Top Attractions in Prague

Best Attractions in Prague

Some of the most essential attractions in Prague include the historical monuments, the Old Square and various churches built through the Kingdom eras. Suppose you are looking for a relaxing time. In that case, you can visit one of the parks in Prague, where nature is primarily untouched. Yet, there are amenities for travelers to feel comfortable.


Prague Castle in the Hradcany Square

Prague Castle located in the Hradcany Square - Best Attractions in Prague

Prague Castle resembles a small town in the middle of a large city. This castle has several streets and three enclosures. Visitors enter the first part by the “Hradcany Square” entrance, where you can observe the uniformed palace guard changing ceremony during the hourly “Changing of the Royal Guard” routine. There is a lavish Baroque gate known as the Matthias Gate between the first and second enclosures, which contains the Shrine of the Holy Cross and a central fountain.

One of the most popular attractions in Prague is the Palace in Hradcany. Within the boundaries of this castle are several well-known tourist destinations in Prague, including St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Church, Powder Tower, Old Royal Palace, and Golden Lane. The Prague Castle tickets will cost travelers around $12 for adults and half for children.


Municipality House or the Obecní Dům

Municipality House or the Obecní Dům - Best Opera Houses in The World

The Municipal House, one of the most popular attractions in Prague, is situated in “Republic Square” and has colorful windows, murals, and intricate brickwork with golden accents on the façade. The Smetana Hall, illuminated by hundreds of lights and furnished with frescoes, is accessible through a marble staircase.

Choose to eat at its restaurant or cafe. You will unavoidably pay more than you would elsewhere, given the area where this building is located and its historical significance. The “Czech National Symphony Orchestra” also performs at Smetana Hall, where you can get tickets and attend some of its events. The Municipal Building Prague tickets will set you around $13 per adult and $11 per child.


Klementinum Library near Old Town Bridge Tower

Klementinum Library Located near Old Town Bridge Tower - One of Best Libraries in The World

One of the largest libraries and historic script collections in Prague is Klementinum. The massive collection here has more than 6 million volumes, all of which were produced in the Czech Republic. A hall with a stunning ceiling is this library’s standout feature. The astronomical tower measures 68 meters long, with a spectacular view of Prague and a gorgeous mirror with a finely crafted frame. All these beauties make Klementium another one of the sought-after attractions in Prague. It is good to know that Jazz and classical music performances are also held at this historical building. The Klementinum tickets are currently priced at $10 per individual.



Places to Visit in Prague for Solo Travelers

The places to visit in Prague mentioned below are most suitable for those traveling alone. But if you are traveling as a couple or in a group, you can still enjoy these places, especially the Charles Bridge at night time.




Waldstein Garden and Park

Waldstein Garden and Park - One of Top Gardens and Parks in Prague

Wallenstein Garden consists of a series of spectacular baroque gardens and is considered one of the less well-known attractions in Prague. These gardens belong to the 17th century and still retain their beauty today. In this garden, you can also visit wild peacocks, marble fountains, and an artificial cave. This garden is a part of the Wallenstein Palace. In the summer, it becomes a place for holding classical music concerts and other artistic events.




Charles Bridge in Old Town

Charles Bridge in Old Town is Located on Top of Vltava river Constructed by King Charles IV

The Charles Bridge in Prague is one of the most popular places to visit in Prague for travelers because of its long history. Amazing views of the city’s numerous towers, cathedrals, and medieval palaces may be seen from this bridge. There will be a breathtaking perspective of Mala Strana, which is where the Prague Castle complex is located. Charles Bridge has made a significant contribution to Prague’s history due to its unique and prominent location.

The end of this bridge has two towers. The Old Quarter Tower in Prague serves as a counterpoint to the more prominent tower, which was built in 1464 by order of King George, while the Judith Tower, a smaller tower, was constructed in 1188 to defend the Judith Bridge.


Prague’s Old Town Neighborhood

Top Attractions in Prague - Prague's Old Town Neighborhood Where Travelers can Shop and Dine

With its historical structures and narrow, cobblestone streets, the Old Town Square offers a distinctive feel. This square is one of the top attractions in Prague for shopping and dining. There are various things to see near the town hall tower, the well-known large clock, the lofty spires of the Church of Our Lady before Týn, the St. Nicholas Church, and innumerable bright houses in different architectural styles. The National Gallery of the Kinský Palace is next to the Jan Hus monument. The Christmas holidays are when the square is at its most magical; the air is filled with remarkable passion and vigor, and the square is full of light and pleasant scents.

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