Georgia is a country with high adventure capabilities and resources. For those who want to experience adventure in Georgia, they should visit Gudauri and Kutaisi. The cities in this country are full of history, antiquities, and beautiful and eye-catching architecture. There are many natural attractions here that, due to the low popularity of Georgia, are almost untouched.

Also, you can read up on other tourist destinations in Georgia, such as the Mtskheta tourist places where more sights are awaiting to be seen. Mtskheti is distinguished by the abundance of cultural monuments and the diversity of nature. Lakes Tsodoreti and Mukhatgvedi are located in the district too. You can plan interesting routes to Saguramo nature reserve and Mtskheti ridges, where you will enjoy beautiful forests and beautiful views.

One of the popular routes is the Mtskheta-Armazi Castle Trail; during this easy one-day trip, you will see diverse, beautiful views and monuments of historical and cultural importance. This area has many important monuments of different periods, with outstanding architecture, fresco patterns, and historical significance.


Skiing in The Caucasus Mountains

Adventure in Georgia For Travelers - For Skiing Go to City of Kazbegi And Gudauri

The pristine nature of the country and the variety of its many natural places have made it a special place for adventure in Georgia. National parks and nature reserves, pristine forests, the Black Sea coast, and snow-capped mountains offer a sophisticated mix of fun here. Hiking and mountaineering in the Caucasus Mountains have just recently cost the Georgian government a lot of money to improve its roads and facilities.

Also, you can go to the city of Kazbegi, which recently is known by its new name of Stepantsminda, and enjoy the 14th-century church built at an elevation of about 2200 meters above sea level. Georgia has 6 ski resorts, the best of which is 120 km north of Tbilisi in Gudauri. Over 50 kilometers of the track are ready for you to enjoy with any kind of skill you have. The highest elevations are about 3300 meters above sea level, where you will usually find snowfall year-round. However, there is more snow during January and the least around April.


Rafting in Famous Rivers in Georgia

Adventure in Georgia For Travelers - Rafting is Best Done in Kutaisi in Mtkvari River

Rafting has been particularly popular in Georgia for the last decade. Depending on the landscape of Georgia, rafting is possible in many regions of Georgia. If you are a fan of extreme exports, then you should definitely try rafting on different rivers of Georgia. In Georgia, rafting is possible on Aragvi, Mtkvari, Rioni, and Acharistskali rivers.

With many lakes and rivers scattered throughout the country, travelers will be able to raft in almost every town and village. But the best Rafting with a kayak can be found in less than an hour from Tbilisi on the Mtkvari River, where the calm waters next to the 17th-century castle are a beautiful sight to see.

If you are visiting Imereti or Racha-Lechkhumi, then extreme adventure must be included in your schedule. When rafting on the Rion River, you are going through one of the most unique routes through all the adventure in Georgia.


Paragliding & Horse Riding in The Summer Time

Adventure in Georgia For Travelers - Paragliding & Horse Riding is Available in Gudauri Area

In the Gudauri area, aside from skiing, you can enjoy parachuting and paragliding. This area is one of the top locations for adventure in Georgia because of the possibilities of many sporting activities here. Naturally, jet skiing can also be combined with skiing, but in the summer, mountains, forests, countryside, and local people are definitely more attractive.

In Tusheti National Park, local people let you experience the joy of horse riding in the mountain area. You can use local guides and horses to climb mountains more than 3000 meters high and experience the paths of local herds and shepherds, combining agile trails and strong horses with your sense of adventure. Do not doubt that you will experience unbelievable scenery here, along with the excitement of crossing mountain passes.