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Best Oklahoma City Flea Markets



Best Oklahoma City Flea Markets

Biggest Oklahoma City Flea Markets

There are a number of Oklahoma City flea markets which are offering great quality antiques, collectibles and even treasures that are eagerly waiting to find a home. Here are some of the more well-known ones which most OKC locals are familiar with and visit them on the regular basis in order to find what they are looking for. if you are in tis city from other states or even neighboring counties, make sure to check out amazing Oklahoma city attractions as this great city has a lot to offer in terms of architecture and natural beauty as it is the shining jewel of the great state of Oklahoma.


Old Paris Flea Market an Old-School Market

Biggest Oklahoma City Flea Markets - Old Paris Flea Market Was Built in 1976

The old Paris Flea Market, built in 1976, is one of best family-owned Oklahoma City flea markets that gives the old-school market vibes. This is a relatively medium sized market which has been in business for over four decades. There are two sections to this market; one on the inside and the other operating from the outside, both with over 200 vendors selling everything from antiques, electronics to large variety of food and snacks. You can find Old Paris Flea Market at 1111 S Eastern Ave. which is accessible mostly by a vehicle.


OKC Plaza Latina Located on 44th St

OKC Plaza Latina Located on 44th St with A Great Mexican Restaurant

OKC Plaza Latina is an indoor flea market which is located at 1050 SE 44th St, accessible by bus number 014 which stops very close to this plaza. As one of indoor Oklahoma City flea markets, you can buy many small items specially jewelry and household appliances, all at a reasonable price almost regardless of the weather. Also, there is a great Mexican restaurant that serves fresh tacos and burritos there. The OKC Plaza Latina operates every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm.


Karens Ultimate Treasures Flea Market in OKC

Karens Ultimate Treasures Flea Market Located on the East Side of OKC

Karens Ultimate Treasures Flea Market is one of more humble Oklahoma City flea markets which is located on the east side of this great city. Here, you can find many antiques, artefacts, collectibles, jewelries as well as brand new but reasonably priced merchandise. The vendors here are well-mannered, experienced and often knowledgeable on what they are offering you.

Some of more unique items you can find here include vinyl records, glass and jewelry works, action figures, clothing and vintage photos. The Karens Ultimate Treasures Flea Market is open daily from 10am to 7pm. You do not pay any admission or parking fee here, however, the the moment, pets are not allowed. Moreover, you can take bus number 014 and stop at “S Bryant Ave @ SE 44th St” to arrive here.


Wagon Wheel Mercantile Antique Store on 10th St

Wagon Wheel Mercantile is a Humble Antique Store Located on 10th St

Wagon Wheel Mercantile was previously known as Tickled Pink Mercantile with different owners. However, in 2019 this shop changed hands and its name changed with it. however, the concept of the store remains the same under the new management. This is an humble antique store which sells unique collectibles, antiques, furniture and home décor. There are few booths inside offering merchandise at affordable prices. Another positive point about Wagon Wheel Mercantile is that whatever you see here is decorated neatly and the place is always kept clean. You can find Wagon Wheel Mercantile store a 6125 NW 10th St.


Mary’s Swap Meet in Spencer City

Mary's Swap Meet is Located near Midwest Boulevard Intersection - Best Oklahoma City Flea Markets

The biggest Oklahoma City Flea markets is perhaps Mary’s Swap Meet in Spencer. This is an old-school antique market where you can everyone bringing their tables to sell what they do not need next to their vehicles. You can find everything here from trash to treasures. Also, this is a great place for family as there are always live shows and various entertainments available for all age groups.

The admission and parking fees are currently free but make sure to bring adequate amount of cash with you as there are no ATMs on-site as they only accept cash here. You get to Mary’s Swap Meet by arriving at 7905 NE 23rd St. they are open every Saturday and Sunday from early 5am until 3pm Also, you can take bus number 019 and stop at Midwest Boulevard Intersection to arrive here.

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