Most Beautiful Lakes in Austria

Most Beautiful Lakes in Austria

Famous Lakes in Austria

Austria is a landlocked country. However, the most beautiful lakes in Austria make it a popular summer swimming and water sports destination. Although Austria has no access to the sea from any side, the issue of its lack of access to open waters has been offset by some beautiful and spectacular lakes. You will see amazing lakes with clear waters and sandy beaches with alpine mountains in the background here.


Achen Lake

Most Beautiful Lakes in Austria - Lake is Located in Tyrol And Has Calm Waters in Summer

Achensee is truly one of lakes in Austria which is located in Tyrol. With its calm waters in summer is an attractive center for travelers coming here from the surrounding villages. Swimming, boating, and windsurfing are just a few of the many water sports common on Lake Achen Lake, known for its excellent water quality.


Millstätter See

Most Beautiful Lakes in Austria - Millstätter See A Popular Holiday And Swimming Destination

Millstätter See is a popular holiday and swimming destination in Austria’s southernmost province, Carinthia. Also, this place boasts clear and warm waters during the summer months.



Most Beautiful Lakes in Austria - Gosauseen Located Near Dachstein mMountains

Located beneath the Dachstein mountains and the rugged peaks of Mount Gosaukamm, this beautiful lake is part of the three lakes in Upper Austria. Walking and hiking around Gosauseen is very popular here, and fishermen are regularly seen along the lake waters.



Most Beautiful Lakes in Austria - Hallstatt Lake is Near The Oldest Village in The Country

Hallstatt is one of the most attractive and oldest villages in Austria. As a result, you can find one of the most magnificent lakes in Austria here. The clear waters of Hallstatt Lake are also ideal for boating and swimming.



Most Beautiful Lakes in Austria - Irrsee Good For Water Sports in Summer

Lake Irrsee is located near Lake Mondsee. The calm, clear, and transparent waters of this lake attract fans of all kinds of water sports in summer.


Lake Neusiedl

Most Beautiful Lakes in Austria - Lake Neusiedl A Paradise for Migrating Birds

Lake Neusiedl is the largest inland basin in Central Europe, located on the border between Austria and Hungary. Due to the high density of reeds, this lake is a paradise for birds that rest around the shore when migrating. There are several beautiful cities around the waters of this lake, the most important of which are Illmitz, Podersdorf am See, and Weiden.



What to Do in Europe - Salfains An Unknown Place Near The Senderstal Area

This amazing area, which can only be seen by navigating the Senderstal area, is unknown to tourists. Although Lake Salfains itself is not so amazing, the reflection of amazing mountains in its water encourages you to climb them.



Most Beautiful Lakes in Austria - Weissensee Becomes A Spectacular Skating Rink

The Weissensee has stunningly clear waters that remind us of a swimming pool. Therefore, it is very difficult not to be tempted to take a dip in Lake Weissensee. The surface of the Weissensee freezes during the colder months of the year, turning this beautiful lake into a natural and spectacular skating rink.



What to Do in Europe - Traunsee Houses Austrian Version of The Loch Ness monster

According to legend, Lake Traunsee is home to the Austrian version of the Loch Ness monster named Lungy. The lake has a north-south orientation with a length of almost 12 km and a maximum width of only 2.9 km. The average. Most of the lake has a depth of 95 meters. Also, important places on the shore are Gmunden in the north, Ebensee in the south, and Altmünster in the west. The eastern shore is home to a small population.



What to Do in Europe - Mondsee A Famous Lake Which is Also Known As The Moon Lake

Mondsee, which means “Moon Lake” in English, is one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria. The exact location of Mondsee Lake is located in the northern part of Salzkammergut and southwest of Attersee Lake. The border between Salzburg and Upper Austria runs along the southern shore, and the MondSeeLand includes the Mondsee and the smaller lake of the Irrsee. They are very different in size and landscape.

The Mondsee attracts sports and culture enthusiasts and is a meeting point when it comes to culinary enjoyment. On the Irrsee, on the contrary, it is quiet and nice to lie down there. With its undeveloped bays, flower fields, and immense biodiversity, the Irrsee is an attractive nature reserve.

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