Amazing Destinations in South China

Amazing destinations in South China

Beautiful Destinations in South China

China is home to more than a billion people, and you can find spectacular attractions all over it, especially amazing destinations in South China. However, running this huge country can be a big challenge. In southern China, you will find modern cities, high mountains, wealthy communities, beautiful ancient villages, old cemeteries, and stunning lakes. If you travel to South China when in this country, you will see the best of this country.

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Lugu Lake with magnificent Coastal Views

Lugu Lake is Approximately 2,700 Meters Above Sea Level - Amazing Destinations in South China

This charming and beautiful lake is one of the main destinations in South China, located approximately 2,700 meters (9000 feet) above sea level. To get here, you have to climb the old winding road, and the first moment of the lake visit will leave you in complete admiration for the place. The wooded hills flow out of the massive waters while the small towns are close to the shores. The unique culture around the village near this lake attracts tourists, making it worth your time.

Macau The Gambling City of Asia

Amazing Destinations in South China - Macau Was A Portuguese Colony For More Than 300 Years

Macau is truly one of the major gambling destinations in South China, and it is often referred to Vegas of China. Moreover, Macau was a Portuguese colony for more than 300 years, and you can see evidence of it throughout the city. Temples of ancient China paved the way in the streets of traditional Portuguese tiles to create a stunning companionship between both cultures. And you will find these coexisting cultures in every corner of the city. The colonial buildings are right next to the lively casinos and modern boutiques. You can eat traditional Chinese food, Portuguese food, or a fusion of the two civilizations in Macau.


Lijiang Ancient Town to Experience Old China

Lijiang Ancient Town is One of The Four Remaining Ancient Cities - Amazing Destinations in South China

Lijiang Ancient Town is one of the four remaining ancient destinations in South China. The sidewalks of the streets lead you to the stone bridges that flow through the noisy water wheels. After spending time admiring the gigantic fishes in the water channels, you will find that the ancient streets are filled with shops, family hotels, restaurants, and bars. But the city has not lost any of its old charm. The four main streets from Sifang Street Square in the city center are connected to a network of alleys with more than 350 bridges.


Dali near The Erhai Lake

Amazing Destinations in South China - Dali Was A Hangout Place For Travelers

Not too long ago, Dali was a hangout place for travelers. It was a kind of commemoration destination in South China for travelers in Western China to spend a few weeks in Erhai Lake. But now, the miserable travelers of the ancient past have been replaced by the rapidly growing middle-class and wealthy Chinese travelers. While the influx of domestic tourists has exploded in Dalí over the course of the year, still the Bai ethnic minority in Dalí has a good life everyday life. And there are many things to explore in the mountains above Erhai Lake, where you can easily eat, drink, and party with Chinese tourists as well.


Guilin Accommodating Shanhu and Ronghu Lakes

Guilin Has Two Lakes of Shanhu and Ronghu - Amazing Destinations in South China

There is a medieval moat in the city of Guilin waiting for you. Local boats are still operating in the waterways connecting the two lakes of the city, the Shanhu and Ronghu. The temples of the sun and the moon light up on the shores of Shanhu Lake to fill the illumination of the romantic limestone mountain sights to showcase the landscape. This beautiful but old city is a gateway to Guangzhou. The city is full of modern amenities, and many locals speak English too.


Kunming Town on The Banks of Green Lake

Asia Travel Tips - Kunming is A Quiet And Comfortable Town on Green Lake

Kunming is a quiet and comfortable town on Green Lake. Tourists often know it as the best living city in China, where it is extremely relaxing. And this enjoyable city is near some beautiful temples, and the national parks are like rock forest where it offers breathtaking landscape. Bamboo Buddhist Temple is full of beautiful statues, while the Yuantong Temple stands over Dian Lake. But like many destinations in South China, old neighborhoods are interspersed with modern shops, and traffic has become a new problem. Still, Kunming is still a friendly, relaxing, and unique city in China.


Longji Rice Terraces in Guangxi Province

Asia Travel Tips - Longji Rice Terraces Are Like A Giant Beautiful Amphitheater

There is certainly something spiritual about gazing at the rice terraces. All these works of art engraved on the ground produce basic Chinese rice. Something elemental from the inside makes you feel good and look at the prospect of a simple human connection with Earth. Longji terrace water pools gently reflect sunlight as the stems of the rice plant glow yellow during harvest time. Rice terraces are like giant amphitheater that takes the land far beyond what the eye can see.


Yangshuo County with View of Karst mountains

Yangshuo County Offers An Incredible View of The Karst Mountains - Asia Travel Tips

Entering Yangshuo County is a step into another world. This beautiful stretch of land is an incredible part of the karst mountains and one of the most visited destinations in South China. You will be overwhelmed by the romantic Green Lotus Peak and even more impressed when you realize there is a walkway to its peak.

The main tourist city of Guangxi has grown a bit in recent years. You can hear the loud music from the clubs after sunset, and you have to make your way through the crowd of photographers and selfie people to reach the city itself, but you can still access the silent upstairs cafés to relax away from the crowd. As the day ends, you can drive dreamy bamboo boats or wander among the magical alleys outside Yangshuo City as the scenery becomes more breathtaking.

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