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Antique Shops & Flea Markets in Tampa

Antique Shops & Flea Markets in Tampa

List of Flea Markets in Tampa

There are many antique shops & flea markets in Tampa, Florida, especially in the Ybor City neighborhood. Tampa was and still is a major business center, and because of this, many people traveled here and brought many belongings with them in time. Those personal belongings are now part of the vast number of antiques that you can find in this city. You just need to look, and you will not be disappointed.



USF Bull Market inside Marshall Student Center

Florida Travel Tips - USF Bull Market is Part of University of South Florida

Bull Market is part of the University of South Florida. It is where student organizations, outside vendors, and non-profit organizations showcase their merchandise, both new & second-hand, as well as their services. This open-air market is just outside the South entrance of the Marshall Student Center and takes place every Wednesday from January until mid-April. Also, it is good to get here around 8 in the morning to experience most of this student operating market. You will never know that you might find some interesting antiques at low fairs here.


Stained Market Place on East 15th Avenue

Stained Market Place is At The North-end of The Famous Ybor City - Antique Shops & Flea Markets in Tampa

Found at the North-end of the famous Ybor City is Stained Market Place, which is also another one of the great flea markets in Tampa. This store is more like a warehouse where you will find many treasures, salvages, and antiques on every corner. They even have some items you can restore or repurpose as part of a simple DIY project. If you wish to know the new entries here, you need to follow their Instagram account.


Picker Place Market at E 2nd Ave

Antique Shops & Flea Markets in Tampa - Picker Place Market Sells old Americana Merchandise

Picker Place Market is the place to go and look for that old item you have always wanted. With many rustic products, vintage household items, and old American merchandise, you can spend hours searching for the right item to bring home. Most of the items here are in good shape, and if you think some of them need more care, they are more than happy to refurbish and clean them before selling them to you. Overall, this shop is near 7th Ave and might be the best for finding unique items.


Vintage Roost LLC Located at E 7th Ave

Vintage Roost LLC is Found in The Center of Ybor City - Antique Shops & Flea Markets in Tampa

Vintage Roost LLC is another great flea Market in Tampa in this list that is found in the center of Ybor City. It is good to know that if you are interested in giving them a visit, they are only open the 2nd & 4th weekend of the month. That would be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening. The staff operating here are always attentive and nod kindly, guiding you through the entire place.


Vintage Post Marketplace on N Florida Ave

Vintage Post Marketplace is Located in The Seminole Heights - Antique Shops & Flea Markets in Tampa

Located in Seminole Heights is Vintage Post Marketplace, where everything vintage from women’s fashion to repurposed home décor is waiting to find a new home. The building here used to be an old post office south of Hillsborough Ave. Now it has transformed into a loved antique store with quality selection in a very clean and well-organized fashion. They are open on the weekdays as well.


Schiller’s Architectural and Design Salvage on N Rome Ave

Schiller's Architectural and Design Salvage Open A Store Front in 2009 - Florida Travel Tips

Schiller’s Architectural and Design Salvage has a long history behind it as the owner, Larry, used to have his own collection of antique and salvage items, and then he decided to open a storefront in 2009. This is one of those flea markets in Tampa that is most suitable for those trying to decorate their home or private rooms with quality antique brass lighting or arched windows.

It is because of the owner’s immense knowledge of such items that he will only keep what is worth keeping and will add to the value of the place. Every week you go, there are new items added to the collection, so make sure to give them a visit often. They are only closed on Sundays.

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