Best Souvenirs from Nepal

Top Gifts and Souvenirs from Nepal

Along with the many natural and cultural beauties, attractive souvenirs from Nepal, such as thangka paintings, handicrafts, and colorful ornaments, will make you more enthusiastic about this amazing country. When you travel to Nepal, a country cut through the heart by the mighty Himalayas, whose warm-hearted inhabitants welcome you and whose culture and tradition offer endless exploration, it is unlikely that you will return empty-handed. In Nepal, you can find and buy unique gifts and souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones, which are unique and not very costly.


Thangka Buddhist Painting

Best Souvenirs from Nepal - Purchasing Thangka Buddhist Painting

There are many tourists who travel to Nepal only to find Thangka paintings. Therefore, know that these souvenirs from Nepal are worth searching for and paying for. Thangkas are traditional paintings that are drawn on cotton or silk canvas and display the rich culture of this country, especially the Buddhist religion. The completion of these religious paintings may take six to eighteen months, depending on the dimensions and details of each design.


Singing Bowl for Prayers

Buying Singing Bowl for Prayers - Gift Shops in Nepal Sell These Singing Bowls for Prayers

One of the most attractive souvenirs from Nepal can be introduced as the “Singing bowl,” which you must see closely and be enchanted by its magical sound. This instrument, which is made in the form of a handmade metal bowl, produces a continuous and vibrating harmonic sound when its special mortar is drawn around the rim and performs its rotating motion. This vibration is said to have great healing properties and is great for meditation. The bowls are made in various sizes, and traditional bowls are hammered by at least three skilled artisans.


Nepali Handicrafts Made by Locals

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Nepal - Nepali Handicrafts Made by Locals

Handicrafts in Nepal range from statues of Hindu and Buddhist deities to carved wooden masks and puppets. Nepalese handicrafts are usually delicately crafted and add a new color to your wall and home décor. Just be sure not to buy antiques in Nepal, as taking them out of the country is illegal.


Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tibetan Prayer Flags - Made to Increase the Life, Luck, Wealth and Health of All Beings

In this country, you will definitely notice the colorful flags that are flying in important places all over the country. These colorful flags are Tibetan prayer flags that are believed to increase the life, luck, wealth, and health of all beings. People believe that when the wind blows on these flags, which have symbols and holy and fearful prayers written on them, spiritual waves are emitted from them, which are spread in the air like a silent prayer. These prayer flags are available to tourists in souvenir shops, and you can install them in your garden and remember this trip by seeing them.


Tibetan Jewelry Beautifully Made by Locals

Tibetan Jewelry - These Ready- Made jewelry are Available in Many Gift Shops in Kathmandu

There is no doubt that exquisite jewelry is appealing to many tourists, but you will not find anything more colorful and original than Nepali jewelry to bring joy to you. Beautiful jewelry souvenirs from Nepal include numerous artifacts made out of silver, gold, beads, semi-precious stones, lapis lazuli, etc., which you can buy ready-made or order your own special model or even buy beads and materials to make necklaces and bracelets.


Local Lokta Paper Products

Local Lokta Paper Products - Locally Made Papers Usually Used in Notebooks and Packets

Lokta paper is made from rice bran and is one of the interesting souvenirs from Nepal. In recent years, this industry has produced a lot of creativity, and you can find photo albums, paper chandeliers, wallpaper, and handbags with this paper. The most popular souvenirs from Lokta products are usually cultural calendars, notebooks, diaries, and gift boxes.


Nepali Pashmina Shawl

Nepali Pashmina Shawl Made from Goat Hair - Top Gifts and Souvenirs from Nepal

Nepal pashmina, which is mainly known as Kashmir the world, is considered one of the most luxurious natural fabrics in the world. This fabric is made from the soft hair of the mountain goat of the Tibetan Plateau. A soft and warm handmade shawl of this fabric will be a great gift for friends and family. These shawls always stay in fashion and can be used in any situation. In addition to shawls, you can also consider jackets, rugs, and pashmina blankets too.


Aromatic Mountain Tea

Aromatic Mountain Tea - Like Nepali Chiya Milk, Oolong And Earl Gray Tea

Nepali people love to drink tea, and you can find a variety of teas like oolong, Earl gray, green, masala, and white, usually packed in beautiful containers and perfect as gifts or souvenirs. Remember to order a cup of Nepali Chiya milk tea in restaurants and try its taste.

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