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Best Cafes in Riverside CA



Best Cafes in Riverside CA

Most Favored Cafes in Riverside California

California has some of the best cafes in the country and some fantastic cafes in Riverside are part of these places. These cafes have beautiful designs, great coffee selections, good quality food and great prices. Here is a list of them.


The Riverside Airport Cafe at Riverside Municipal Airport

Best Breakfast Cafes in Riverside CA - The Riverside Airport Cafe Found at Riverside Municipal Airport

One of the most iconic cafes in Riverside is the Riverside Airport Cafe at Riverside Municipal Airport. This cafe has a patio that overlooks aircraft and the airport’s runway. This is an active airport and you can see planes taking off and landing often. This breakfast and lunch cafe is open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., with pleasant options and fantastic services. All the locals praise this cafe because of their lovely waitresses and good quality food. Make sure to give them a visit.


Crest Cafe in Canyon Crest Towne Centre

Crest Cafe located in Canyon Crest Towne Centre is a Great Place for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Located in Canyon Crest Towne Centre, you will see one of the loved family-owned cafes in Riverside, the Crest Cafe. Operating since 1994, this cafe has been providing a decent food menu throughout the day using high-quality ingredients. The breakfast menu in Crest Cafe includes pancakes, waffles, omelets and toasts. As for lunch and dinner, you can order sandwiches, burgers, steaks, seafood, pastas and salads with freshly brewed tea and coffee on the side on both menus. The easiest way to get to Crest Cafe is by car, but bus lanes 16 and 51 also stop there.



The Hideaway Cafe & Lounge in Riverside Downtown

Play Pool and Enjoy Drinks at The Hideaway Cafe & Lounge Located in Riverside Downtown

You might want to play pool and watch football matches on TV while sipping your coffee or beer, and one of the best cafes in Riverside is The Hideaway Cafe & Lounge. During the day and early hours of evening, this is an excellent place to enjoy quality drinks and bar food and if you stay longer towards the night hours, this place becomes a club. Overall, The Hideaway Cafe & Lounge is a good place to hang out and enjoy the company of friends and locals. This cafe is located in the heart of Riverside on Mission Inn Avenue. All major buses stop at the street behind the cross-section of University Avenue and Market Street, which is a minute’s walk away from there.


Twee Coffee on Magnolia Avenue

Twee Coffee Located on Magnolia Avenue - Best Coffee Shops in Riverside California

Twee Coffee is increasingly becoming one of the trendiest coffee shops in Riverside. This is a simple coffee shop with a calm atmosphere, homemade pastries, and reasonably priced coffee, tea, and matcha. Bus lane number 1 has a stop in front of Twee Coffee Shop.


Daily Brew Coffee House in Lincoln Plaza

Coffee Shops in Riverside Downtown in California - Daily Brew Coffee House in Lincoln Plaza

Located in Lincolns Plaza, on Van Buren Boulevard, Daily Brew Coffee House is one of the go-to coffee shops in Riverside, with some of the best pastries and waffles in town. The menu in Daily Brew Coffee House includes coffee, cold brews, tea, fruit juices, toasts, bagels and waffles. Buses 10 and 27 have stops near the entrance of Lincoln Plaza.


Flo’s Farmhouse Cafe on Van Buren Boulevard

Flo's Farmhouse Cafe Located on Van Buren Boulevard - Breakfast Cafes in Riverside California

Flo’s Farmhouse Cafe has some of the best gourmet and country dishes among the rest of the cafes on the Riverside. This cafe opened its doors in 1992 and is a family-owned and run business passionate about bringing customers joy. The menu is extensive here; you can find many options for breakfast, burgers, beverages( coffee, tea, juice, milkshakes), seafood, soups and salads. Though all their food offerings are tasty, they are famous for their homemade biscuit and gravy, pies, cinnamon rolls and fried chicken steaks.

The Flo’s Farmhouse Cafe is located in Van Buren Plaza along Van Buren Boulevard, very close to Walmart Super Center. There are ample car parks inside this plaza, but you can travel there by buses 13 and 21, which have stops in front of this plaza.

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