelet sandwiches, which are adequately seasoned and offer a good additional flavor to the available Korean cuisines in this city. Therefore, take note if you do not like it or are allergic to it. Tourists can find Casablanca Sandwicherie in the Yongsan-gu neighborhood.


Everest Curry World Restaurant located Along Jong-Ro Avenue

South Korea travel Tips - Everest Curry World Restaurant Sells Nice Indian Cuisine

Everest Curry World Restaurant is one of the ever-growing Seoul restaurants selling Indian cuisine. This restaurant offers the best cheap Indian food in Seoul. You can find Everest Curry World Restaurant in the Dongdaemun area of Seoul. They have many options like Chicken tandoori, Naan as well as curry rice. The location is accessible, and the service is also acceptable. This restaurant is good for those tourists who want to try some East Asian cuisine for a change in South Korea.

While roaming the streets, you should also check out where to get street food in Seoul, where it provides extensive information on the names of the markets and the location of these vendors selling delicious Korean street food for very low prices.

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