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Best Cheap Bars in Dublin



Best Cheap Bars in Dublin

Best Cheap Bars in Dublin

There are a few best cheap bars in Dublin listed here that will not break the bank when you go out. For visitors to Dublin, the famous nightlife is a major part of its appeal. However, as Europe’s 8th most expensive city, it can be costly to drink in here. These institutions still retain the old fashion way of what Irish pub looks like with offering some modern cocktails and draughts.



Cheap Bars Dublin - O’Reilly's Provides Special Offer Throughout The Week

O’Reilly’s Sub Lounge has an impressive amount of special offers all week. Moreover, O’Reilly’s is one of cheap bars Dublin indigenous locals love to spend weekdays in. On Mondays offers are crazy like jagerbombs €2.50, shots costing €1 as well as a pitcher of Jack Daniels and Coke for just €13.


The Portobello Bar

Ireland Travel Tips - The Portobello Bar A Modern And Comfortable Good For Overlooking The Canal

This bar is one of the most unique cheap bars in Dublin’s riverside Portobello area. The bar at the Portobello Hotel is modern and comfortable and good for overlooking the canal. This famous pub serves €4 pints and beers. Also, you can pick up a meal and a pint for €10.


The Confession Box


Cheap Bars Dublin - The Confession Box is Where You Can Grab Quality Drinks

The Confession Box is one of few cheap bars Dublin visitors can go to grab quality drinks here. In this bar, a pint of Guinness €4.5 every day. Also, for €6 you can get a glass of wine of red or white. In addition, if you love sprits, they have vodka shots for €4.5 as well as other drinks including Jack Daniels for €4 every day. They also have live music on selected days as well.


The Porterhouse

Cheap Bars in Dublin - The Porterhouse is The First Pub Brewery in Town

The Porterhouse is one of finest cheap bars in Dublin. This bar is Dublin’s first pub brewery, and they sell their own delicious stouts, ales, lagers and specialty beers, like chocolate truffle porter. Also, the Porterhouse offers daily bottled beer specials for just €4.


Dicey’s Garden

Ireland Travel Tips - Dicey’s Garden Offers Drinks And Food Which Are Fairly Priced

Dicey’s is one of the of the cheap bars Dublin locals would visit often. Also, It’s one of the most fairly priced, with drinks promotions like ‘Dicey’s Mondays’, where all pints are just €2 before closing and bar food is just €5.

If you are in Dublin, it is worth trying out some of the best Irish desserts that can go well with Guinness beer or a cup of coffee. These desserts are unique to Ireland and surely al taste very delicious. They do not cost a lot and can fill you up for the day while traveling there.

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