Best Restaurants in Mackay Queensland

Best Restaurants in Mackay Queensland

Restaurants in Mackay for Dinner

Restaurants in Mackay provide a great place to fill up stomachs for those who come to see the Bluewater Lagoon, water park, and Harbour Beach in Mackay. The city of Mackay is on the east coast of Australia, and it is a great place to see koalas, tour the local rainforest as well as some visiting parts of the Great Barrier Reef.


Hot Wok for Southeast Asian Food

Best Restaurants in Mackay Queensland - Hot Wok is Located in Macalister Street

Hot Wok is one of the top Southeast Asian restaurants in Mackay, which is located on Macalister Street. Also, there is another express takeaway restaurant just next to it on Nelson Street. No matter what you choose from their menu, the owners always use the freshest ingredients. This eatery crushes the stigma that Asian food is made out of cheap ingredients. Most of the menu items include Chinese and Thai dishes. Also, most of the single dishes hover below 20 AUD. However, if you order their family or group dishes, you can expect to pay much less individually when you share the meals. The service is amazing, and make sure to try their crispy beef and Pad Thai meals


Sorbellos Italian Restaurant on Victoria Street

Sorbellos Italian Restaurant is Serving the Mackay CBD Community - Australia Travel Tips

Sorbellos Italian Restaurant is a family-run business that has been serving the Mackay CBD community quality Italian cuisine as well as amazing wines since 1996. Other than great Italian dishes, they are very famous with locals for their great vintage wines and also their amazing cocktails. What makes Sorbellos Italian Restaurant a great price to dine is its affordable prices, delicious seafood, homemade pasta, Italian thin-crust pizzas, and tender steaks. Moreover, their lunch & dinner menus are extensive, and there are food choices for everyone, including vegetarians and those on gluten-free diets. The location of this Italian eatery is 166 Victoria Street, very close to Bluewater Quay Park & Pioneer River.


The Bavarian Mackay inside Caneland Central Mall

The Bavarian Mackay is Part of Pacific Concepts Company - Best Restaurants in Mackay Queensland

The Bavarian is one of the best family-friendly German restaurants in Mackay. This restaurant is part of a dining concept from Pacific Concepts company that tries to introduce new and exciting flavors to Australia and New Zealand. As the name suggests, you get to eat Bavarian meals and beers, mostly from the Bavarian part of Germany. Some of the popular menu options include schnitzels, German sausages, pork belly & knuckles, and baked pretzels. Together with their imported German beers, all you get to enjoy eating is affordable and delicious. You can find The Bavarian Caneland Central Shopping Center near Pioneer River.


Roshni Indian Restaurant near Pioneer River

Best Restaurants in Mackay Queensland - Roshni Indian Restaurant is A Very Stylish Restaurant

Roshni Indian Restaurant is a more modern spectrum of Indian restaurants in Mackay. Even though they operate from a modern and very stylish restaurant, their prices are still reasonable. Also, Roshni Indian Restaurant is a family-run institution that has also become one of the best restaurants in the country in recent years. If you wish to introduce your friends or family members to Indian cuisine, Roshni is the right place.


Creperie Restaurant on Gregory Street

Creperie Restaurant is Located in Gregory Street - Travel Guide Australia

Located on Gregory Street, Creperie Restaurant is where families should go for sun fun times with kids. Even though crepes are generally very light meals, you can get fill them with meat, chicken, seafood, and even vegetables inside. Also, for the kids, they can have toppings like chocolate or ice cream and many more dessert options.


Il Bacco Italian dining located on Brisbane Street

Il Bacco Italian dining Offers Italian Porchetta, Beer And Wine - Mackay Food Guide

Il Bacco Italian dining is another one of the good Italian restaurants in Mackay, which is located at 31 Brisbane Street. This is the place to have the most authentic and best Italian food experience you can have in this city. Their traditional Italian cuisine is what they specialize in, especially Duck Ragu for the main meal and traditional Tiramisu for dessert. Also, make sure to try their imported Porchetta beer and wine selections as well.

If you love to experience the same atmosphere similar to Mackay, then you should have a trip to Wollongong. In fact, restaurants in Wollongong have some of the best seafood offerings south of Sydney, in a city best known for its surfing and its coastlines.

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