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Top Restaurants in Airdrie

Top Restaurants in Airdrie

Best Restaurants in Airdrie

Airdrie is a cross-section town in the state of Calgary, and the Airdrie food and restaurants in Airdrie are a clear representation of that fact. You can get Western, South East Asian and Italian food here very easily. This town is a small place in Canada, and you mostly visit here if you cross any of the two highways of 567 and Queen Elizabeth II on your trip.


Old Town Pizza House Bar & Grill near Queen Elisabeth Highway

Top Restaurants in Airdrie - Old Town Pizza House Bar & Grill is Located on 216 Edmonton Trail, next to the Queen Elisabeth Highway.

Old Town Pizza House Bar & Grill is truly one of the best restaurants in Airdrie for very filling pizzas and comfort food. If you want to support the local business and eat great Western food at the same time, Old Town is the place you should visit. They are located at 216 Edmonton Trail, next to the Queen Elisabeth Highway.


Abe’s Diner for Home-Cooked Meals

Travel Guide Canada - Abe's Diner is Located At The Kingsview Market, East Side of The Ciy

You will find Abe’s Diner at the Kingsview Market, East side of the city. This is a modern and cozy eatery that opened its doors in 2015. In fact, this is the place to get home-cooked Airdrie food, which also tastes very good. They serve burgers, steaks, and other American and Western-style dishes. Moreover, there is a gluten-free option here, too, if your diet demands it.


Noodle King Located Close to Nose Creek

A Guide to Best Airdrie Food - Noodle King is on 2800 Main St Very Close to Nose Creek

Noodle King is one of the small franchises of Asian restaurants in Airdrie. They started serving customers in 2005 in Calgary and slowly opened a ranch in this city. They mostly cook Vietnamese cuisine, and their prices are very suitable for those looking to eat Asian dishes on a reasonable budget. Also, if you are a vegetarian, you have the most number of choices amongst the restaurants in this list. Furthermore, you can find Noodle King on 2800 Main St, which is very close to Nose Creek too.


Zenbu Japanese Restaurant

Zenbu is Located on 35 MacKenzie Way SW - Travel Guide Canada

Located on 35 MacKenzie Way SW, you can din in Zenbu for some delicious Japanese Airdrie food. Even though the place serves Korean and Japanese food, their prices are still very affordable. Also, their menu is extensive, and your options will include sushi, sashimi, hot plates, udon, and tempuras. If your diet is gluten-free and vegetarian, then you can enjoy foods here too.


Papa Murphy’s Pizza For Thin Crust Pizzas

Papa Murphy's Pizza is Located in 26 Market Blvd SE - Top Restaurants in Airdrie

Papa Murphy’s Pizza is another one of the pizza restaurants in Airdrie. They offer New York-style of pizzas all over Canada. Actually, they have been in business fairly long since 1981. Most of their pizzas are delicious, but they are famous for pepperoni pizza. Papa Murphy’s Pizza branch here is located at 26 Market Blvd SE.


Noodlebox Best For Vegan Food

Noodlebox is Located in 2821 Main Street SW - Top Restaurants in Airdrie

For Asian Airdrie food, Noodlebox is the place to go. They represent a healthy diet with Asian flavors in a box format with multiple options for your noodles. Furthermore, the story of this restaurant began in 200 in the Chinatown area of Victoria. Afterward, due to its popularity, it started opening more branches. There are other branches of this Asian fusion restaurant in other states and cities of Alberta as well. Their food is very delicious; however, not very filling. In fact, this Noodlebox is heaven for vegetarians who want to try something new. Head to 2821 Main Street SW if you want to dine in an amazing place.


Pizza Cottage South West Yankee Valley Blvd

Pizza Cottage is Found South West Yankee Valley Blvd - A Guide to Best Airdrie Food

If you seek some pizza and good quality Airdrie food, then head towards the South West Yankee Valley Blvd, then go to 8 St Avenue to find Pizza Cottage. They are open from just before noon until before midnight selling very budget pizzas. Their pizzas are nothing fancy; however, they are still delicious for the price. As for the side menu, you can order wings, fries, garlic bread, chicken strips, and salads.


Yum Yum Chicken & BBQ Korean Restaurant

A Guide to Best Airdrie Food - Yum Yum Chicken & BBQ Airdrie Specializes in Making Succulent Korean Style Chicken Dishes

Yum Yum Chicken & BBQ Airdrie is one of the only Korean restaurants in Airdrie that specializes in making succulent Korean-style chicken dishes. The nice thing about this Korean eatery is that it is better if you go there in a group and order food. The cost of the food will be substantially less as a result.

Another bonus point is that they offer great lunch deals as well. Even though they are serving Korean chicken meals, you can still get Burgers and BBQ Poutine meals as well. Overall, the place is in the budget category, and with its rice portions, you are sure to get your money’s worth here. You can find it in a small shopping mall of Jaffery Optical, NW of Veterans Boulevard.

If you want to explore more of the restaurants in Calgary then you are in luck. Calgary is increasingly becoming a more international place, and as a result, the food options grow accordingly. More people bring different cuisine from other cultures, and you can dine in them and support your local community.


Vegetarian and Vegan Airdrie Food Choices

Moody’s Mediterranean in Coopers Town Promenade Mall and Noodlebox is currently your best bet to find some tasty vegan and vegetarian Airdrie food for those that do not want to have meat in their food. These vegetarian restaurants in Airdrie normally need to be asked to provide you with those dietary options, so make sure to communicate well with them.

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