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What to Do in Zanzibar for a Week Trip



What to Do in Zanzibar for a Week Trip

What to Do in Zanzibar for Tourists

Tourists might wonder what to do in Zanzibar on a week-long trip? They can carefully plan their journey as it is mentioned below. Zanzibar is a beautiful island with stunning beaches and fascinating cultural elements, part of East Africa and Tanzania. You can have a unique natural excursion in Zanzibar with cultural experiences and pure relaxation. Read this article for a helpful tour to experience the fun and attractions of Zanzibar and make a memorable trip to the East African archipelago.



Spend a Day in Stone Town

Spend a Day in Stone Town Where it Has Many Beautiful Beaches and Buildings

Spending a Day in Stone Town is what to do in Zanzibar on day one. “Stone Town” can be considered the heart and soul of the island. A mixture of winding alleys and old Arabic-style buildings will immerse you in their magic. Get a taste of local culture by sipping a coffee from a local hawker or wander the streets and discover its unique spots.



Visit the Jozani Forest

Visit the Jozani Forest and Enjoy the Lush Natural Beauty of Zanzibar and its Local Animals

The vast and green expanse of Jozani Forest is the last remaining native forest in Zanzibar. This forest is located near Chwaka Bay and is often subject to flooding. But this has created a unique swamp forest with amazing trees and ferns. Therefore, jungle trekking in Jozani Forest is what to do in Zanzibar on the second day, specially for adventurous tourists. Travelers can visit this forest by bus, chartered taxi or a planned tour.



Take a Sunbath on Nungwi Beach

Taking a Sunbath on Nungwi Beach is what to Do in Zanzibar on The Send Day of Your Trip

The village of “Nungwi” is located in the northwestern tip of Zanzibar and has one of the best beaches in Zanzibar, because there are not many waves in front of it. This beach suits those who want to sunbathe a little under the sun, soak their feet in the sea water and are not looking for luxury hotels.



Visit the Zanzibar Prison Island

Explore the Zanzibar Prison Island Accessible Via Local Boats to See the Old Prison Ruins

Within half an hour by boat from Zanzibar, you will reach Prison Island, which provides an exciting glimpse into its rather dark past. Today, the island is a natural protected area for giant tortoises. Visiting here is included what to do in Zanzibar on the third day schedule. You can also visit the ruins where the prison used to be.


Explore the Old Fort in Forodhani Gardens

The city’s oldest stone building is “Old Fort” which is located on the quay and right in front of the famous Forodhani Gardens. This fort was built in the 17th century to protect the island from Portuguese attacks. In this place, which is known as one of the main attractions of the stone city today. And, what to do in Zanzibar on day four? tourists can see the remains of the old fortress and tour the central courtyard where vendors sell local products. The ancient amphitheater still hosts events there.


Have a Local Meal at Forodhani Market

have a Locally Made food at Local Meal at Forodhani Market at Night Time

On the same day, at night, try having a bite of local food at Forodhani market. This spectacular night food market in the stone city starts in the late evening. The hustle and bustle of this market makes it a sight to behold and you can find fresh local produce or great grilled vegetables, meat and fish. Seafood is by far the most popular. Here, fish is served with fried potato balls, bread and samosas.


Join a Local Spice Tour

What to Do in Zanzibar Market is to Join a Spice Market Tour and Explore Local Flavors

Zanzibar is famous for its spice trade. So it will be interesting to learn about Zanzibar’s most profitable and profitable industry and smell its native culture. This is what to do in Zanzibar on day five: explore the world of locally grown spices. Tourists can choose one of the different tours, explore the winding streets with expert guides, and learn about the roots of this industry. Also, the tour guides will provide useful information about the wide variety of spices that Zanzibar produces and trades.


Doing Kayaking and Jet Skiing

Where to do Kayaking and Jet Skiing in Zanzibar including Nungwi Beach

On the sixth day, try the locally operated Kayakiing and jet skiing tours where are genrally available along Nungwi Beach, Paje Beach, Jambiani Beach, Menai Bay, Pemba Island, Dongwe Beach and Kendwa Beach. These activities are entertaining and the blue sea is fun on a sunny day.


Enjoy the View and Food at Rock Restaurant

What to Do in Zanzibar - Enjoy the View and Food at Rock Restaurant

On the seventh day, you can rest on the beach or visit the famous The Rock restaurant. This unique restaurant offers an admirable view of the island; Because it is located on a stone slab that covers all the city’s main attractions. Of course, visitors don’t just go to this restaurant for its charming view, they will also experience a quality meal of the best Zanzibar seafood at the same time. This unique restaurant has only 12 tables and you must reserve your table in time.

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