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Cheap Food in Rio De Janeiro



Cheap Food in Rio De Janeiro

Cheap Food in Rio De Janeiro

If you want to make an economic trip to Brazil, you should reduce food costs as much as possible and the best option is to try cheap food in Rio De Janeiro. You can lower your costs by traveling to Rio de Janeiro. Apart from cheap international food and fast food, there are also options in between that offer you some of the most famous traditional Brazilian dishes such as “Feijoada” and the famous Brazilian comfort food.


Rice & Meat Dish in Feira de São Cristóvão

Cheap Food in Rio De Janeiro - Feira de São Cristóvão to Eat Bahia Food & Products

The Feira Nordestina São Cristóvão is a large exhibition that showcases everything related to Bahia culture. Hundreds of booths at the fair sell Bahia products and food, and if you are looking for interesting souvenirs or familiarity with the life of the people of northeastern Brazil, this is an amazing place. You can also count on this place for a cheap and economical meal. You can buy a plate of dried meat, rice and beans for $9 at any restaurant you go to in here. This plate is enough for two people.


Italian Food in Spoletos

Cheap Food in Rio De Janeiro - Spoletos Best Place to Eat Italian Food & Pasta

Spoletos is a chain restaurant in Brazil that has introduced the concept of fast food to Italian cuisine. The idea of ​​this restaurant is simple: you choose your pasta, add your favorite sauce to it and complete it with compliments such as cheese, mushrooms, meat and vegetables. With just $5, you can make a variety of delicious combinations for yourself and enjoy an instant and cheap dinner.


Sandwiches in Cervantes

Cheap Food in Rio De Janeiro - Cervantes A French Baguette Sandwich With Meat & Pineapple

Cervantes sandwiches are legendary. Here a large slice of meat is placed between two slices of French baguette, a slice of pineapple and a slice of cheese. You will not find such a pleasant and cheap food anywhere. The restaurant is popular with locals for its long working hours and low food prices. You can buy one of its delicious sandwiches for $7.


Pizza Slices in Café e Bar Stalos

Café e Bar Stalos A Place For Pizza Slices - Cheap Food in Rio De Janeiro

Stalos is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you crave food after a night party, you can count on it. The food here is relatively cheap and the best option in terms of price is pizza. Thick but crispy dough, cream cheese and exciting ingredients on pizza will surely tempt you. A slice of this pizza costs only $4 and will satisfy you completely.


Feijoada in Bar do Mineiro

What to Do in Brazil - Bar do Mineiro A Famous Place to Eat Feijoada Dish

Bar do Mineiro is located in the heart of the bohemian neighborhood of Santa Teresa. Its attractive interior design with its paintings and black and white photos has made it one of the most famous food joints in Rio. Unofficially, the Feijoada dishes of this restaurant are one of the best in the city. Feijoada is a classic Brazilian stew that combines beans with a variety of meats and is served with rice, French lettuce and orange slices. This is one of the oldest Brazilian dishes and you can try it in Mineiro for $12.


Burgers at Comuna

What to Do in Brazil - Comuna A Place to Eat Delicious and Cheap Burgers

To taste one of the most delicious homemade burgers in town, head to Comuna in Botafogo. Every night many people come here and make their night with delicious and cheap drinks and burgers. Delicious burgers are very well known in Rio and you should definitely try them. The Comuna sells its burgers for about $8.

Also, you need to try going in one of 10 best bars in Rio De Janeiro after your food. These pubs are the place to hang out and make new friends as well as meeting new people and locals. You will really enjoy going to these pubs and have a great time.

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