Top Restaurants in Kazan

Top Restaurants in Kazan

Best Restaurants in Kazan Russia

Restaurants in Kazan include a diverse mix of cuisines from different countries and expose travelers to a new world of different flavors. One of the best features of this city is the rich culture of the food it serves to its guests. In fact, Tartar cuisine reflects all cultures from Tatar and European to Russian and Eastern parts. In Kazan, you can find all kinds of restaurants with glamorous decorations, traditional dishes, or dishes with original seasonings according to your taste.


Priyut Kholostyaka Located in an Old Mansion

Priyut Kholostyaka - Best Restaurants in Kazan Russia

Priyut Kholostyaka is on the most beautiful street in the city and in an old mansion that dates back to the 1800s, making it one of the oldest operating restaurants in Kazan. This restaurant may not be the cheapest option here, but its impeccable service and large food portions make it a lovely choice. Furthermore, Priyot Kholostyaka restaurant, along with a lounge, is located in the basement of this mansion. The old, attractive cellar with its arched arch gives this place a sense of coziness and pleasant comfort. Here you can taste the most delicious modern European cuisine available in this city.


Malabar Indian Restaurant With Authentic Indian Food

Malabar Indian Restaurants in Kazan

Malabar is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Kazan with both locals and tourists and has friendly staff and a pleasant environment. This lively and passionate place cooks Indian food. Like most Russian restaurants serving a certain style of food, Malabar is beautifully decorated with lights and dazzling decorations. The oriental style of the restaurant, which is full of colorful decorations, sculptures, and Indian symbols, will captivate you as much as its food. Also, you will find a variety of vegetarian dishes on the Malabar menu, along with stuffed fish, fresh vegetables, fragrant rice, and curry sauces. The menu is written in both English and Russian.


Pashmir For an Exquisite Dining Experience


For an exquisite restaurant experience with a modern atmosphere, you should visit Pashmir, where you can try various authentic oriental dishes and flavors in an extremely stylish building. This expensive restaurant has a summer terrace, too, where you can relax, smoke hookah and enjoy eating while watching the Kaban Lake. Pashmir has brought together a collection of the best chefs in Tashkent to prepare the most delicious Uzbek and Tatar dishes and serve them in a stylish European style.


Rubai (Рубаи) for Pure Uzbek style Dishes


Rubai is good for all occasions; whether you have a business or romantic date, or just that you have decided to spend a night with friends or family, Rubai is the best option. This restaurant has three branches that serve different customers. Therefore, visiting a venue that matches your type of need is better.

All three restaurants are decorated in Uzbek style, and the restaurant staff are dressed in the same style. It is good to try the shashlik or their various seafood dishes there. Also, they have a wide selection of meals for vegetarians as well. Sometimes they have a live dance too where you can enjoy watching oriental dance while eating your food.


Chernovar A Good Place with Lively Music


Chernovar is inspired by Czech restaurants with live music and a variety of drinks and is more like a bar than a restaurant. However, this restaurant serves a variety of seafood, barbecue, as well as Czech dishes such as goulash. Although the menu of this restaurant is extensive, it has only a few choices for vegetarians. With all that, Cernovar is one lively restaurant in Kazan to create a dreamy night out of a simple dinner.


Tatarskaya Usadba with a Beautiful Summer Terrace

Tatarskaya Usadba

Tatarskaya Usadba, or Tatar House, is part of a beautiful restaurant hotel. The summer terrace of Tatarskaya is the best part of a restaurant in Kazan to dine, with beautiful chandeliers, comfortable chairs, and a unique view of Kaban Lakes. Also, various Tatar and European dishes are prepared in the kitchen of this restaurant. Therefore here you will have many choices for dining. Other VIP Halls and banquet rooms depend on the occasion on which you can dine in them.

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