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Top Flea Markets in Ontario Canada

Top Flea Markets in Ontario Canada

List of Outdoor & Indoor Flea Markets in Ontario, Canada

Many flea markets in Ontario, Canada, started in the late 80s and began in the ’90s because of the influx of immigrants. The need for a place in order to purchase priced goods and produce was present in the Canadian culture, but they used the local market buildings, and unlike their neighboring country, the USA, they didn’t like the flea market style of market. That notion has changed over the years, but it still needs to be more widely found in Ontario. Here is a list of antique stores and flea markets in Ontario, Canada, for treasure hunters and those who want cheap, local, fresh produce.


Gibraltar Weekend Market in London, Ontario

Gibraltar Weekend Market is a Famous Flea Market in London Ontario - Indoor Flea Markets in Ontario Canada

Gibraltar Weekend Market is an indoor flea market in London, Ontario, which operates every Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This place has more than 70 vendors selling everything from clothes, collectibles, vintage crafts, food, and fresh produce. Similar to most flea markets in Canada, they began attracting vendors in the 90s, 1991 specifically, and with increased population density in that region, their business flourished. Now, after two decades of being in business, they are still going solid.


Dr Flea’s Flea Market in Etobicoke

Dr Flea's Flea Market Located in Etobicoke - Antique Stores in Ontario CAN

Brampton is an area with many immigrants who want to shop for cheaper items and fresh food. Over the years, many of these markets have moved slightly further in Etobicoke. Dr Flea’s Flea Market is a flea market near Brampton, Ontario; in the Etobicoke area, many people go there to shop for collectibles, clothing, and much more. Dr Flea’s Flea Market is also one of the oldest operating free flea markets in Ontario, which began its operation in 1987. locals claim that if you want the freshest produce at the lowest price, you need to visit the farmers’ market here. The operation hours are every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., located at 8 Westmore Driveway.


Mississauga Flea Market in Mississauga for Ethnic Shopping

Mississauga Flea Market is a Market Located in Mississauga Suitable for Ethnic Indian and Arab Shopping

Mississauga Flea Market is a new additional flea market in Mississauga, Ontario, where if you are looking for ethnic Arab and Indian food, clothing, and merchandise at reasonable prices, you will find it there. Most vendors here only accept cash, and even though the food is good here, the options are pretty limited. They are located at 3092 Mavis Road and are open every Weekend from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


One Of A Kind Antiques & Collectibles in Woodstock City

Antique Shops in Ontario Canada - One Of A Kind Antiques & Collectibles Located in Woodstock City

Built in a repurposed textile factory, One Of A Kind Antiques & Collectibles is a flea market in Woodstock, Ontario, that is a favorite among locals wanting to decorate their homes, looking for that one particular piece to complete their DIY design or want to find rare collectibles at reasonable prices. This shop is also one of the larger indoor flea markets in Ontario, covering an area of 80,000 square feet with more than five hundred vendors offering goods to customers. You can give them a visit from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.


Sanford & Son in Barrie in Central Ontario

Sanford & Son is Flea Market in Barrie Located in Central Ontario - Indoor Flea Market in Ontario

There are several antique stores and an automotive flea market in Barrie, Ontario, but Sanford & Son has been providing antiques and collectibles for decades. Sanford & Son is one of the dedicated indoor flea markets in Ontario that specializes in vintages, antiques, kitchenware, household decor, and arts. At any moment, there are over 100 dealers who place their merchandise in an orderly manner inside the store, and you can negotiate prices with the owner, even slightly! This shop is located at 272 Innisfil Street in the city of Barrie and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


2nd Chance Thrift Store in the City of Orillia in Simcoe County

2nd Chance is a Charity Thrift Store in the City of Orillia in Simcoe County - Charity Shops in Canada

The purpose of 2nd Chance is to give a second chance to the donated clothing and merchandise by good Samaritans in order to help homeless people and people in need. This charity shop is located in the city of Orillia in Simcoe County and is a thrift store in Ontario, Canada, that has very low prices in order to get rid of older merchandise and restock new ones. If you want to help them with more cash, you can even pay a bit extra to help with volunteers’ expenses and keep the store running. You can find the 2nd Chance Thrift Store along Gill Street by exiting from Antherley Road.


Aberfoyle Antique Market in Puslinch

Aberfoyle Antique Market Located in Puslinch - Best Outdoor Flea Markets in Ontario South of Guelph

Opened in 1961, Aberfoyle Antique Market is Ontario biggest flea market, with over a hundred vendors selling the most unique collectibles. This flea market is open every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. from the beginning of May all the way to the end of October, making it one of the largest outdoor flea markets in Ontario, Canada, with weekly changing dealers and numerous shoppers. The Aberfoyle Antique Market is at 57 Brock Road South, just Located south of Guelph. Moreover, parking is free here, and the admission fee is now $5 per person.


Stittsville’s Carp Road Flea Market in Ottawa

Stittsville's Carp Road is an Indoor Market for Collectibles - Flea Markets in Ottawa

Stittsville’s Carp is an Eastern Ontario flea market which is located in Ottawa, Ontario, along the Carp Road. This is one of those flea markets in Ontario that has been around every Sunday since 2005 and has gained a good following of treasure hunters and those who want to find good deals on many collectibles. There is also a dedicated Barbie Museum with a collection of vintage Barbies sold in good shape. Buyers can also find furniture and home decorations—tools, art, and clothing. As previously mentioned, they are open every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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