Experiencing Indonesian Bali Island As A Bali Tourist

Experiencing Indonesian Bali Island As A Bali Tourist

All About Indonesian Bali Island As A Bali Tourist

The Indonesian Bali island is a place that every Bali tourist hopes to visit and spend some quality time in there. There are many attractions here to explore as well as many beautiful coastlines and natural scenery. This small yet beautiful location in Indonesia offers both amazing peaceful vibes as well as fantastic nightlife experiences. Therefore, it is good for tourists of all ages.


Weather and Terrain

Weather Here is Generally Hot And Humid Because of Equator - Travel Guide Indonesia

The Indonesian Bali Island is a short distance away from the equator. Therefore, its climate is generally hot and humid. If you are looking for water sports, summer is the best time to visit Bali. If you plan to visit Bali for swimming and water sports, you should know that on most days of autumn, the the tides are high and the sea is stormy. The most optimum time to visit  here is from May to September when the tides are low and the breeze is just perfect.


Most Beautiful Attractions in Bali

This land is full of unique attractions that will bring joy to any Bali tourist. There are active volcanic mountains, special and rare vegetations, wonderful diving spots, rice terraces, Hindu and traditional temples, white sandy beaches as well as colorful festivals are just some of endless beauty here.


Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Tegallalang Rice Terrace have Fertile Soil - Experiencing Indonesian Bali Island As A Bali Tourist

One of the attractions of Indonesian Bali island is the rice terraces that are world famous. Due to the activity of volcanic mountains over time, they also have fertile soil. If you visit one of these rice paddies, you can enjoy its special landscape and take attractive photos. Also, there are zip lines and swings available here.


Bali Swing in Abiansemal

Experiencing Indonesian Bali Island As A Bali Tourist - Bali Swing is Where You Can Take Memorable Photos

One of the fascinating experiences of Indonesian Bali island is seeing its scenery from high up. You can experience this feat and take memorable photos using the famous Swing available here. The ropes of this swing are tied to palm trees and the view of 91 meters above ground, at full swing, is going to be mesmerizing in front of you.


Diving in Denpasar and Uluwatu

Experiencing Indonesian Bali Island As A Bali Tourist - Diving Here is to See Beautiful Underwater World

This part of Indonesia, located at the confluence of two oceans, has made diving and seeing the beautiful underwater world one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. There are various diving and surfing training centers in Indonesian Bali island that offer guidance experienced and professional instructors to both adults and children. The main diving spots here are near triangle Kuta Beach, Denpasar and Uluwatu.


Elephant Safari Park Lodge Bali

Elephant Safari Park Lodge Bali is in Ubud- Experiencing Indonesian Bali Island As A Bali Tourist

Ubud is one of the island’s landmarks and Elephant Safari Park is located in the city. In this park, any Bali tourist can experience a memorable and unique travel experience by riding elephants. There are also spa centers, resorts, restaurants and souvenir shops in this park. Therefore, it will give you a warm and pleasant time to spend a day in there. The museum of this park is also very spectacular and you can see everything from mammoth skeletons to everything related to elephants in this museum.


Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Receives Many Tourists From All Over The World - Experiencing Indonesian Bali Island As A Bali Tourist

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Indonesian Bali island receives many tourists from all over the world every month and is one of the tourist attractions of Bali that is very popular among families, especially children. Macaque is an endangered species of long-tailed monkey, and due to the special treatment of the people of Bali towards monkeys, who consider them sacred creatures, this park has provides special habitat for keeping macaques. There are 1400-year-old temples and sculptures of monkeys in Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary as well. The sacred monkey forest sanctuary price at movement is IDR 80,000 for adults and IDR 60,000 for children.


Waterboom Bali near Kuta

Experiencing Indonesian Bali Island As A Bali Tourist - Waterboom Bali is Located in The Area of Kuta

Waterboom Water Park is located in the area of Kuta and is considered one of the most attractive sights in Indonesian Bali island. With a variety of attractions and water slides, while meeting the international safety standards, is a great destination for any Bali tourist that wants to experience some watersports. Also, Waterboom has various sections such as large and small pools, several types of water slides, swimming pools and play grounds for children as well as various restaurants.


Kuta Beach in Kelurahan

Experiencing Indonesian Bali Island As A Bali Tourist - Kuta Beach is in Kelurahan Village

This sandy Kuta beach in Kelurahan village is very popular among surfing enthusiasts. The southern parts of the beach are crowded and exciting and the northern parts are quiet and secluded. Hence, whether you are a fan of excitement or you like a sunny and pleasant walk on a beach, this Kuta beach is fit for purpose.


Temples Like Tanah Lot Temple

Temples in Bali Like Tanah Lot Temple, the Uluwatu Temple, and Besakih Temple- Indonesia Travel Guide

There are numerous temples in Indonesian Bali island available for you to visit. However, the most famous of them are the Tanah Lot Temple, the Uluwatu Temple, and the Besakih Temple, which is known as the Mother Temple. One of the symbols of tourism here is its ancient temples. If you go to Bali, do not miss the opportunities of seeing these amazing temples. Most of these shrines belong to Hindu religion.


Volcanic Mountains

Travel Guide Indonesia - Mountains Here Are Mount Agung, Batur and Kintamani

The island has famous volcanic mountains such as Mount Agung, Batur and Kintamani, which offer you a lot of fresh air, fantastic scenery, unique plants and much more. To explore the volcanic mountains you can take a few hours walk through the villages. Also, Bali tourists can participate in available mountaineering tours for this specific activity.


Festivals and Rituals

Different celebrations and rituals are held on the Indonesian Bali island every year. These festivities are so fascinating that they alone attract many tourists to travel here. Dancing, singing, lightings, music, local art and traditions are common components of these festivals.


Nusa Dua Light Festival

Nusa Dua Light Festival is Held During The Week in October or November - Travel Guide Indonesia

Another tourist attraction here is the Nusa Dua Light Festival. This local event is held during a week in October or November. There is joy and excitement throughout this Nusa Dua Light Festival. The ceremony features live art shows as well as live music.


Galungan Ceremonies

Travel Guide Indonesia - Galungan is One of The Best Street Ceremonies to See

One of the best street ceremonies you can see is Galungan. The people of Bali believe that at this time, the spirits of their ancestors come back to earth to visit them. The Galungan religious festival lasts 10 days and is held every 210 calendar days.


Bali Arts Festival in Denpasar

Bali Arts Festival Takes Place From Middle of June to Middle of July - Experiencing Indonesian Bali Island As A Bali Tourist

This festival takes place from middle of June to middle of July. During this period, Bali tourists can observe the local Balinese culture. This festival comes with a variety of traditional dances, music, handicrafts and delicious food. The purpose of the ceremony is to keep the ancient customs and culture of the island of Bali alive.

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Some Extra Information for Bali Tourists

Here there are some further information for Bali tourists to travel easily. The way to reach the Indonesian Bali Island  is to use a plane, the international airport of the island is located 13 kilometers west of Denpasar. This airport is very complete and equipped and includes a post office, exchange office, restaurant, resort, car rental agencies and free internet. The cheapest way to reach the city center is the bus service. Of course, normal taxi, deluxe, small vans are also accessible at this airport. Also, Bali tourists can also try the currency exchange centers in this airport to make sure to have enough money on hand since many of the local small shop might not accept credit cards.

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