Amazing Thailand Beaches

Amazing Thailand Beaches

Top Thailand Beaches

Thailand’s beaches are the main part of the country’s attraction, and in this post, we are looking at the best beaches in Thailand in terms of beauty and accessibility. Thailand has a very long coastline, and that is why it is said that some of the most attractive beaches in the world belong to a group of Thailand beaches. There are hundreds of small and large islands in Thailand located near its many beaches. Some are formed along the coast, and others in rivers and lakes. This country is a collection of hundreds of beautiful islands attracting many foreign travelers to Phuket and Ko Samui.


Kata Beach Located South of Phuket

Kata Beach is Located in The South of Phuket - Asia Travel Guide

This sandy beach is in the south of Phuket, and it is arguably one of the top Thailand beaches for foreign travelers. Also, one of the reasons for Phuket’s fame and popularity is this Kata Beach. This unique and magical beach comes with absolute tranquility with palm trees, hot water, and beautiful scenery where you can enjoy some time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is the beach where you can absolutely relax and unwind and receive positive vibes from the sea and the forest here. Also, some of the most famous festivals in Thailand are held on this beach.


Lamai Beach a Great Place for Swimmers

Amazing Thailand Beaches - Lamai Beach is Truly One of The Best Beaches in Thailand For All Ages

In addition to Bangkok, you can go to the beaches of Koh Samui and visit these beautiful beaches and some of your vacation time there because you can easily reach them by flight. Also, this is a good place for photographers who are looking to capture the beautiful scenery. Furthermore, if you like swimming, this is a great place to do so too, as well as some entertainment on the beach for others. On this beach, you can rest under the shade of palm trees and enjoy the wind breeze too. This is truly one of the best beaches in Thailand for all ages.


Hua Hin Beach for Fantastic View of The Sea

Amazing Thailand Beaches - Hua Hin Beach is One of The Best Tourist Attractions in The Country

Hua Hin is one of the more beautiful Thailand beaches, which is very easy to access from Bangkok and is one of the best tourist attractions in the country. This is the place where many tourists come to spend their holidays and get some fantastic views of the sea. It is easy to swim here, and of course, it is very suitable for families where they can enjoy exciting water and beach activities.


Bottle Beach in Koh Phangan

Asia Travel Tips - Bottle Beach is Suitable for Backpackers And Budget Tourists

Koh Phangan Island is one of the most popular travel destinations & best beaches in Thailand for backpackers and budget tourists who love to have a good time. This is the island where you should go if you want to party. There are many beaches on the island, one of the most beautiful and calm of Bottle Beach. The only way to reach this beach is to use a boat from Chaloklum.


Haad Sai Daeng in The Koh Samui Archipelago

Asia Travel Guide - Haad Sai Daeng is in the Koh Samui Archipelago

Koh Tao Island is one of the smallest islands in the Koh Samui Archipelago but is still very famous. Also, Koh Tao Island is known as Turtle Island. There are many corals around this island which are considered the wonders of this island. In addition, diving on the island is relatively cheap, which is why those who want to get a diving experience are welcome to visit here.

This island comes with an eye-catching beach. And, like other Thailand beaches, it has many beautiful parts, the most attractive of which is Haad Sai Daeng. This beach is great for snorkeling, and there are many corals nearby that are really attractive for any tourist to see. In addition, there is a series of sea turtles around this beach that, if you are lucky, you can see them while diving and swim next to them.


Railay Beach in Krabi

Railay Beach is For Those Looking For Adventure And Excitement - Amazing Thailand Beaches

If you are looking for adventure and excitement, be sure to go on your trip to Railay Beach in Krabi. This is another one of the famous Thailand beaches which you might see its picture on some postcards. The access to this beach is only done by boat, which makes it more secluded and peaceful. Here, you can swim in the clear waters of this beach while enjoying the magnificent view of the surrounding rocks. In fact, since giant rocks surround this beach, it is a very suitable place for people who are interested in mountaineering and where they can climb without restrictions and then jump into the sea.


Phra Nang Cave Beach Located in Krabi Region

Phra nang Cave Beach is Good For Rock-Climbing - Best Beaches in Thailand For Travelers

Krabi has always been attractive to tourists, and this attraction has several different reasons. The city has attractive nightlife; on the other hand, Krabi rocks attract many rock climbers from all over the world. However, it is Krabi beaches, Phi Phi Islands in particular, that have made this city popular, which you can dig further into by reading the best beaches in Phi Phi Islands article. The best beaches of Krabi are accessible only by boat. The bay consists of 4 main beaches. The most attractive beach here is Phra Nang Cave Beach which houses one of the most famous temples in Thailand. Also you can try rock-climbing here as well.


Freedom Beach in Andaman Sea

Freedom Beach is a Short Drive Away From The Touristic Area of Patong - Best Beaches in Thailand For Travelers

Phuket is the jewel of the Andaman Sea and one of the most attractive Thai cities to experience a beach trip. Out of all the beaches in Phuket, Freedom Beach is better than the rest because of its general view and cleanliness. It is definitely one of the best beaches in Thailand. This beach is a short drive away from the tourist area of Patong.


Cities for Best Beaches in Thailand

Tourists can find the best beaches in Thailand in Phuket, Krabi, Trang Province, Ko Chang, and Surat Thani Districts. These are the location that, in most parts, have their own airports and ports to ease travel from abroad. For instance, Surat Thani has some of the most beautiful Thailand beaches, and the district itself has a lot to offer in terms of leisure and nightlife.

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