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Best of Belgrade Souvenirs



Best of Belgrade Souvenirs

The Most Famous Belgrade Souvenirs

There are many places in Serbia to buy souvenirs but in the capital, Belgrade souvenirs include most you can grab to understand the local culture and grab yourself something unique to bring back to your home country. Siberia is full of culture; through time, many other Balk countries have influenced this former Yugoslavian country. Some of the Serbian souvenirs resemble Turkish sweets, some were brought from Germania and many are the product of the local culture, which has existed in this part of the world for a very long time.



Pirot Carpets and Rugs

Pirot Carpets and Rugs Made with Beautiful Colors and Patterns - Famous Belgrade Souvenirs

Originating from the city of Pirot, these rugs are generally handmade and come with unique patterns and shapes. These patterns represent the culture and day-to-day aspects of Serbian people. It is good to know that the use of these rugs was more common but because of modernization and the tedious nature of making them, they are now more widely used than before. However, with the effort of many entrepreneurs, the popularity of these rugs has increased and they have become one of the more famous Belgrade souvenirs, especially for foreign travelers. One of the best areas to buy these Pirot carpets is the Kneza Mihaila, where some specialty carpet shops are available along this street.


Traditional Leather Opanci Shoes

Best Belgrade Souvenirs - Traditional Leather Opanci Shoes Part of National Folk Clothes

These leather shows are among the most unique Serbia souvenirs you can bring home. These shows with a horn tip were initially made for peasants working the streets of Serbia. Over the years, with the arrival of more comfortable and safer shoes, the popularity of these shows dropped; these days, they are rarely worn by adults. They are now just part of the culture of Serbia.

Some other traditional clothes that locals wear during ceremonies are very similar to the folk clothes of Russia and other Balkan countries, though with varied names.


The Roasted Red Pepper Sauce of Ajvar

The Roasted Red Pepper Sauce of Ajvar - Delicious Serbia Souvenirs

The dipping sauce of Ajvar is one of the most delicious Belgrade souvenirs as it is similar to Guacamole dip but made from roasted sweet bell peppers. This side dish is generally served with roasted vegetables and sometimes Serbs use it as spread on flat white toast breads. Sometimes, you can even have it as a condiment for meat dishes like roasted beef or chicken. You can grab a glass jar of Ajvar from any convenience store or large supermarket across Belgrade.


The Serbian National Hat or Šajkača

The Serbian National Hat or Šajkača Worb by Soldiers and Countryside Peasants

The Serbian Šajkača hat has its origins in the countryside of Šumadija, where the peasants wore them on a daily basis. During World War I, soldiers started wearing this hat, which has remained part of the military gear since then, though with some changes. This hat is one of Serbia souvenirs that showcases the patriotism and culture of Serbia and is available in various iterations and sizes. You can also find these hats in most of the souvenir shops.


Čuture Flask for Rakija Drink

Čuture Flask used for Containing Rakija Drink 0r Water which is Made of Wood

Čuture is basically a wooden storage bottle shaped like an old-fashioned flask, specially designed for rakija drink or sometimes water. The Serbian Čuture is one of those Belgrade Souvenirs, which is unique as there are woodcarvings and pictures printed on the front of it. Some stores even offer personalizing the shape you want, making it even more personal to bring home.


Licitar Heart-Shaped Cakes

Licitars are Serbia Souvenirs that are Heart-Shaped Cakes suitable for Mostly Decorations

The Licitars are cakes shaped like hearts and decorated with many attractive designs. Even though they are made with dough and taste like gingerbread, many people keep them as decorative items. These cakes will make great Belgrade souvenirs as they are handmade and can be given to loved ones from other countries. These Licitar cakes are found all over the city, specialty in confectionery shops in the city center.

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