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5 Most Beautiful Parks to Visit in Istanbul



5 Most Beautiful Parks to Visit in Istanbul

A List of Beautiful Parks in Istanbul

There are many parks in Istanbul and this article gives a better  understanding for tourists who want to visit 5 most beautiful parks to visit in Istanbul. Interestingly, Istanbul is not really famous for its parks since it’s mostly offering unique building and structures. However, there are still a few places that people and tourists can lie down on grass and take a short rest. These parks are a good place to escape the hustle and bustle of main city and enjoy reconnecting with nature.


1. Maçka Park near Şişli Neighborhood

Turkey Travel Guide - Maçka Park is Located in Neighborhood of Maçka Near Nişantaşı

This tiny park in the classy neighborhood of Maçka, near fashion neighborhood of Nişantaşı and Şişli. Here you’ll find all the locals chatting, walking their dogs or jogging. The inner pathways are suitable for a run with many trees on the side. Also, the dog park at the front of the park a good place for dog owners to let them roam freely. Over a small bridge, you can take on the slanted part of the park. In the summer time you’ll see many people lying on the grass and enjoying themselves.


2. Sahil yolu Park on the Asian Side

5 Most Beautiful Parks to Visit in Istanbul - Sahil Yolu is A Good Place For Cycling As Well As Jogging

Although not a park entirely, the seaside of the Asian side that goes from Fenerbahçe to Bostancı is one of the best places for cycling as well as jogging. On the weekends, You can see that the grass areas are packed with people drinking beers and listening to music. Also, the Moda Sahili of Kadıköy, the Asian side, is a great place to take a walk by the water and enjoying the view.


3. Yıldız Park near Beşiktaş

5 Most Beautiful Parks to Visit in Istanbul - Yıldız Park Was A Private Park in The Ottoman Empire

Yıldız Park, formerly a forest, was a private park in the Ottoman empire. This is one of the Istanbul’s biggest urban parks and one of most beautiful parks in Istanbul. Yıldız is beautiful in the summer days where you can see many flowers as well as villas built by various Ottoman Sultans in that era. The Yıldız Park fee is free of charge at the moment.


4. Belgrad Forest in Sarıyer

Turkey Travel Guide - Belgrad Forest Offers Jogging Pathways And Picnic Sections

The best place to admire the beautiful trees is in Belgrad Park. You can find it about 15 kilometers outside Istanbul. In fact, you can buses that take you from Taksim if you do not own a car. While in there, you’ll find jogging pathways, picnic sections as well as a botanical garden that is open to the public.

This giant and massive jungle has more than 2 thousands foreign and native plant types. Tis is one of parks in Istanbul area that is open to cycling and camping on a larger scale. Belgrad Forest entrance fee currently is at 10 TL and you can get there using bus numbers 42HM, 42T, 42R, 42M and 153. The entrances are located on Sarıyer, Kemerburgaz and Bahçeköy sides


5. Emirgan Park in Sarıyer

5 Most Beautiful Parks to Visit in Istanbul - Emirgan Park is About 117 Acres in Size

Emirgan Park, also known as Emirgân Korusu by the locals, is one of the most beautiful parks to visit in Istanbul. The size of this park is about 117 acres which overlooks the Bosphorus. Here you can find many flora and fauna plants, gardens, jogging paths, as well as playgrounds for kids. The best time to visit here is in April when the Tulip Festival in full motion. The location of Emirgan Park is in the district of Sarıyer and the Emirgan Park entrance fee currently stands at 17 TL.

If you feel hungry after strolling in some of these parks in Istanbul, you can check out best restaurants in Taksim Square for some amazing food. These restaurants offer great Local Turkish cuisine as well as Arabian and international ones.

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