5 Best Dinner Restaurants in Adana

5 Best Dinner Restaurants in Adana

Best Restaurants in Adana

Adana kebab is one of the most famous delicacies throughout Turkey. In this article, you will see the 5 best dinner restaurants in Adana where you can sit down and enjoy some quality food in them. Adana has a great food scene. The kebab here, Adana kebab, is famous throughout Turkey. If you ever visit this place, you will love the food more than Istanbul in some ways.


1. Ciğerci Ulaş a Budget Friendly Spot

5 Best Dinner Restaurants in Adana - Ciğerci Ulaş Have Reasonable Prices And Good Service

This restaurant is famous in Adana because of its lamb liver kebab. Also, they serve quality Adana kebab, which is something to consider as well. The service is good too. Expect reasonable pricing, too, since they have been in business for a very long time.


2. Kebapçı Cik Cik Ali at Kurtuluş Cd

Adana Kebab - Kebapçı Cik Cik Ali is A Humble Place Located At Kurtuluş Cd

The Adana kebab in this humble restaurant is very tasty and affordable. Their specialty is the ‘Adana Kebab,’ which is one of the best in town. You can find this restaurant at Kurtuluş Cd.


3. Ciğerci Mahmut for Liver Kebab

Adana Kebab - Ciğerci Mahmut is Famous For Their Liver Kebab And The Service is Fast

The famous food here is the liver kebab. The Adana kebab here is absolutely excellent, and they prepare your food really fast. Also, give their salads, flat bread, and their mezes a try.


4. Next Republic Güzelyalı a Good Seafood Restaurant

5 Best Dinner Restaurants in Adana - Next Republic Güzelyalı hAs Good Atmosphere

You will have your best experience in this bar while in this city. Next Republic Güzelyalı offers some of the best experiences among restaurants in Adana. Everything is just good here, like the atmosphere, the service, the vibe, the food, and their cocktails.


5. Lokal Cafe & Bistro with a Modern Environment

5 Best Dinner Restaurants in Adana - Lokal Cafe & Bistro Has Fantastic Grill Rib Steak

Lokal Cafe & Bistro is another one of the restaurants in Adana. In fact, this restaurant serves really good food in a modern environment. Also, the service and their wine are truly fantastic. Locals really recommend the grilled rib steak here. You should definitely give this place a visit and have some food in there.

Also, you should check out some of the top Adana bars if you like going for a drink in this city. They offer great cocktails and as well as a hospitable environment in the good weather of this city.


Traditional Adana Kebab in Adana

Traditional Adana kebab is not an ordinary dish. It is a collection of culture and tradition on a plate. Adana kebab is a big part of the origin city and the whole of Turkey. There are many places to have this kebab, but to experience the traditional flavors, there is no other place besides Adana.


Eyvan Kebap for Less Fatty Kebabs

Eyvan Kebap is a Suitable Location for Less Fatty Kebabs - Traditional Adana Kebab in Adana

Eyvan Kebap is a kebab shop that raises the bar regarding kebabs. It is a business that fills your table with appetizers as soon as you sit down and fills you with rich treats before it is time for a kebab. When it comes to kebab, it is prepared from medium-fat meat, accompanied by local bread and roasted peppers, with just the right consistency.


Yeşil Kapı Kebap near The Central Park

Yeşil Kapı Kebap is Near The Central Park and a Two-Storey Restaurant

When you look from Central Park, you will see a two-story restaurant. This place is one of the most delicious restaurants in Adana, where you can eat liver kebab as well as Adana kebab. Minced meat and chicken cutlets are among the first things you should try here. This is the place where you will definitely be left satisfied with your meal.


Kaya Kebap located at Hurmalı

Kaya Kebap located at Hurmalı and Offers Traditional Adana Kebab at Reasonable Prices

In this city, where kebab is a brand, the traditional Adana kebab flavor of the famous Kaya Kebap, which has been around since 1970, offers a valuable sign that the quality has remained great over the years. Kaya Kebap has been serving customers without compromising its quality and taste in a decent and clean environment for all family members. Also, they have pita and lahmacun cooked in traditional stone ovens, prepared with natural and fresh vegetables and meat sourced from reputable places. The location of Kaya Kebap is at Hurmalı, 34006 Street.

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