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Best Attractions in Jamaica



Best Attractions in Jamaica

Best Attractions in Jamaica

Tourist attractions in Jamaica are one of the most famous destinations in the world. To visit the best attractions in Jamaica you should head towards the sea. This small Caribbean island has many beautiful, natural wonders that you really need to see at least once. Here are the best attractions to see if your stay is short in this country.



Luminous Lagoon

Best Attractions in Jamaica - Luminous Lagoon is One of 3 Luminous in The World

The lagoon is located in Falmouth and it is one of 3 in the world. This Luminous Lagoon is a beautiful natural wonder and one of best attractions in Jamaica. This water is a lagoon by day and then lights up by night. The unique phenomenon is because of its microorganisms that glow at night, giving the lagoon a luminous effect.


Sunken Pirate City

Tourist Attractions in Jamaica - Sunken Pirate City Belonged to The Port Royal

Sunken Pirate City is one of many naval tourist attractions in Jamaica. It is suitable for those visitors who know how to dive and like to see underwater statues. Due to massive earthquake of 1692, most of the Port Royal was destroyed and some part of it went 40 feet underwater. You can dive here and explore the sunken city by yourself.


Rick’s Cafe

Tourist Attractions in Jamaica - Rick's Cafe is Located in Negril Offering Good Cocktails

Rick’s Cafe is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jamaica. This restaurant and bar, in Negril, offer good cocktails as well as food. However, tourists go there to jump off the 35-foot high cliff and to enjoy the beautiful view of Negril sunset.


Blue Lagoon

Caribbean Travel Guide - Blue Lagoon is Located in Portland And is Around 200 Feet Deep

The Blue Lagoon in Portland of Jamaica is one of the most unique and best attractions in Jamaica for nature lovers. The lagoon is around 200 feet deep and has clear blue waters. You can enjoy diving into the lagoon or swinging on the tree rope vines here.


Frenchinman’s Cove

Caribbean Travel Guide - Frenchinman’s Cove Beach is Part of the Frenchman’s Cove Resort

Frenchman’s Cove beach is one of the most beautiful beaches worldwide and is part of the Frenchman’s Cove Resort. The beach has fantastic white sand and blue waters that bring visitors to Jamaica all year round. Also, there is a 3-star hotel nearby is you like to stay on this beach.

Another Caribbean place you can visit is Haiti. Since this country is not very big, to see the best attractions in Haiti you do not need to travel very far. However, the country is not particularly safe and going to place with a trusted guide is advised.

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