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Cheapest Destinations for Iranians Traveling Abroad

Cheapest destinations for Iranians traveling abroad

Budget Friendly Destinations for Iranians

This article explains further the cheapest destinations for Iranians traveling abroad that is both cost friendly and less hectic. Foreign travel is the ever-present dream of curious travelers who want to explore different nations around the world. But the high cost of overseas trips due to the high exchange rate and the currency value depreciation has not made traveling abroad possible for many tourism lovers. However, that is not the end of the story, as travelers eager to travel abroad can find the cheapest foreign destinations with a little research and start their exciting journey.


Trip to Dubai, the Closest Country to Iran

Traveling to Dubai, one of the closest countries to the Persian Gulf, is one of the great destinations for Iranians. It is a complete package for Iranian leisure and travel, plus it provides good conditions to buy from the world’s top brands at best and cheapest prices due to seasonal holidays.


Best Time to Travel to Dubai

As for the best time to travel to Dubai, it’s best to keep in mind that summer is the hottest time of the year in Dubai, so travel costs are lower than in other seasons. For this reason, if you have opted for a cheap overseas trip to Dubai, you should opt for summer.

Cheapest Destinations for Iranians Traveling Abroad - Best time to Travel to Dubai


Trip to Beirut, Attractive Capital of Lebanon

Beirut is a small, beautiful city in Lebanon that has attracted a great deal of tourists in recent years due to advances in tourism. This port and industrial city is very close to our country and, therefore, attractive to travelers visiting Turkey, Dubai, and Armenia.
The cost of traveling to Lebanon and sightseeing in Beirut is cheaper than other popular tourist destinations, with an average tourist cost of $240 per day, which includes everything, such as hotel accommodation and meals.


Cheapest Destinations for Iranians Traveling Abroad - Trip to Beirut, The Attractive Capital of Lebanon

Best Time to Travel to Beirut

Beirut is generally a city that is attractive to tourists all year round. The city has created the perfect setting for a four-season run from winter to Christmas to summer and art festivals. But if you’re planning to cut back on your spending, you can reduce your spending by choosing the Beirut trips in February and March. There are some top cafés in Beirut that make your journey worthwhile. These places are good locations to hang out and enjoy the city and its people.


Travel to Ankara; An Attractive Destination

Ankara is undoubtedly one of the most attractive destinations for Iranians because Turkey is more loved by the people of our country than other neighboring countries, given its cultural features in common with Iran.

Traveling to Ankara in spring and summer reaches its peak, but if you are one of those who would like to travel to Ankara at the cheapest possible time, I suggest considering late summer for your itinerary. This is because Turkish shopping malls have summer auctions during this time, so travelers can return to Iran by cheap shopping in Ankara shopping malls.

If you are going to Ankara for the first time, I would suggest you choose the Ankara Tour for your trip as the overall cost of the tour is much more economical than the free travel and in addition, you can travel all over the city and see Ankara’s tourist attractions free of charge and enjoy the ultimate in travel.


Cheapest Destinations for Iranians Traveling Abroad - Travel to Ankara, An Attractive Destination


Travel to Baku, The Most Special Foreign Country

Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is one of the nearest popular tourist destinations for Iranians who like to enjoy a low-cost, enjoyable trip abroad. Due to its close culture with the Iranian people, it has made Iranian travelers an attractive destination.

Most Iranians choose Baku as their preferred destination for Nowruz, as all the customs of Nowruz and the beginning of spring in the Republic of Azerbaijan also apply. For this reason, many Iranians choose their friendly neighboring country for their Nowruz trip.


Land Trip to Georgia and Armenia

Land travel is another of the most attractive types of travel that costs less than air travel. In that respect, Armenia and Georgia are great destinations for Iranians partaking in this way of traveling. By choosing this type of travel, you can easily travel to countries like Georgia and Armenia and enjoy the pleasure of traveling abroad at the lowest cost. Of course, traveling to neighboring countries in low-travel seasons, such as winter, can reduce travel costs by purchasing last-minute tickets and special tours and keep the enjoyable experience of traveling overseas.

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