Since the invention of the airplane until today, this mean of transportation has undergone many mechanical and service changes. The aircraft has been able to cover a large part of the many countrys’ foreign transport at unprecedented speed. Aircraft is one of the most popular and practical vehicles for long journeys. Imagine that the plane did not exist as a high-speed vehicle. What would have happened in the transportation industry? How long would have been a long journey?

Many travelers nowadays travel far and near without having to worry about speeds and facilities by preparing their own foreign tickets. Traveling by plane is not boring and tiresome, and it will bring speed to the table. Airplanes transport varying number of passengers depending on the type of aircraft. The more facilities provided by the airline, the higher the cost of foreign airfare. However, in the meantime, there are planes around the world that offer more services than conventional planes.

These planes have gone beyond all possible constraints to provide extra ordinary service in the aircraft. In most luxury airplanes around the world, we will find services comparable to 4 or 5 star hotels. What do you know about the world’s most luxurious aircraft? In this post we will discuss the features and capabilities of the most equipped and luxurious aircraft in the world. Of course, luxury onboard is not always the reason for the higher price. For this purpose, there are flights that can be booked at a lower price.


The Crystal Skye

The Crystal Skye is one of the world’s most equipped and luxurious aircraft manufactured by Boeing, except Boeing 777, and with the technical name of 777-200lr. Boeing is one of the most powerful aircraft manufacturing companies in the world. These planes are used by wealthy people for their trips. When booking an foreign ticket, there are no features we will mention here.

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The remarkable thing about The Crystal Skye is its unique architecture. The architecture of the airplane is such that it attracts the eye of every viewer. A very large lounge with super comfortable seating and a spacious dining room are the aircraft’s exterior features. The highlight of The Crystal Skye is having a very good cook inside and cooking fresh food with high quality ingredients. The ticket price for this plane is $18,000 per person. The aircraft has a capacity of about 88 people, which for this number of passengers there are super luxurious and comfortable seats available. The Crystal Skye is packed with amazing amenities like bath and toiletries, all kinds of luxury and upscale health care from the best cosmetics companies, large screen LCD TVs, satellite phones, free Wi-Fi offering the fastest speed, most intuitive headphones, 19 and a half hours of nonstop flight and world-class technology on the fly.