If you spend some time at the airport and notice any airplane, you will notice that most of the planes are white and only a small fraction of which represent the brand and logo of each airline. Here’s a list of the reasons why this color was chosen for the planes.



1. Heat


The first and foremost rule that is very useful in the lives of all people is the absorption of less light and heat by brighter colors, meaning that the lighter the color, the less heat absorbed. Aircraft makers who are about to move thousands of passengers on a airplane have used the law in the color design of the aircraft.

Because white is the brightest color among all the colors, it has a much lower heat absorption percentage than other colors, and because planes spend time at the airports to board the passengers, thus this color helps to absorb less heat generated by the sun on the plane’s surface.

Designers use white paint to minimize the heat absorbed by the aircraft body, and the likelihood of the aircraft engine absorbing heat and the chance of flame happening inside it. In addition, the white color of the airplane’s body rarely absorbs heat and if the aircraft body warms up at altitudes when it lands at the airport, the heat will quickly leaves it’s outer frame.


2. Wear & tear

Designers have used aluminum and other lightweight metal components to make these giant birds, most of them dark in color. The use of white color to paint the body of planes is to make these problems easily identifiable in the event of malfunctions, oil leaks and surface scratches.

Almost every single flight or several flights, the entire body is inspected and reviewed by experts to resolve the problem. The white paint on the body of the aircraft helps experts find these injuries and problems more easily and quickly.


3. Cost

As most airlines sell their products in white, the price of these products is also lowered. For this reason, products that sell in this color are cheaper and more likely to match the buyer’s branding.


4. Color degradation


White is the only color that does not change color under sunlight and has a better longevity than other colors. This color is used for aircraft because it is less susceptible to direct sunlight and is less likely to be damaged when it comes to long foreign flights than.


5. Environment

This has been so significant that in 2011 researchers did an investigating on the color used for the aircraft body. The result indicate that in terms of birds collision with aircraft, fewer birds hit the planes with white body color. This reflects the fact that birds distinguish white better and more comfortable in the sky than other colors.

Aviation is improving on a daily basis  and the comfort of flying is increasing as a result. Sometimes you cannot distinguish if it is an-airplane-or-a-modern-5-star-hotel. The inner part of the first class section is catering more and more to ultra wealthy and making them feel like they are already at an hotel prior reaching their destination.