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8 Best Budget Friendly Michelin Restaurants in Paris



8 Best Budget Friendly Michelin Restaurants in Paris

8 Best Budget Friendly Michelin Restaurants in Paris

Many people think that experiencing high end meal is out of touch. But these 8 best budget friendly Michelin restaurants in Paris can make bring you such food whiteout really costing a lot. It is good to know that France has more Michelin star restaurants than any other place in the world. Also, the fact that Paris houses a quarter of them is no surprise. However, is the cost of the dishes is not cheap. Most of the time you need to pay hefty prices for a small meal. However, if you still want to experience some of the Michelin star restaurants in Paris on a budget, this article is for you. Here you can try some of these classy restaurants which are less pricey than the rest.



1. Septime

8 Best Budget Friendly Michelin Restaurants in Paris - Septime is Located on The Rue de Charonne

Septime is the place to visit on the Rue de Charonne. Further, getting a reservation here is a challenge. However the food and the vibe here worth the wait since the food fresh and modern.


2. La Table d’Eugène

8 Best Budget Friendly Michelin Restaurants in Paris - La Table d'Eugène Refreshes its Menu Every 10 Days

The menu here is refreshed every 10 days and they use unique herbs, vegetables, as well as poultry grown in small producers farms. The 5 course menu is sublime but if you can spend more you should try the 8 course option as well.


3. Garance

8 Best Budget Friendly Michelin Restaurants in Paris - Garance is Nearby Les Invalides

Les Fables de la Fontaine is cozier one of Michelin restaurants in Paris. You can find this restaurant not far from Les Invalides. The dining experience is all about unique design as well as clean flavors. Without a drink, lunch menus begins at affordable prices with dinner deal at almost €70.


4. La Truffière

France Food Guide - La Truffière is Suitable For High End Wine And Seafood Lovers

This restaurant has a reputation for high end wine lovers as well as seafood and cheese. You can try this restaurant’s 3 course main menu at an affordable price.


5. Les Fables de la Fontaine

8 Best Budget Friendly Michelin Restaurants in Paris - Les Fables de la Fontaine is Good For French Seafood

Les Fables de la Fontaine is another one of main Micheline restaurants in Paris which is famous for seafood. The seafood on offer here are reinvented classic dishes from the French Riviera and the kitchens of Nice. The weekday lunch menu is fantastic and the Menu Carte Blanche is a must try.


6. Benoit

France Food Guide - Benoit is A French Bistro And is in Business Since 1912

Benoit has a lot of stories to tell. It is in business since 1912 and it is the only Parisian bistro to be in the Michelin Guide.  The vibe is always welcoming and warm and the design of red velvet gives it a memorable feel. You can find French cuisine classics here and the lunch menu is a reasonable offering for tourists.


7. La Table du 11

8 Best Budget Friendly Michelin Restaurants in Paris - La Table du 11 Has A Cozy Atmosphere And An Open Kitchen

La Table du 11 is one of the best Michelin restaurants in Paris. It is a restaurant with a cozy atmosphere as well as an open kitchen. This restaurant makes the perfect end as well as midday break to a day trip visiting the Palace of Versailles.


8. Saturne

France Food Guide - Saturne is Famous For Simplicity As Well As Quality

This place puts value over simplicity as well as quality more than anything else. The products they use are all organic. Also, their food on the menu is on high quality each day, and they do not do any trickery with their dishes. The restaurant is famous with the white color people.

If you specifically want to try seafood, it is worth checking out the top seafood restaurants in Paris. These restaurants offer great quality seafood in French way. Also, their prices are in the same range of other average restaurants in the city.

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