Çeşme Town in Turkey

Çeşme town in Turkey

Things to Do in Çeşme in Turkey

Most travelers know Turkey only by Istanbul and Antalya, unaware that there are other cities in the country, such as Çeşme town in Turkey, which can be a good destination for travel. In this article, we are going explore further the city of Çeşme in Turkey, which is one of the most attractive and interesting places in Turkey. If you see what this city has to offer, perhaps your next destination in Turkey will be Çeşme.


The historical monuments of Çeşme

Çeşme Town in Turkey - The historical monuments of Çeşme The Best is ION

The city of Çeşme in Turkey is located 93 km from Izmir and 180 km from Kuşadası, and next to it is the sea city called Aegean, where tourists usually choose to enjoy their summertime there. In addition to all the recreational attractions that exist in this city, there are also some very interesting historical monuments in this Turkish city that we suggest you visit.

One of such ancient sites in the city of Çeşme is an ancient city called ION, located 15 km north of Çeşme, is one of the historical sites you can visit. Another historic city east of the Turkish city of Çeşme is called Erythral, ​​and its origin dates back to a thousand years ago. The ancient city of Erythral was discovered in one of the villages of Çeşme in Turkey called “Ildiri.” Moreover, the city’s ancient historical sources include the Çeşme Castle dating back to Ottoman times, its many springs, caravanserais as well as its ancient urban architecture. This city is the best option for cultural entertainment in Turkey.

Also, there are small sculptures that were found in one of the hills in the middle of the city during the Acropolis excavations. These statues were once known as the temple of Athena Pallas. One of the most important artifacts from the excavations is housed in the Izmir Archaeological Museum and is a sculpture from the Archaic period.


Entertainment in Çeşme

Çeşme Town in Turkey - Entertainment in Çeşme With International Music Festival

The best time to visit the city of Çeşme in Turkey is in summer. Therefore, it’s best to buy your plane ticket in the month of July.

The International Music Festival is held annually in Çeşme, which is one of the most popular festivals among the Turkish people. Another benefit of traveling to the city of Çeşme in July is that most of the famous Turkish actors and singers come to Çeşme town of, Turkey, and you can hit two birds with one stone where you can have fun as well as seeing famous Turkish actors.

5 km east of the city of Çeşme in Turkey, there is a resort called Ilıca, which is a great place to relax and do some water sports. There are many hot and cold springs in this region, and Çeşme takes its name from the springs of this region in the Turkish language. In the past, the city of Çeşme was a place for the rich people of Izmir who used to come here during the hot seasons, but today all tourists and Turkish people spend their holidays in Çeşme, Turkey. Swimming in the waters of the Aegean Sea in the hot summer weather and using the healing properties of the spring water will definitely be an enjoyable experience.


Surfing in Çeşme

Çeşme Town in Turkey - Surfing in Çeşme Has An Annual Surfing Festival

In addition to exploring Çeşme’s natural beauty, as well as its many available springs, you can also go surfing in Çeşme as well. There is no end to the winds in the city of Çeşme in Turkey, and this is a very good situation for surfers. For surfing, you can go to the Alaçatı, and if you don’t know how to surf, don’t worry at all, because several surfing schools have been opened in Alaçatı so that those who are interested in this water sport can get the necessary training as well. It is important to know that there is an annual surfing festival in this area, which is even more exciting to watch.


Çeşme Water Park

Çeşme Town in Turkey - Çeşme Water Park Best Option For Water Sports

After visiting the historical cities as well as the natural spring waters, you can go to its water park. Oasis is a water park with various pools, restaurants, and exciting playground equipment that will keep travelers entertained for hours. This park is one of the best options for some water sports and good times.


Ancient Roman Ruins of Ephesus

Çeşme Town in Turkey - Ancient Roman Ruins of Ephesus An Amphitheater

Another attraction that you can visit in the city of Çeşme is the ancient Roman ruins of Ephesus. This charming old town is located half an hour’s drive from Çeşme, but it is a good site to explore. Ephesus is actually an amphitheater with a historic structure built in an open space. The museum has a strange feeling for visitors, and tourists feel that they are in ancient Greece when they walk inside the ruins.


Visiting the island of Chios in Çeşme

Attractions in Izmir - Visiting the island of Chios in Çeşme A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Another area we suggest visiting in the Turkish city of Çeşme is the island of Chios. The island is part of Greece and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, so it can be a very attractive and spectacular option when traveling to the city of Çeşme.


Shopping in Çeşme

Attractions in Izmir - Shopping in Çeşme Happens Saturdays in Alaçatı District

Spring markets of Çeşme in Turkey are very popular here. Therefore, we suggest that you never miss the pleasure of shopping in these markets. The market is held on Saturdays in the Alaçatı district. In these markets, you can buy a variety of fruits, vegetables, traditional and local handicrafts, as well as clothes and home appliances.

The sightseeing in this market is a pleasure, if you get tired of walking, you can relax in one of the cafes and have a cup of tea. Also, the fruits of the spring are very sweet and tasty, and its famous melon tangerine is worth tasting too. Photography is one of the most fun pastimes for people on a trip, so don’t forget to take some photos of these markets as well.

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