Top 10 Beaches And Islands in Portugal

Top 10 Beaches And Islands in Portugal

Famous Islands in Portugal

Portugal is a country with exceptional landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and a rich heritage; where tourists can visit the top beaches and islands in Portugal to enjoy the most spectacular, exciting cities like Lisbon and Avery here. Although spending time in Portugal is a great idea, you can explore other parts of the country, like its fantastic beaches as well as islands besides the mainland. The best islands and beaches in Portugal can be found off the coast of the Algarve, the Azores, and Madeira in the Atlantic.


1. Ilha de Armona a Place to Relax

Top 10 Beaches And Islands in Portugal - Ilha de Armona is Very Popular With Tourists

Algarve region is popular with tourists, but people traveling to the area are less likely to visit the south of Armona Island. Armona is on the coastline and very easy to reach by boat. However, the area is a car-free zone, keeping you away from the bustling urban life. It is truly one of the more remote islands in Portugal. The beautiful beaches of Armona are a dream destination for people looking for sun, sand, sea, and heat. Armona still has an authentic atmosphere, with cobblestone streets and Moorish architecture. That means Armona is a great place to relax.


2. Faial Island on Atlantic Ocean

 - Top 10 Beaches And Islands in Portugal

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there is a set of independent islands belonging to Portugal. Faial Island is also part of the islands in Portugal in the Azores complex, known as the Blue Island among well-known individuals. There are three main attractions on the island. One of the attractions is the volcanic craters, the other is the city of Horta, and the third is the beach that is found here. The best way to experience the Faial volcanic origin is to visit Caldeira do Faial, which is located near the island. In Horta, you can experience the delicious Portuguese cuisine and admire the ships at the harbor.


3. São Jorge Part of Azores

Top 10 Beaches And Islands in Portugal - Sao Jorge is Another one of isle of The Azores

Another isle of the Azores in the Atlantic is Sao Jorge. The island is long, thin, and narrow, with large coral reefs that give it a beautiful view. Traditionally, there are many mountains, valleys, and cliffs, but they are uninhabitable. Today the island is a great place for hiking. Those looking for more adventure can explore Bocas do Fogo and Montoso Caves. Sao Jorge Island is a dream destination for people who love to eat fresh food. You can enjoy cheeses made from fresh cow’s milk here.


4. Porto Santo Island on North Atlantic

Top 10 Beaches And Islands in Portugal - is Located North of Madeira in North Atlantic

North of Madeira in the North Atlantic, you can find Porto Santo Island. The island’s main attractions are its beaches. In the area, you can find more than four miles of pristine sandy beach. Porto Santo offers visitors several historic sites, including the former home of Christopher Columbus.

You can also visit the 16th-century Paços do Concelho, which is a city hall and a beautiful palace. You can also visit the fifteenth-century church in this area. Other popular entertainment to enjoy on the island of Porto Santo includes golf and hiking at the highest point of the area known as Pico da Facho.


5. São Miguel Island with Hot Springs

São Miguel Island is An amazing Island in The Azores - Famous Islands in Portugal

Another amazing islands in Portugal in the Azores is the island of Sao Miguel, which is the largest island in the chain. If you are traveling by air and by flight to the Azores, you may land at the largest airport in the city of Ponta Delgada, where volcanic craters and springs are scattered throughout the area. After a day of activity, you can relax in the famous Ponta da Ferraria hot springs. The island of Sao Miguel is also known for its dolphins and whales that live there. You can use the boat tour to visit different places around the island.


6. Ilha da Tavira Known as Tavira Island

Top 10 Beaches And Islands in Portugal - Ilha da Tavira (Tavira Island) is Located off The South Coast of Portugal

Just a few hundred meters off the south coast of Portugal is an island called Ilha da Tavira. The island, accessible only by boat, is one of the best islands in Portugal. Also, it is usually crowded on hot and sunny days, and travelers travel to the area for sunbathing and swimming. You can see beautiful landscapes and eye-catching views as you stroll along the beach. There are many fine restaurants in the area that you can enjoy as well.


7. Pico Island The Tallest Mountain in Portugal

Pico Island is Located Along The North Atlantic Ocean - Top 10 Beaches And Islands in Portugal

Along the North Atlantic Ocean, there is an island called Pico, which hosts the beautiful Pico Mountains. This mountain is more than a simple mountain. Pico is not only the tallest mountain in the Azure complex but also the tallest in Portugal.

Climbing the summit of the mountain takes about two hours. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can watch the beautiful sunset. From the summit of Pico, you can see other islands. It hosts the largest man-made pool in the world, with amazing depth, and is great for swimming.


8. Terceira Island with Beautiful Landscapes

Europe Travel Tips - Terceira Island is The Third Largest Island in The Azores

The third largest island in the Azores complex, in the North Atlantic Ocean, there is an island known as Terceira. The island is less developed compared to other islands in Portugal, and its architecture still belongs to the local economy. Angra do Heroismo hosts some colonial architecture, but the island’s real attraction is its eye-catching tourist activities and landscapes.

You can relax on the sands of the Praia de Vitoria beach or take a tour of the Algar do Carvão and Gruta do Natal. The island hosts a beautiful and mesmerizing castle called Castelo de São João Batista, which the Spanish and Portuguese fought over. At the São Mateus Island fishing village, you can sample authentic and delicious local dishes as well.


9. Flores Island Known as Yellow Island

Flores Island is Also is Known as Yellow Island And Has Poco do Bacalhao Waterfall - Europe Travel Tips

In the western Azores, Flores Island is known as Yellow Island in the list of islands in Portugal. Flores is named after the many-colored flowers in the area. This area’s scenery is glorious and has deep and beautiful valleys. Formed basalt columns called Rocha dos Bordões is the largest attraction in the area, but you can relax and enjoy the calm volcanic lakes in the area. Also, the island has various waterfalls, such as Poco do Bacalhao.


10. Madeira with Botanical Gardens

Europe Travel Tips - Madeira is Known As Island of The Botanical Gardens And The pearl of The Atlantic

It is an island nicknamed the Island of the botanical gardens and the Pearl of the Atlantic, which is known to have many attractions. Madeira, located in the Atlantic Ocean, became a Portuguese colony in the fifteenth century. Today, the island is among the well-known islands in Portugal that combines history with leisure.

If you go to this area, you can see Levadas dating back to the 15th century. There is also a wooden church in the area dating back to the 15th century. The main tower of the island is a beautiful attraction with beautiful scenery, colorful gardens, enchanting forests as well as beautiful mountains.

If you are already in Portugal, try visiting attractions in Northern Portugal where there are many historic sites as well as magnificent beaches and coastlines, which are very good travel places for summer vacations. These areas offer a tremendous amount of tourist activities that will bring joy to you that you will soon.

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