Best Wollongong Cafes

Best Wollongong Cafes

Top Wollongong Cafes with a Beautiful View

Because of its proximity to the South Pacific Ocean, Wollongong cafes and restaurants have some of the best views in the region. Also, since the population demographic is younger, they are more health conscious and the food served here is less oily, has more vegan and vegetarian offerings and the coffee is also freshly brewed on a daily basis. The coffee in Wollongong is sourced from different continents but is roasted locally.



Yachties’ Cafe near the Wollongong Fishing Harbour

Best Wollongong Cafes near the Beach - Yachties' Cafe lcoated near the Wollongong Fishing Harbour

Yachties’ Cafe is one of those magnificent Wollongong cafes with a view that is located near the Wollongong Fishing Harbour and the Breakwater Lighthouse. Yachties’ Cafe is one of the cafes at Wollongong Beach that is part of Wollongong Yacht Club but has reasonably reasonable prices. The menu here is simple, with coffee, hot chocolate, tea, donuts, bacon, and egg sandwiches. They are open from 7 in the morning until 4 p.m. and are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Longboard Cafe near the Wollongong Beach

Longboard Cafe near the Wollongong Beach with Short distance to the Beach

One of the best cafes Wollongong Beach offers is the Longboard Cafe, located a stone’s throw away from the beach. Because of this Cafe’s location, the prices might be slightly over the rest but it is still good for both breakfast and lunch near the beach on a sunny day.


Lili J Coffee Shop at Corner of the Corrimal Street

Lili J Coffee Shop at Corner of the Corrimal Street - Gourmet Food and Coffee in Wollongong

You can get one of the best coffee in Wollongong at the corner of Corrimal Street, near the Bank Street intersection, at Lili J Coffee Shop. Started in 2016 as a relatively modest family business, this coffee shop has grown to be part of the coffee community in the city. The facade of the building might look a bit rundown but the atmosphere inside is very relaxing and most importantly, they are very pet-friendly and have dog treats inside as well. Lili J Coffee Shop’s menu is very simplistic. It includes breakfast items like bacon, egg rolls, pancakes, toast, burgers, and sandwiches. The coffee here is using good quality local beans and tastes very pleasant.


Café Léchappé close to the Wollongong Beach

Café Léchappé Locatedclose to the Wollongong Beach - Wollongong Cafes with a Beautiful View

One of the best cafes in Wollongong for lunch meals, which is located close to Wollongong Beach on Keira Street, is the Café Léchappé. This place is very cozy and is also very bike-friendly. Make sure to try their bacon & egg roll, as the bun is just wonderful. The good thing is that there is a short walk to the beach from here, too, so you can get your coffee from Café Léchappé and head to the beach.


Lettuce B. Frank for Vegan Food at Crown Street

Lettuce B. Frank for Vegan Food at Crown Street - Vegan Cafe Food in New South Wales

One of the most health-conscious Wollongong cafes is the Lettuce B. Frank is located at 337 Crown Street. All the menu items here are healthy, including vegan and vegetarian options. Some of the most famous items you can order from the menu here are acai bowls, muffins, specialty coffee, fries, steaks and Halloumi Stack. As for the prices, they are on the medium spectrum, but the quality is second to no other.


Buck’s Cafe near the Harbour

Buck's Cafe Located very near to the Harbour - Breakfast Cafes in Wollongong

Walking near the harbor, you will encounter a tiny cafe called Buck’s Cafe. This is one of the Wollongong cafes famous for its generous breakfast options and lovely husband and wife owners who run it professionally and with great joy. The atmosphere here is very pleasant and the food menu includes items like salads, omelettes, bacon and eggs and some pastries. The coffee is brewed fresh and the prices are cheap for both drinks and the food. You can find them at 11 Stewart Street, just outside WIN Stadium. The “Illawarra Performing Arts Centre” bus stop is the best option to get off if you travel via public buses.

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