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Top 5 Bakeries in New York

Top 5 Bakeries in New York

Famous Bakeries in New York

For many tourists, NY cakes are must-tries. For that, visit an NYC bakery shop. Therefore, here are the top 5 bakeries in New York to give you the satisfaction you cannot get anywhere else. The fantastic thing about New York is that almost every corner has a bakery offering some of the best bread or pastries you will not have elsewhere. However, at only a few places across the city, you can find one-of-a-kind bread, pastries, and sweet cakes. Hence, these top 5 bakeries in New York offer unique cakes and bread that are exclusive to them, giving you a memorable taste for life.



1. Bien Cuit French Bakery

Bakeries in New York - Bien Cuit is a NYC Bakery

Bien Cuit means well-baked in the French language. As a French NYC bakery, Bien Cuit, started in 2011, is one of the best bakeries in New York that offers lovely whole grain bread loaves, baguettes, and pastries. The Bien Cuit branches operate from Smith Street, Franklin Avenue, Grand Central Terminal, and Butterfield Market.


2. Magnolia Bakery Specializes in Puddings and Cupcakes

NYC Bakery - Magnolia Bakery - ny cakes

Magnolia Bakery is an NYC bakery specializing in NY cakes and puddings. Also, they have nice bread and cupcakes here. In fact, the frosting they use on their cakes has more texture. Unlike many other bakeries, you will not only taste sugar when biting into the cake. It is good to know that Magnolia Bakery has a few branches throughout the city. In fact, you can find Magnolia Bakery stores in the Upper East Side as well as the Lower Manhattan area.


3. Levain Bakery for Cookies and Scones

NYC Bakery - Levain Bakery ny cakes

Levain Bakery is another one of the bakeries in New York that you can find in the Upper West Side part of Manhattan. Also, Levain Bakery mainly offers its customers chocolate cookies. It has very nice NY cakes and pastries you can buy and have with coffee. Their cookies are a bit on the gooey side, giving them a nice texture that is almost unique to Levain Bakery. Other branches of Levain Bakery operate from Haarlem and 74th Street.


4. Carlo’s Bakery located on 8th Avenue

Top 5 Bakeries in New York - Carlo's Bakery

Carlo’s Bakery is near Times Square and Madame Tussauds Museum in New York. This shop has rainbow Ny cakes, cannoli, and many types of cookies. Carlo’s Bakery is not specific to NC and operates across the United States. It is good to know that this bakery is pricy because it caters to tourists, but they have still maintained the quality of what they offer. The easiest way to get to Carlo’s Bakery is getting off at 42 St – Port Authority Bus Terminal subway station.



5. Martha’s Country Bakery with branches in Queens and Brooklyn

Top 5 Bakeries in New York - Martha's Country Bakery - ny cakes

Martha’s is an NYC Bakery that operates from a few locations in New York. The most famous branches of Martha’s bakery are located at Astoria and Bayside in both Queens and Brooklyn. In fact, Martha’s bakery specializes in NY cakes. However, they sell other pastries, such as pies and puddings too. Some of their most beloved offerings include cheesecakes, chocolate mousse cake, delicious shortcakes, and rainbow cookies. Make sure to sit down and have a coffee with your pastry here on the provided seats outside. Most customers prefer to have the cakes and bring them home.

For a more savory taste, if you are on a budget, try to have a look at best pizzas in New York for low budgets. These pizzas cost mostly around 1 to 2 Dollars and are very good for tourists who want to try Italian pizza with a New York Flavor on the cheap.

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