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Top Breakfast Places in Lima



Top Breakfast Places in Lima

Peruvians really aren’t into breakfast and they just skip it and have a quick bite outside. Most restaurants in Peru don’t open doors until noon. Therefore it can be hard to find a place to get breakfast. Here is a list of the best places to have breakfast before noon in Lima.



Mangos Restaurante

Top Breakfast Places in Lima

This restaurant has a beautiful view of the ocean. Mangos is located in Miraflore’s mall Lacomar, near the Pacific Ocean. Also, on a sunny day you can see people surfing below the restaurant while you’re eating your breakfast.


La Panetteria

Top Breakfast Places in Lima

This coffee shop is very small and you can easily miss it. However, it’s very pretty and it’s worth looking for. It is in Barranco’s Street Grau, which is very close to the main plaza. Also, this is Lima’s best bakery and a great place to enjoy a breakfast as well as coffee before starting your day.

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