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Top Restaurants in Spokane Valley

Best Restaurants in Spokane Valley

Best Family Restaurants in Spokane Valley

Since its inception, this city has been a center of commerce, and diverse restaurants in Spokane Valley and even unique food in Spokane Valley are representations of the city’s welcoming nature and its amazing appreciation for quality international dishes. Here are some of the most loved places to dine in Spoken Valley in Washington for different styles and tastes.



Shamus’s Sandwich Shoppe on North Pines Road

Shamus's Sandwich Shoppe on North Pines Road a Spot to Have Reuben and Clam Chowder Sandwiches

Shamus’s Sandwich Shop comes to mind when it comes to having quality deli meats wrapped in hearty Italian or sourdough bread. This is because this sandwich store is placed among the best sandwich restaurants in Spokane Valley with locals. This family-owned institution has been serving the community for many years.
What makes them special is that you are guaranteed to have fresh meat in your sandwich, huge portions, the freshest of the bread, and also locally sourced beer and wine to wash down all those goodness. Most of the locals will go for the Reubens & pickles, but their clam chowder sandwich should not be overlooked. To find them, head to North Pines Center on North Pines Road next to East Desmet Avenue.



TT’s Old Iron Brewery and Bbq in Chester Neighborhood

TT’s Old Iron Brewery and Bbq is Located in Chester Neighborhood - Best Family Restaurants in Spokane Valley

Sometimes you might wonder where is the good old Southern-Style food in Spokane Valley and where you can find delicious BBQ in this city. Well, there are a few BBQ joints around, but TT’s Old Iron Brewery and BBQ take the prize for offering the highest quality BBQ and brews. Similar to what you get in the South, briskets, pork ribs, mac & cheese, cornbread, sausages, and turkey breast are always on the menu. They also have burgers if you do not have the appetite for the meat platters. You can find TT’s Old Iron Brewery and Bbq on South Bowdish Road in the Chester neighborhood.



Crimson Hearth Breakfast Restaurant on Sprague Avenue

Breakfast Restaurants in Spokane Valley - Crimson Hearth is Located on Sprague Avenue

Crimson Hearth has become a great addition to this city and slowly gained its place as one of the better breakfast restaurants in Spokane Valley. Starting with a humble as a majorly European style (Danish) breakfast diner, the menu has changed to cater more mainstream American breakfast diet like cinnamon rolls, crepes, egg & sausage muffins, as well as a heavier option; country fried steak. They also have healthier options like an avocado omelet and eggs Benedict. Make sure to visit them for a nice cup of coffee and delicious breakfast at East Sprague Avenue just after the Rosauers grocery store.


River City Pizza on East Sprague Avenue

River City Pizza on East Sprague Avenue Offers Heart Pizzas, Calzone and Stromboli

River City Pizza is more than a typical pizzeria because the flavors are more balanced, and the portions are very good for the price. In fact, if you order calzone or stromboli, they are heavily loaded with cheese, meat, and other toppings. The dough used here is aged properly, giving the pizzas a nice crust. They are located at number 102 East Sprague Avenue and accept both takeaways and dine-ins. However, to avoid getting disappointed, make sure to try dining-in options as sometimes the takeaway orders take a long time to arrive.


Le Brothers Vietnamese Restaurant

Le Brothers Vietnamese Restaurant a Good Spot for Pho, Pad Thai and Egg Rolls

At the end of the same avenue, Sprague Avenue, you will come across Le Brothers Vietnamese Eater, which many Asian food fans have nominated as one of the best Asian restaurants in Spokane Valley. Just a heads up, similar to many Asian restaurants, not everything on the menu is spectacular, and you need to know what you are going there for. Here, pho, egg rolls, Pad Thai, and noodle dishes are very nice, with good portions and reasonable prices. The staff is nice, and the place is roomy enough for indoor dining. Also, if you have any allergies, just tell the staff beforehand to avoid any unfortunate interactions.


Sushi House on East Trent Avenue

Sushi House on East Trent Avenue offers Large Sushi Boats and Sashimi Platters - Sushi Restaurants in Spokane Valley

Who doesn’t love sushi, in big portions and with many flavors? Sushi House has been among such sushi restaurants in Spokane Valley for those who want to eat a lot of different kinds of sushi and sashimi made from quality fish and prepared with care and attention. The bonus is that they also serve imported saki and Japanese beverages to complete the experience. Overall, this is a great spot in the valley for trying sushi and sashimi. Sushi House is located on East Trent Avenue, next to North Ella Road.



Mexican Food in Spokane Valley

There are a lot of great options for Mexican food in Spokane Valley, but below are some of the favorite spots where locals would like to go and dine in. There are other good Mexican restaurants, but these are the spots where you go if you want something more budget-friendly.



De Leon Foods Mexican Kitchen

De Leon Foods Mexican Kitchen Located near The Sullivan Square - Cheap Mexican Food in Spokane Valley

For more down-to-earth Mexican food in Spokane Valley, you should try the De Leon Foods Mexican Kitchen at East Sprague Avenue at Sullivan Square. This place is basically a whole food market for Mexican produce. A small kitchen is inside, cooking everything authentic Mexican in big portions.



Atilano’s Mexican Food near Walmart Supercenter

Located Along the Sullivan Road, Atilano's is Good for Taco and Burrito Mexican Food in Spokane Valley

Just along Sullivan Road, across the Walmart, Atilano’s Mexican Food invites hungry eaters to its doors. This place is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Spokane Valley for breakfast burritos and tacos. The ingredients are simple, and the flavors are very close to taquerias in California. This is a good spot to visit after shopping and eating tasty Mexican food.

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